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That other Mebius film... Great Decisive Battle! Super Ultra 8 Brothers Review (ultraman 50h anniversary special)


In case you're a newcomer to my blogs (since I'll be submitting this to Red Ribbon reviewers along with other blogs and videos, wish me luck there), I'm not the biggest fan of Ultraman, and out of the 4 most recent series, I Prefer Ultraman X, There was second Mebius film (my Favorite Ultra) (the first I talked about years ago), but how does it fare? Well...


The Film begins with a not Toei logo and a Tsuburaya logo. The actual film begins with exposition we get a scene of 3 kids having fun outside in the 1960s, so yeah this a biography of Satoshi Tajiri's childhood, They have dinner, and get ready to watch Ultraman. So time's passed, they meet a girl with ruby slippers.They make wishes to what they think is the ultra star, and adulthood comes in a few decades later. and still acts as child, even though he's a travel assistant. He and 2 other adults notice a mirage of the future, the logo appears, and scenes from the previous movie appear. Not Satoshi Tajiri wakes up from his dream. We get Daigo introduces tourists to the wonders of japan... we get a love scene, where Daigo has another Mirage. At Dinner he sees what could be Ultraseven. he explains to his friends what he saw. the next day he has a flashback to the previous film. We get a news cast reporting what happened, and Daigo's friends assume they became Ultras. and at dinner, th parallel world Ultras appear.They go on a walk when a garbage truck goes out of control, the 4 classic ultras save the children, we get a scene in a Hawaiian dinner theater. The next day we see Daigo having a hallucination of Mebius fighting a kaiju. They fight, Daigo Helps Mebius and Mebius wins... Fatality. The hallucination is over and Mirai turns out to be real. Daigo Helps Mirai find the 7 legendary warriors. It goes as well as a first act with ample amounts of realism goes... a tornado appears with a 2 headed Kaiju.

It's Morphin' TIME!!!!


The 2 Giants fight, and Mebius gets his ass handed to him. He does some last minute fighting and he wins. He however gets trapped, and anew kaiju appears. The city is in a bleak state, as Mebius has been turned to stone, The mysterious girl from earlier appears, and Daigo looks for answers. several new Kaiju appear. Jets appear, and get whooped. The city is in despair, and nighttime approaches. The Kaiju continue to attack. 3 of the 4 original Ultras appear to give Daigo Fighting spirit. Daigo gets Tiga's Powers. Tiga and the 3 monsters fight. Tiga gets trapped, and Daigo's 2 Friends gets Dyna and Gaia's powers...

3 targets instead of one, this should be fun....

The 6 Giants fight 3 on 3. and we get a cg fight in the sky while better than the First one, still looks like early 2000s video game crap. They win but the shadowy figure from earlier and all the kaiju combine to for a super beast. They fight but are not strong enough. The four classic ultras have Flashbacks and they all henshin. They revive Mebius. and fight to form the 8 ultra.brothers. They Defeat the Monster and...

Sin #51: Scene does not include Zoffy and/or Taro

All 8 Ultras use their beams to destroy the show figure now giant. The 8 Ultras go back to their regular lives. Mirai disappears. Daigo and his girlfriend get married. Daigo and his friends go into space with a boat converted to a space ship. They head to the Ultra star ending the movie.

The first 2 acts were boring, and the 3rd act while exciting raises a lot of questions, I'll just say this I prefered the First Mebius movie over this.


The 8 ultras are inspiring. they don't know about their past at first, bu they rise to the occasion, it's fun to see the older Ultra's kick some ass one more time before retiring.

The Other characters/kaiju I didn't care for since they were stock, but the mystery girl is interesting and make you want to find out more about her, but we never do...


It's the same as the first Mebius movie, but a bit tweaked to be better, so if you liked that you'll like this. Also, This Hints at a multiverse, which'll be expanded on in the Ultraman Zero series and movies.


If you like superheroes in adult dramas (e.g. The Dark Knight, The marvel cinematic universe Netflix series) you'll like this, but it takes a while to exactly get there. And many of you will be turned away from the first 2 acts, especially those with low attention spans. I give this 2.5 Mebius Braces out of 4, but YMMV.

Stay tuned when we review Go Busters for 2 straight weeks.

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