Sunday, December 18, 2016

400 blogs, a look back at a chronicle of some anonymous internet nobody...

Wow, 400 blogs, not even Doug Walker could make that much Nostalgia Critic episodes... but let's look back at the history of Bob Duck. Internet Nobody El Supremo...

Unknown month; 2009.

I was born on the Internet as ElectroPikachu555, Mom said I couldn't activate my YouTube account, At that time, I was huge Neopets fan from 2006/2007-2014. I since closed the EP555 account and I was in for a huge surprise on June/July of 2010, I established the Bob Duck name, I used various tools in the computer class in Summer High School, I joked about the Anonymous Yoshi name and a few days later, The blog was established only as a test. I loved Marzgurl, History of Power Rangers, JesuOtaku, and was looking at various TGWTG shows. My favorite web producers were Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, Jon Paula, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and DragonBall Z Abridged. So I loved checking out other people's videos. I started using Twitter in 2010, and I had an on and off addiction, And developed a Crush on MarzGurl and JO. In 2011, I wrote a few prototypes of the A. Yoshi Blog. The previous year had the Real Gaming Network, which sucked, and I created a response to Marzgurl's role in Suburban Knights, which I look back and laugh compared to blogs of yesteryear of mine. The Anonymous Yoshi blog was reborn for serious posts in November of 2011, Probably not the best time since SOPA was on the mind of the Internet, but I had to rant about Modern Gaming. My blog was at a slow start, but the turning point was my Star Wars Episode 1 Review, That caused some serious dedication to my blog, I've since written about Toonami, Jetman, Mountain Dew, and Sailor Moon. Later I turned 17, Hormones Towards Marzgurl Started Growing, I had events Like the first Toku Month, Blog week, The To Boldly Flee Review, and even the Frak Yeah MarzGurl Tumblr Blog was born. Later in early 2013, my fandom of TGWTG started to fade and ultimately killed in public form when I pissed off several producers of the site, long time fans know who I'm Talking about, later in June, I wrote a review of Dairanger, it was epic, in depth, and made obsolete when EZ Rider did his review this year Over the years, I introduced Yoshiettes 1 & 2, PK Chu (who would later become Duck Nukem), and A rogue's gallery, Including Proto Yoshiette, the Moderator, and Nega Yoshi. 2014 was a bad year for blogs, at least for the first 2 thirds of the year, I was homeless, unmotivated, and a certain non earth female producer unfollowed me... I was only to be saved by Hulu Airing Sailor Moon. that November I Wrote My Megaranger blog, which is still the gold standard as far as blogs, always imitated, never recreated. I also had a series Celebrating Nintendo from Hanafuda to The NX/Switch, along with tearing Super Megaforce a new one. 2015 had a bang effect, I made that passing the torch "Goodbye (old toku Series), Hello (new Toku Series)" a tradition for Kamen Rider/Super Sentai series. I also had Kinnikuman Retrospective, Gaming Bits, and a new version of Random Rubbish Roundup (which was my biggest series up to that point), A. Yoshi's News Desk. At the end of summer 2015, I set up a Patreon, which is a year old yet no one wants to join. Another Popular Blog of Mine was My Sentai pitch based off the Space Bug concept, much like the earlier Ohranger Vs B-Fighter fanfic, but actually complete, except for if I think of something I just had to add to it. My most popular blog was my Top 5 must see Kamen Rider series, A sequel to Top 5 must see Super Sentai Series... Oh and Cool Crap You Should See Right Now Go! and Geek Grub were Born, Basically not as important as Gaming Bits or Kinnikuman Retrospective, but those are things now, I guess... That was also the Year I stopped doing News regularly, and only do stuff I'm really passionate about. In 2016, I did more top 10s than ever, debuted the A. Yoshi Show, and Debuted the Yoshiette Adventures Spin off blog. Over all relationships I lost, and the karma that follows me around, One thing is sure, I matured and learned so much about myself over the 6 years I was doing this, thanks for the support, and join me as I go from now into the new future...

Significant blogs:
My first Blog
The Turning point of my blog
First R.Cubed Blog
The First Hyped up Blog
The first blog to get in depth and dirty
First Mini Review
Beginning of the first Annual Toku Month
Debut of Yoshiette 1
50th Blog
1 Year Anniversary
Debut of PK Chu
First Simublog on Screwattack
Best Blog up to that point
Debut Of Yoshiette 2
100th blog + 1st PR Day Review
Beginning of an abandoned Storyline
First Short review
2 Year Anniversary
Axing the Epic Storyline
History of Nintendo Beginning
First Sailor Moon Series Report Card
Best Blog I Produced
Deconstructing Super Megaforce
Passing the torch for Toku Series for the first time (also Debut of Joe Tokugawa)
200th blog
End of Project Double Diamond
Gaming Bits Debut
True start of Kinnikuman Retrospective...
Maturing R.Cubed
Debut of Geek Grub
Beetenger Pitch
Joe T. Becomes part of Team Yoshi
Most Popular Blog ATM
300th Blog
End of The Sailor Moon Report Cards
Debut of Seasonal anime Impressions
Debut of the A. Yoshi Show
1st post for Red Ribbon Reviewers

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