Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Report Card

Welp, here it is, the big finale of Sailor Moon. The entire galaxy is in danger. The whole universe's star seeds are under attack. It's so huge one of the episodes got the highest FCC Rating for TV Shows, and it never aired in America before because of sexual material, I'll get to that in a sec. Get ready so that your Sailor Eyes go through the sailor wind because this this is Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is finally here...


Short version, It's beautiful, Not quite manga beautiful, but it just goes far to show how far the animation has come, I miss the simplistic Charm of Sailor Moon Classic, but It's a treat for the extra patient. This series didn't air in America due to possible heavy censorship, but if you truly want to live on the edge, check out the rating on the final episode of the series...

Want to know why it's like this? It's because Sailor Moon appears Nude in the final battle. Don't worry parents, despite the rating, Sailor Moon's as sexualized as a Barbie doll, with no nipples, butt, or vagina, But still That's the power of Sailor Stars, It separates the kids from... the... Slightly older kids. (EDIT: As it turns out, They lowered the rating to a TV-14, this was relevant when I wrote this, but apparently Hulu realized no one gave a s**t about nudity that was as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll, and realized that nudity like this wasn't worth a TV-MA rating, but just the fact that that was even an issue just goes to show that Hulu's all guilty until proven innocent) I should talk about music while I'm here, It's got a great Power Rangers/Super Sentai Style opening, complete with a catchy as frak opening theme. The ending is beautiful, almost as beautiful as Heart Moving from Sailor Moon Classic. The presentation gets a Solid A.


Don't let the huge cast in the Hulu Banner tease you. Very little of the characters are important, let alone show up very much at all. Sailor Moon's the only important series veteran in the season. She Shows her grown up aspects in the Finale Arc. The rest of the sailor Senshi are pretty much Extras, Look at my Mario RPG/Paper Mario comparison from my Sailor Moon S report card, but it's much more apparent here. Uranus and Neptune are Okay here, but still just as useless as they were in S. Tuxedo Mask is wasted in this season, He gets some major Character Development in the beginning of the season, and he finally gets together with Usagi at the end, but He's nothing more than a stakes raiser towards the end. Princess Fireball is the worst since she's she's a Macguffin essentially. MUCH LIKE HELIOS!!!! Chibi Chibi/Sailor ChibiChibi Moon is the Chibiusa of the series, who might be annoying o some since she says very little words, but She has more of a Charm than Chibiusa. But It's not all bad, The Sailor Starlights are interesting, due to their backstory and going from Male To Female and Vice Versa, but they're essentially the same character with only a Different wig, Seiya's romance with Usagi is interesting because it's forcing Usagi to go out of her comfort zone. Galaxia is a destructive MF with a great backstory. The Sailor Animates, are Okay, but Again, they're all the same character. So the Characters get a B-.


The story is essentially this, After a return of Queen Nehelia arc that I like better than say the opening arc of the R season, Mamoru moves to America for college, He proposes to Usagi before leaving, and now Usagi's on her own and gets some new powers. She then meets the three lights, a pop group with a secret. They do battle against Galaxia's forces who use actual Humans as their monsters as they did in season 1. The alumni Sailor Senshi Learn more about the Three Lights/Sailor Star Lights, Galaxia, and the Sailor Wars. This is the deepest a Sailor Moon anime story has ever been, with tons of backstory, Apocalyptic feels, and hopelessness. It does have problems for newcomers, the unrealistic expectations of this once lost season are one. And it might be a little to deep for newcomers. Still, It's an epic story with a satisfying Conclusion. This makes suffering through the ups and downs of the series almost worth it. I give the story of this season another Solid A.


It's an epic season, that's an ultimate conclusion of clumsy klutz superhero who can be a crybaby sometimes. It's worth watching if you watched the whole series up to that point, and thought Sailor Moon will never be Good again after SuperS. I give this series an A-, You have to see how good this series is for yourself.


I'm seriously going to miss this series with it's constant ups and downs, but there was a certain feeling o this series that the Crystal series can't replicate. Still, It's time for bigger and (possibly) better things for Sailor Moon with the Sailor Moon Crystal series. I'm enjoying Crystal Season 3 so far, but If you liked Sailor Moon and it's 5 Original Seasons, I recommend Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Madoka Magika, the Pretty Cure Series, and of course Sailor Moon Crystal. It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but until the next blog, Stay Gold...


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