Friday, November 18, 2011

My Problems with Modern Gaming

I should post start this with some kind of introduction to something, but to be honest,


Everybody and their mothers know what gaming is and what eras are what. If any one wants to know who I am, I'm all over da net, try to find me.

Now to the real deal. I like video games, That being said, I have some problems with modern gaming. Now some of you might be goin' "But Yoshi, Why do you hate modern games? What makes Retro gaming better than modern gaming?" Lemme respond with this:

I don't hate modern gaming. Some modern games can be really, really good like Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm just sayin' modern games have some problems with it. This might make me sound like a bias retro gaming fanboy, but bear with me. This post is 100% opinion, and your opinion is also allowed as long as it's not a from a troll. With all of this said, lez get into the flame bait territory and start this.


Lemme get this strait, Some FPS games can be good, sometime even great (Mainly from the 90s). Some of the better FPS games include Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 1 & 2, Quake 1-3, Half-Life, Unreal, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Star Wars Jedi Knight. My problem with FPS games ar that they're so ******* common. Not sayin' that all modern FPS games are bad, I heard good things about Bioshock, I'm sayin' that FPS games are far to common, and most of the are the same, only with a different skin and title.


Listen, this is covered by two guys who are better than me, so here are these two videos:

tl;dr: Basically you can't make a game too real without having some parts stand out as unrealistic. This is known as the uncanny valley. My thoughts on the issue are that I don't want a game to have too much realism, but I don't want it to be too unrealistic, nuff said.


SERIOUSLY, WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT GRAPHICS!? You could have something that looks extremely pretty, and have it BLOW at the same time, Case and point, Tansformers 2 anyone? People often say, "Mario Galaxy 2's terrible because It's NOT in 1080p, It's NOT super detailed, and most importantly It's NOT Brown and green.". SERIOUSLY, GROW UP GUYS!!! Why should every game be in 1080p brown and green 3d Imax this summer? Answer this for me.


I Know some of the people who know me IRL will think I'm a total hypocrite for saying this, But some games are too easy and too boring to really be terribly enjoyable. Can't we just have a difficulty in between Insultingly easy and punishingly difficult. Games should have some enemies in FPS games that won't die in a few shots that aren't quite mini bosses (considering that many FPS games even have mini bosses). Overall, games should be harder, but not Battletoads hard.


Google it.


Hey as cute as 10 year olds arguing whether Sonic is better than Mario (and vise versa), 30 year olds aguing over processor speed and graphics cards is pretty derned sad.

And that was mai rant, debate and discussion are always welcome. I might do a counter rant on what's good about modern gaming someday, to prove that I'm not a total hypocritical bias retrogaming fanboy.

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