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INSTALL, MEGARANGER (3-3-5)!!!!! Denji Sentai Megaranger Review (AKA MY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND MY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!!!)

56K BEWARE!!!!


Megaranger is a video game/technology related Sentai series. It involves 5 high school seniors in their fight to save the world from Nezirejia and their literally twisted Nejire Beasts. TIME FOR THE DAIRANGER REVIEW STYLE REVIEW OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SQUAD MEGARANGER!!!!! SO LET'S SURF INTO SPACE, RIGHT ON CYBER SLIDER THAT TAKE'S US AWAY, WE DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT ANYTNING, IT'S ALRIGHT WE JUST FEEL SO HIGH!!!!!

Duck Nukem: You didn't get another magic goodie bag from that crazy construction worker, did you?

A. Yoshi: DUDE, ROLL THE REVIEW!!!!!!!


So the series begins with a catchy song, HERE WE GO MEGA, GET CHANGING MEGA!!!!! LET'S SAY GOODBYE TO OUR BORING LIFE!!!!! SHOW THEM MEGA, FINISH THEM MEGA, MY BODY'S MOVING ON IT'S OWN!!!!!!  WITH CURIOSITY TIMES A MILLION... WE ARE MEGA MEGA MEGA, DENJI SENTAI MEGARANGER!!!!!!!!!! The actual series begins with a space ship heading to earth, and...

I want to go there someday...

We go to an arcade where kids are playing a game called Megaranger, Funny thing is, why wasn't there an real Megaranger video game even though the motif of the season is video games and devices. (NO THE PICO GAME DOESN'T COUNT)

Wait, on the right, Is that...  X-Men VS Street Fighter?

We get interrupted by a bully who looks like...

Tomonobu Itagaki? The Creator of the Dead or Alive Series?

OK, It's Shinjuku Black and He challenges our Red Senshi of the season, Kenta. Of course Black loses. but Kenta meets up with INET officials. Over at NASADA, A Shuttle Launch is starting. That awkward moment when you realize that NASADA is probably a better Space Program than the Real Life Modern NASA. Parts of the base are becoming twisted before the launch. Kenta is eating when the commander of INET, Eikichi Kubota, bumps into him. Kenta get's told that MegaRanger is more than just a game, it's a training simulator. The other 4 soon to be Megarangers head to the base. and head into the base despite being ordered not to. They meet up with Kenta, but the base is being destroyed. The base is being destroyed by Nezirejia (who will be our villains of the series). They set up time bombs all over the base. The team enters a top secret facility in the base where they get their Megaranger powers. They get told to transform when Yugande trashes the room, so they do and become...


They get transfered to the battlefield, and have to face the villains. THEY FIGHT USING GAME REFERENCES, WEAPONS, AND THE SECOND VERSE OF THE THEME SONG (IN THE FIRST EPISODE MIND YOU, WHICH IS DOUBLE BADASS!!!!!)!!!!! The rocket get's ready to launch when the Commander and his worker enters the shuttle. Mega Red uses his Drill Saber to stop Yugande from blowing up the place, but it's to late, still the Megarangers enter the shuttle.

Bye Bye Earth!!!!

That ends the episode, so we're onto episode 2... The shuttle enters the Megaship, and the Megarangers see the earth from space. They are interrupted when they have to learn more about the MegaRanger Powers. They notice Nezire sightings in Tokyo, but before they can attack, Nezirejia enters back into THEIR Base and talks to Lord Jabius I, who's literally a talking eye. Nezirejia is destroying the city and the Megarangers need to unite once again. The Sphinx battleship arrives again, and dispenses a Nezire monster and some Kunekune soilders. A cop (who all toku fans should know is always useless against mosnters) tries to shoot the monster down, but it's up to the Megarangers to henshin and beat the mosnter. They get their asses handed to them to start out with, but they turn things around. That isn't enough since after they beat the monster he heads to the Battleship. The Megarangers use their Cyber Sliders to chase the monster, but it's too late. The two spaceships fight, but the Megaship and Mega Shuttle need to transform and combine to form...


And the rest of the fight goes like this...


*Galaxy Mega Charges and Slashes*




The end of the episode is that they discuss a test they have soon, and Nezirejia is not dead. Two thing happen between now and episode 8, 1) Bibidevi shows his useful nes for the series, he grows monnsters, and 2) A new toy, I mean vehicle appears...

Digitank, Now Available in Toy Stores all over Japan!

Episode 8... Jabius is mas at Hinelar for failing so many times. We also learn about Hinelar and Kubota's past, and Yugande asks to help. The Megarangers meet at the Digi-Ken (which i kind of forgot to mention about that), and Kenta is slacking off at the arcade. They reunite, henshin, and go to the Nezire readings that they're noticing. Mega Red heads towards the trap because he really is that cocky. He now has to face Yugande in another dimension. Mega Red takes Yugande's head out, but he's still in action, so the other Megarangers have to save him. When Mega Black tries to save his comrade, this happens (The following image might be a little disturbing)...

The Classic cracked helmet tokusatsu cliche.

We cut to the hospital after they retreat. Kenta goes through a self doubt state, and we learn even more about Hinelar and Kubota's backstory. Yugande calls Kenta for a fight, and Yugande appears giant. Mega Red tries to fight, but he needs help from the other senshi. They call upon the Galaxy Mega to help them. They fight, and Yugande GOES TO HELL!!!! At least until next episode...

When he becomes STRONGER THAN BEFORE!!!! GO ZEO!!!!!

Episode 13 is basically another commercial for yet another toy, The Multi-Attack Rifle, which is a combiantion of all the Megaranger's weapons except for the Drill Saber. The story starts again after a few fillers on episode 19, Yes I'm well aware that there's a Kunekune hierarchy in episode 14, since that won't matter by now.  A spaceship appears over tokyo...


This ship contains an alien named Gurail. He takes a Kunekune and Mega Red ends up attacking a kid who ends up in the hospital. Gurail introduces himself to Nezirejia, The Megarangers tell Kubota about the issue, and Kenta goes through another self doubt stage. Kouichirou trains Kenta but that doesn't seem to work. Gurail sends a monster to brainwash all the kidnapped children to shut down INET. Kuboto takes Kenta to a boxing gym to train. After he trains, Kenta get's the Battle Rizer and heads to the other Megarangers. They head to an INET Facility, and Mega Red gopes into full on badass mode. The other Rangers get their asses handed to them, then Mega Red goes into Coward mode. After that, he goes into badass mode again. Mega Red uses his Battle Riser for the first time, causing Gurail to retreat. Mega Red beats The Nezire Beast, the obligitory Giant Robot VS monster Fight Happens, and the end of the episode happens. The Next episode Begins with Gurail cloning a Nezire Monster. INET is working on a new robot called the Delta Mega. Kenta has a disagreement with an INET engineer named Shougo, and they decide to hang out. The other Megarangers fight a Nezire Beasts and it grows. The monster clones itself when the finisher happens. Shougo gets attacked by Kunekune and Kenta tries to save him. Kenta has a sword fight with Gurail, after that Mega Red get's the Delta Mega boot disc. Mega Red enters Delta Mega and starts to get it ready for function. The Delta Mega transforms and fights while an istrumental version of the Megaranger theme plays. Delta Mega wins, and the end of the Episode plays. The next episode has the Megarangers fighting Against past monsters, while a current Nezire Beast attacks the city. Nezirejia controls Delta Mega, and it destroys the city. The Megarangers fight Delta Mega with Galaxy Mega. With it more and more into Nezire control, the only option is to destroy it, right? WRONG!!!!!

The Megarangers Clash their waves with Nezirejia's and get Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega to combine. Sparks fly and we get...

What he said.

The rest off the fight pursues, the ghost Nezire monsters disappear, and INET Cheers. The Episode closes with...

Dod Dern It!!!!

The next part of the story has a Buffalo Monster attacking a park square, It's not long after that when the Megarangers appear. The monster scans their moves and weapons while they fight. They beat the monster (while a mysterious figure watches them), but it's got all the info Nezirejia need. The mysterious figure is stalking the Megarangers. Turns out he has his own communication device, and now he can talk to the Megarangers all he wants. The Megarangers go on another Mission to fight against the REAL Monster. Turns out he can combat all the Senshi's attacks and weapons. Yugande tells our heroes that, but that doesn't stop them. The man fro earlier joins the fight and henshins using his cell phone transformation device (the First in Sentai/Power Rangers history). The man becomes...

Mega Silver, Badass Incarnate.

Mega Silver fights with his Silver Blazer transforming Gun/Sword, and the Megarangers are also fighting Yugande. The fight continues and ends with this....


Turns out he can only stay morphed for a short period of time, as we'll learn next episode. The monster grows and the giant robot fight starts as the man watches. Both the Robots combine and destroy the monster. The guy's name is Yuusaku Hayakawa, and that episode ends. The next episode starts out with us learning more about Hayakawa, and the Mega Silver suit. Another Nezire beast is created, and the Megarangers want to figure out more about Mega Silver, and when there's trouble at the beach, Hayakawa tries to help, but his transformation device is locked. The monster is poisoning the waters of the world, and Gurail has plans to make more, he's already made another. The Megarangers decide to investigate, but they get intercepted by Kunekune. They get trapped by the two monsters, and Hayakawa comes to their rescue. We get told about the 2.5 minute time limit for Mega Silver and he henshins. The Megarangers fight the monsters, and 1 grows while the other fights Mega Silver, We get a cool looking countdown fore Mega Silver's time limit and both monsters are destroyed. As the fillers go on, the Team becomes more accepting Hayakawa, but the next part of the story happens later...

Gurail is mad at Jabius, and he fights Yugande. They later team up and attack a mountain. They merge and form...

Ummmmmm..... The most ridiculous thing in the world (even for Megaranger standards).

This us Giga-Gurail, and he freezes 3 out of the 5 Main Megarangers, and wounds another. Mega Blue now has amnesia. Shun spends most of this episode trying to get his out of his amnesic state. Mega Red goes in and fights Gurail on his own. Mega Blue soon joins Mega Red, then he get's out of his amnesia. The two unfrozen Megarangers fight the villain, unfreeze the other Megarangers, and fight Gurail as a giant. Yugande is killed... Again., and the Megarangers Celebrate their victory. The next episode begins with Nezirejia mad at Gurail for killing Yugande, but Gurail gets a power up to be used later. Back at earth, the Megarangers learn about a new finisher for the Super Galaxy Mega. Gurail battles the Megarangers again, now all powered up. They're getting their asses handed to them. The Megarangers retreat when Gurail starts to mutate. Gurail fully mutates, and Megarangers have to get back into action. They get out the Super Galaxy Mega. They still are getting owned because Mad Gurail is just to strong. They use the disc the lets them use the new finisher (a life risking tornado attack), which seems to finish Gurail at first, but the fight was only beginning, since part of him was used in a new monster. The episode ends with the old outro. So, how does the story arc end? The Super Galaxy Mega is still getting PWNED!!!!! They have to separate the Delta Mega from the Galaxy Mega to head to the moon. The new monster follows them. When they do get to the moon base, They're united by Hayakawa, and learn about the Space Mega Project. The Megarangers head into their Voyager Machines, while the Galaxy Mega's getting Trashed. The Votyager Machines head to earth...

Mega Blue: What am I? Some kind of taxi?

Mega Red fights against the monster on the moon. His friends soon come to help. Once the monster's defeated, they head to earth, and combine to form the Mega Voyager. and the fight begins again. When the Galaxy Mega's on it's last leg, the Mega Voyager joins in and it's really cool them plays, sing with me!!!!


OK I'm done. but the Mega Voyager gets out it's Voyager Spartan and...

ZUON! ON ON ON ON!!!!!!!!

That Defeats Gurail,  Jabius is Pissed, Shougo is taken to the Digi-Ken, and the team parties. The next episode has Yugande revived, and a new set of Nezire beast born, also You know what this series hasn't done yet? Advertised the Battle Riser!!!!! OK this gives the Drill Sniper it's full potential, but it just comes off as another Toy Commercial. Though we do get the second verse version of the opening for the intro to the episode.

The story continues with Episode 35, a Nezire Monster is training, and the Megarangers are undergoing health exams. They find out the Hayakawa is really sick. The Nezire Beast is destroying the city and the Megarangers come in. They do pitifully, and when Mega Silver comes in, he doesn't do much better despite his efforts. The Nezire notices Mega Silver's weak point an dgets ready to exploit it next time they battle. Kenta and Miku try to make the best out of Hayakawa's final days, but he's figuring out how to make Mega Silver's henshin time longer. The 5 Main Megarangers battle against the Nezire Again, when Hayakawa escapes the room he was trapped in and joins the fight. It might not be good for him, since he'll die in 2.5 minutes when he henshins, but...

It's Impossible, He's still alive!!!!

Yep he finished his project just in time. The monster's defeated, and grows. Mega Voyager won the match. There's another toy yet to be seen in the show, It'll be introduced next episode. Hayakawa introduces the Megarangers to his secret project which he's been working on, the INET Vice Chief is not happy about Mega Silver, so he get's fired. Hayakawa tries to fight without the suit, but he get's taken by a Nezire. The Megarangers try to save their Comrade using the Mega Voyager Despite tries to stop it by INET. the whole saving Mega Silver was actually a Trap. The Megarangers came prepared despite that. Well, almost, maybe, yep. Mega Silver Henshins, The others are back in action. Mega Winger's deployed to a badass theme. It transforms into,,,

Robot Mode!!!!

It has a laser bow and can detach it's back and send it to Mega Voyager to form Winged  Mega Voyager, and the Monster's destroyed.

After a filler episode, we get a pretty epic Story Arc, involving an evil sentai. The Megarangers are enjoying themselves when Nezire readings start happening. They find an Evil version of themselves, That's harder, better, faster, and stronger than them. Turns out they're Neziranger, an evil version of the good guys. We learn more about Hinelar's backstory, The Nezirangers are searching for the Megarangers, They attack innocent Bystanders, and The Megarangers seem to be in deep s**t,  The Megarangers follow Kubota to Samejima Mansion, but it's yet another trap. The Nezirangers chase the Digitank by Running like the Flash, which you should totally watch on the CW. The Megarangers transform, and the Nezirangers catch up to them. They fight but the Nezirangers are too powerful.

Nezirangers Used Zap Cannon...

It's Super Effective!!!

Jabius I is losing energy thanks to to the Nezirangers, and the Megarangers are getting PWNED!!!!! Really the next episode's just filler, save for a fight against Nezi Red. The Next real episode is Miku mad at Chisato for dating Shun, Likewise Nezi Yellow and Nezi Pink are arguing over who should kill the Megarangers. This carries over to the battlefield for both parties. This arguing causes Mega Yellow to be kidnapped. Miku goes through a self doubt stage. Mega Yellow escapes from being tortured, but Nezi Yellow and Nezi Pink are fighting again. Nezi Pink tries to get Mega Yellow but ends up blowing up a warehouse without getting her. The Megarangers are reunited, the 2 females team up and fight Nezi Pink to 90s J-Pop Flare. Nezi Pink Turns into a Plant Monster, and fights the Megarangers giant sized. They use the Voyager Spartan at full power to defeat the monster. One down, four to go. The next episode has the Megarngers swapping which Neziranger the're going after, but that works as well as you'd expect. Mega Silver comes in, but the Nezirangers are to focused on their own targets. The Megarangers are getting PWNED AGAIN, but the Nezirangers come back to base. Shun is working on a plan to beat the Nezirangers. The plan is to send out a team of Mega Blue's against Nezirangers. They turn the tables until...

Ah Yes... Who Could Forget Psych... I mean Nezi Silver.

Nezi Silver comes along and scares both teams, It's all revealed to be a plot by Hayakawa to destroy the Nezirangers. He Henshins to his real form and Nezi Blue turns to an Ice Monster and fights giant sized. Of course, Nezi Blue's destroyed, so Now we've got 3 more, and their plans are now smarter. It's the Christmas Season, so that makes it the perfect time to ruin the Megarangers Day. Neziranger turns human and looks for the Megarangers. They search for voice patterns, and Miku has to remain silent until further notice. Miku sees a baby stroller go down the street and she has to help. The Nezirangers follow Miku when Hayakawa is having fun.

Don't worry Hayakawa, just less than a month from writing this that you get to to that...

The Nezirangers chase after MegaPink around the corner. The Megarangers go after the Bad Guys then they both fight. After that round, they turn into monsters, an Insect Monster for Yellow, a Rock Monster for Black, and a Fire Monster for Red. They all turn giant and overpower the Mechs, even when the Megarangers thought they defeated them. They have to escape the Mechs when they get taken. The Megarangers find where Mega Voyager was taken, and the Nejirangers want to live forever. They fight the Megarangers. They take The Mega Voyager. Both teams continue to fight. Mega Red fights Nezi Red in a Mono y Mono swordfight. The fight escalates when Galaxy Mega arrives. Mega Red has to drive out Nezi Yellow out of Mega Voyager. Nezi Red drives Nezi Yellow out of Mega Voyager, Galaxy Mega gets the other 2 mechs out of their chains.


The Nezirangers use all their power against the Mechs, It's destroying Jabius, and they revert all the energy back to the Nezirangers. The Nezirangers are destroyed but, Hinelar gets his heart. There's a clipshow episode after this but, it's all watching for the English version of the Megaranger theme.

The Series starts to come to a close with episode 45, Where it's the new year and they're getting ready for graduation. Meawhile Hinelar is getting ready for his most evil plan yet,  He lands on earth, and plans to have Earth under his  control. The Megarangers try to stop him, but he escapes. One of the Megaranger's friends disappears as he goes to a supposed seminar to get smarter. When he does return, he's acting strange. He's mind controlling people and getting others to do the same. Kenta and their friend goes to search for the seminar bus that took him and controlled him. When they do find the bus, Jiro's left behind but the Megarangers go find Shintaro. They enter a city that looks like a piece of Modern Art and find Jiro, the people of the city are worshiping Dr. Hinelar. We find Shintaro and Kenta mind controlled. Two Megarangers take out the earring that controlled them. the other Megarangers join them and fight against the Nezire that started it all. The monster grows, and the robot vs monster fight happens. Shintaro and Jiro are still alive, but the 7 kids get transported back to the real world, ending the episode. The next episode has INET searching for the city again, Shibolena puts a shield around the city, and a monster's attacking the real city. The monster can teleport anywher he wants and is destroying Japan. Everyone's leaving Japan due to it being destroyed. Ships are leaving tokyo for someplace overseas, but it looks suspicious since those are disappearing too.  The Megarangers go on one of those ships to investigate, but it's empty. Nezire hijacks another ship and the Megarangers decide to Investigate that one. They fight against Nezirejia on that ship. That ship is heading to Hinelar City, but the Megarangers try to save it, but to no avail, so they head into the city and destroy the tower that's causing all this. They're greeted by the Nezire from earlier. When it looks like they're toast, Mega Silver comes along, they beat the monster together, and the people go home safe.

The Next after that has Chisato and Kouichirou studying for finals, while the other 3 Megarangers investigate strong energy readings from a warehouse. It's the Nezirangers and they're ghosts now. The next day the Megarangers are enjoying life when a Nezire appears. 3 Megarangers disappear, and the other 2 have to save them. So they go to Hinelar city, or at least try and fail. the other 3 Megarangers can't henshin and are fighting Kunekune. The Mega suits are not effective against the teleport beam the Nezire sent. Chisato and Kouichirou go and sneak into Hinelar City, and they get everything they need and...

Oh yeah... got to advertise that toy one more time before the show ends.

They go into the city,  and start destroying some crap. Some Kunekune soldiers intercept them. They plant the bombs and destroy the shield so they can henshin. A fight ensues with some cool music as always. The Mech fight happens too. Nezirejia teleports the city, and the end of the show happens, but not before Neziranger swears revenge. The next episode starts with the Megarangers handing in her complete exam, but they want to to save all these people, because Nezirejia is turning people into data cards. The Megarangers head to Atlant... I mean Hinelar City to intercept Hinelar. Mega Pink and Mega Red heads into the tower where the people got kept, but Pink traps herself. The others get theirselves trapped as well. Neziranger comes in and returns back to solid form to beat the rangers. They betray their creators and get ready to fight the Megarangers. when they do fight them, they're getting PWNED!!!!!! When the Megarangers do their finisher they turn into monsters. Yugande fights Mega Silver. after the fight, Hayakawa gets the humans out of their cards. The Megarangers try to trap the Nezirangers into cards, but they put up a good fight. Even then they trap them and they're GONE!!!!!! The city explodes, and that ends the episode. The 49th episode has a monster make the Megaranger's idetities public. The Megarangers try to transform and beat the monster, but the Monster's objective is done, turning the Megaranger's friends backs on them. Mega Silver fights the monster, but he retreats. The monster ruined the heroes lives. The Megarangers can't graduate now. They are now really depressed since everyone hates them. They did the right thing, and they got FRAKKED FOR IT!!!!! The Megarangers and Kubota are being attacked, and the Megarangers now have to henshin to save the world, despite their reluctance. The Digitank gets destroyed, and Kubota is now in dangers, so the Megarangers bring the fight to his location. Mega Red uses his super finisher to destroy the monster, but the monster grows and the mech fight starts. Mega Voyager even uses Galaxy Mega's saber. The episode ends on a rather depressing note when the Megarangers have to deal with their losses. The penultimate episode begins with graduation in 2 days, and the Megarangers having to repair their damaged reputations. Dr. Hinelar is preparing for his ultimate plan for our heroes. Now everyone in Tokyo's talking about the Megarangers negatively. Shibolena is preparing for Nezirejia's final battle. Yugande (who's now red) gets into INET HQ and destroys the place. Mega Silver fights him, but he's just to powerful. Even when Mega Silver gets out the mech, Yugande's just to strong. The city's getting trashed, and when the Megarangers try to save it, they're still not wanted. Yugande trashes three of the mechs (actually destroying one), and Yugande heads for Earth. Just when he's about to destroy them, he weakens and shrinks. At his last leg, he uses Shibolena as a shield. That wasn't enough, since Hinelar lost both his generals. Shibolena reveals that she was Hinelar's daughter. Ending the episode. The series finale has Hinelar getting read to face the Megarangers. The people are still mad at the Megarangers when... 

Corrupt Scientist
(Battle Form)

Hinelar (AKA Furio without that lemon on his head) Appears, The Megarangers try to fight him, but he's too strong. The school prepares for graduation, but some people want the Megarangers to graduate. not even their most powerful attacks can make him flinch. He reverts back to his regular form. The Nezirejia Base lands and transforms, and is the most powerful thing the Megarangers had to face. It tosses Mega Voyager around. Not even the Voyager Spartan can stop it. We get to learn more about Hinelar's backstory one last time, The Robot takes the Megarangers to their school to destroy it. The Megarangers get encouragement from their classmastes. Just when they seem like they're going to get destroyed. They turn things around, and they activate the self destruct on Mega Voyager. It seems like Nezirejia and the Megarangers are dead, but the Megarangers come back with a blow. and the Megarangers graduate ending the series.

I never realized how good this series was the first time around, sure It's not Jetman or Dairanger Great, Heck It's not even as good as Power Rangers: In Space (barely though, but I'll get to that), but it's a damn good series and worth a watch. Especially since the Villains are intersting, and the heroes are likable.


Kenta Date/Mega Red starts out as the cowardly goofball, but he starts to hold his own as the series goes on. I wasn't to fond of him in the beginning, but he actually got better. Kouichirou Endou/Mega Black was the stoic, no BS leader at the beginning, but that honor was taken by Kenta. He was the counter to Kenta's silliness with his real badassery. Shun Namiki/Mega Blue was starts out as not wanting to be a Megaranger, but he turns around in episode 3 where he sees an amount of character development, when Rhino Nezire takes over the CG center. He turns into Kenta's close friend. Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow was the tomboy and areal hot one...

*Yoshiette 1 looks at A. Yoshi*

A. Yoshi: OH COME ON, She's 18 and her actor was legal by the time this came out.

*Yoshiette 1 shakes her head*

OK, she may be sexy and likable, but she's not that interesting. I Know, not every character has to have a backstory to be interesting, but you can also have character development, which doesn't really happen except for episode 37, which mainly shows her singing skills. Miku Imamura/Mega Pink is the girly girl of the team, she's friends with Kenta and romantically interested in Shun. She can hold her own in a fight despite her girly girl nature, however her fights with Chisato aren't really that interesting since they're over girly stuff. I know, can't appeal to just boys, but still... Yuusaku Hayakawa is a 100% can of whoopass. He's made more interesting that he can't stay transformed for to long for a good portion of the series, and he can only come when the Megarangers need him most. You really need to watch the series just to find out how good he really is.

Professor Eikichi Kubota is the mentor of our heroes, he can be funny, he can be in charge, and he's got a history with Dr. Hinelar. Watch the series to find out what I mean...

Nezirejia was lead by Lord Jabius I, and later by Dr. Hinelar. Lord Jabius was litterally a talking eye, but he also powered the Nezirangers. Dr. Hinelar was the brains behind the operation, but he later took over. He was originally Dr. Samejima, but corruption of Science caused him to turn into what he is. Shibolena was originally Dr. Hinelar's daughter, but she got killeed and brought back, She's got a sexy out fit going on. Yugande has 4 forms, and put a good fight against the Megarangers, He's what Zaidos from Dairanger should have been. Bibidevi was the comic relief villain who can make monsters grow, he was kind of annoying. Gurail was the one who could trump Dr. Hinelar as far as intelligence, and was really powerful, personally I liked Darkonda from In Space better, but that's just me.


It was one of the earliest Sentai shows to use CG, and it definitely shows, It looks pretty ugly by today's standards, and the greenscreen is pretty ugly too. The arsenal and powerset was pretty good, it had things like spaceships, electronic device based powers, and a cool looking drill saber. The Monsters look really cool too, especially the Psycho Nezire Beasts. Another thing I've noticd about the series, is the fillers. I mean one episode can be depressing (like Liveman) and another can be just weird (like a lot of comedy sentais). Not saying that's a good ore bad thing, it's just something I've noticed. Now onto the question on everyone's mind... Why isn't it as good as In Space? Easy, It has intriguing stories, an epic finale, and it was a reward for watching Power Rangers religiously all these years up to that point. Both series are good in their own right and both worth a watch


It's a damn good series that needs to be seen to be believed, I wish there was an actual Megaranger action game to promote this since this had Video Games as a central point. Still It doesn't subtract from the over all experience. I give this 3.25 Megaranger Arcade Cabinets out of 4.


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