Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Quick Thoughts on Power Rangers Dino Charge/SuperCharge...

So another era of power rangers came and went, And we're here to see how this series Rises or falls...

It's.... Decent? Yeah it's kind of flawed. But what are it's good points (other than Being better than what it is Super MegaFailForce), It doesn't try to be anything more than it is, and what it is is the first series I enjoyed since RPM, It doesn't try to be a word to word adaptation of Kyoryuger, it's a mix of sci-fi, drama, comedy, and action-adventure. It knows when to be serious and when to be comedic. Unlike the previous 2 or 4 seasons... sorry it's not Saban's fault, it's Nickelodeon's fault that we have a screwed up season count. They should move it to Netflix after Ninja Steel to make it have more creative freedom. It doesn't screw with your nostalgia with pointless ratings traps. I wish we got at least the Red MMPR Ranger, Red Dino Thunder Ranger, and Quantum Ranger, but I suppose what we have is good enough. The cast is very big, you can find a favorite character (hero/ally and/or villain). Right now, let's complain a little. The Ending has a ton of plot holes (won't spoil it though), especially if takes place in the same continuity we all spent over 20 years memorizing, and the Christmas episode DSC is just WTF. The final battle is not as good as Kyoryuger, but I suppose the goodbye scene is touching. This series gets Power Rangers, and it's a pretty good Power ranger series. It's not the savior of power rangers, yet I enjoyed it for what it was. I give this 2.75 energems out of 4, but make no mistake it's a high 2.75 borderline 3.

Let's pray that Chip Lynn makes a good season with Ninja Steel. Hey Chip Lynn made your favorite episodes of the Saban era and RPM. Next season comes out in January.

PS: I do apologize for my initial PRDC review. I guess I was still mad for that Super MegaGarbageForce Season.

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