Saturday, December 24, 2016

My quick thoughts on Rogue One...

ATATATATA!!!!!! 3-HIT COMBO!!!!!!!!!!
Mild Spoilers Ahead!

Short version, If you're looking for a regular Star Wars film, don't go, if you don't care how Star Wars this Star Wars side story is, you might want to check it out...

The movie Stars an ensemble of Rebels (only like one, two, or possibly three are interesting), they try to steal the death Star plans, an all out war happens, and Things go badly near the end. Basically this film is to connect Revenge of the Sith to Return of the Jedi, it does an alright job doing it towards the end, and Darth Vader has a couple of scenes to himself, but it's not a Star Wars film, it's essentially a Glorified Starship Troopers film. The rebels are really uninteresting, with most of them them being stock, but the girl leader (whose name I'm to lazy to look up and I don't remember it by memory) has a tragic backstory, and is the best female ass kicker since, ummmmmmm... That asian chick from Pacific Rim. I know Rey (from episode VII), Wonder Woman (from Batman V. Superman), and that elf lady from The Hobbit came between mid 2013-late 2016, but two of them won't get interesting until later, and one (while a good idea on Paper) isn't that interesting and turns up as a filler Character... The other characters like include that C3PO knock off who actually has some good jokes to make to lighten the mood, and that cyborg old guy who looks like Morgan Freeman, who's on a life clock. Darth Vader gets more lines than his big NO in Revenge of the Sith, and the other villains all play out as boring Super Sentai like Villains... The effects look pretty. John Williams does a great job with the score, and I like how it feels like the ending "beginning of A New Hope" like, but all this Implies is you're better off watching Episodes III & IV instead of this. also another detractor is hoe it balances sci-fi over Fantasy, make of that what you will... Overall this is a filler movie, not an entirely bad filler Movie, but it would've worked better as an Expanded Universe novel from 2005/2006, I give this 2.75 Death Stars out of 4.

To close out of the review, Did you see Darth Vader's red, transparent, shiny eyes on his mask? Did he have this in any other Star Wars Film?

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