Monday, December 14, 2015

Top 5 Must See Kamen Rider Series

I did this for super Sentai a little over a year ago, You bet your ass I'm doing this for The bug eyed, motorcycle riding, rider kicking badasses known as Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider is much Darker than Sentai, but it's more dense. So Kamen Rider isn't really the best introduction to toku. but I gathered a list of Kamen Rider Series to start out with based off of a mix of my personal Cream of the Crop, Beginner accessibility, and most people I can recommend it to. Keep in Mind I haven't seen everything. even more so than super Sentai, some rider series I plan to watch include Stronger, More of Amazon, more of Super-1, Kuuga, Ryuki, Blade, and Kiva, and I'm watching OOO and Black RX as I'm Writing this... Without further Fanfare, Here we go, Count Zero, Kamen Rider Agito...


Life is Showtime for my #5 Series, This is more of a personal Preference, but This series is dark without being too dark, has great twists and turns, and is what got me interested in Kamen Rider Costume designs. The basic story is that people got turned into monsters by the wiseman, and Haruti is given the Dumb looking Wizardriver, but he's alter joined by beast to fight against the Phantoms that escape from people and cause havoc. It's as Kamen Rider as a Kamen Rider series can get. It has Flaws, but it more than makes up for it with all it's redeeming qualities. It's high urban fantasy at it's finest. Go watch this series if you haven't already...

#4: KAMEN RIDER 555:

SOMEONE CALL 5-5-5, BECAUSE THE #4 SERIES IS PURE AWESOME!!!!! The Tone, dark. The suit designs, detailed. the setting, Futuristic. It's an epic series, only for true Kamen Rider Fans. The story is that Smart Brain Invents the Orphnochs and later one of the Rider Gears is stolen. Takumi Inui, becomes Faiz, He's later joined by Kaixa and Delta. It's my favorite Rider series, but there's 3 more Rider Series you have to see more.


How Long Long Ago was the 20th century? 28 years ago in 1987 with my #3 Series. This is the only showa era rider on the list, but It's got great creature designs, a dark tone, and it's the best in episodic Japanese Kids TV. Read my review of Black to get a better idea on what makes this series the best of the showa era. It does the series more justice than I can do here...


Yoshiette 2: B-Figher Kabuto?

A. Yoshi : Shut up or I'll make Yoshiette Pot Pie again, yes with real Yoshiettes, pot, and vegetables.

Clock Up with my #2 Series, This series isn't afraid to play with your emotions, It's pretty dark, and can get humorous at times. The Creature designs are Great, so are the Riders, Basically in 1999, a meteorite hits earth and creates worms. Souji becomes Kabuto and sis later joined by other Riders like Gatack, TheBee, Drake, and Sasword. This includes several toys for kids to bu... I mean weapons and merchandisable Characters.


W-B-X, Crime and the City, Holy crap, Kamen Rider W's #1. The series has crime and welcome to windy city, The series  is spread over 24 2 parters, Look for the Keyword in my review of the series. this series has got great rider designs (and an easy story to get into, doncha know), the series has got half and half (W Boiled Xtreme), W-B-X, This series has got body and soul (I don't know what that means), and it's awesome, W-B-X, watch this series with your partner, because it tackles issues like drug use (So we can make it), The search for W (double), W-B-X Crime and the city. In all seriousness, this is the best beginner series for beginner kamen Rider fans. GO watch this series.

Agree? What series do you recommend beginner rider fans see? Tell Me in the comments...

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