Saturday, February 23, 2013

Google must on something bad right now!!!!



Yoshiette: Can someone tell me why we're now in a space ship?

Anonymous Yoshi: Advertisement for my blog.

YE: Oh. What do you plan to do with this?

AY: Skydive to GATOcon to say hi to MarzGurl, And this is now my new base of operations.

YE: Good news: the Space ship is fixed. Bad news:  JewWario Left TGWTG. MORE BAD NEWS: FUEL TANK IS LOW!!!! And there's an asteroid COMING!!!!

AY: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later...

AY: Where are we?

YE: Mars.

???: Time for you to search for Anonymous Yoshi on Mars, am I right, Ihsoy Suomynona?

Ihsoy Suomynona: OK Master.

???: 3. 2. 1. LIFTOFF!!!!!!

YE: Look, A shooting star, let's head to it.

30 minutes later...

YE: Want to ask this shady looking dude if we can buy this fuel tank for the ship?

AY: Sure.

How much for that fuel tank?

Salesman: $9,595.95

AY: Can I work to get that much?

Salesman: Mine for some treasures for me.

Unfortunately, Anonymous Yoshi spent the next few days mining for gold, jewels, and other expensive treasures, When he found...

We interrupt this storyline for a rant on...


Yep it sucks MarzGurl's...

Yoshiette: You do realize this is a family blog, There's kids over in Japan reading this.

What's wrong with this Layout, One word, Customization. Right now the only thing the average Youtube user can customise is their background, with a huge gray block making it impossible to see unless you put the stuff to the sides. If this new Youtube layout follows through, you'll be stuck with a bland Bleach covered slate where you HAVE TO look like almost everyone else. Unless you're a Youtube partner who get's a ******* BANNER, You're going to look like everyone else with the BLEACHED, GOOGLE PLUS LIKE, BORING BLANK SLATE OF A PROFILE PAGE!!!! I like how Youtube's little Yes woman iJustKissYouTubesAssLittleKnownFact (aka one Justine Ezarik AKA iJustine) doesn't seem to give a crap. Basically I have yet to try it but when I do, I'm going to get a message saying "Do you want to try a new Youtube layout? (Don't worry, you can always change back)" Basically that's saying "Oh we know you're going to hate this but we're going to force change upon you." But did I expect any better from the same site who suspended JamesNintendoNerd Where the only offense to the community guidelines he did was 6 months ago with the Cheetahmen II thing, yet they cant Suspend Shane Dawson for changing Titles and thumbnails for extra cash, or Ray William Johnson for STEALING PEOPLE'S VIDEOS TO THIS VERY DAY, or SxePhil for using Sexy ladies in his thumbnails and those girls are nowhere in the entire video. Seriously Youtube, Why not answer that?

Why is Google Plus this huge Abomination that INFECTS every single bit of Google as we know it. It did have potential once upon a time now it's required if you want to make a Google account. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!!! Google has the Best Email service, and for a short time in the mid to late 2000s, The best Video sharing platform, It could have been the best social media platform, now Google is not a search engine, It's Diet Facebook, ran by the most money hungry corporation aside from Viacom, Does this mean I'm going to delete my Google account just to say Screw You google? No, Google's still got a few good years and deeds in them, So I'll give them a Pass for now, but I'm watching you, Google. As the years go by Youtube/Google want you off the site as a creator, and more as a Consumer, Which brings me to...

Another reason I can't stand the new Youtube Layout is because it buries smaller channels like MarzGurl and AllieRX87, just to make room for RayWilliamJohnson, SxePhil, ShaneDawsonTV, iJustine, among others. It makes the little guys look like underlings of the site, and they're going to be kicked off soon enough just to give the big guys like those mentioned above, and corporations like Disney, Pepsico, and GOOGLE!!!! In just a couple years Youtube's going to DIE, Whether it's by us or by them. I want the 2006-2008 Youtube back.

YE: Well, there's always Zippcast.

AY: That's not even Live anymore.

YE: Blip?

AY: That's for web shows.

All I can say now is Yep. We're DOOMED!!!!!!


AY: It's just a block of Ice.

YE: Use a Freeze Heal.

*Uses Freeze Heal*

???: *In deep voice* Pika Pika.

AY: And you are?

???: My name is ******* Philip Karl Chu III, but If you do want a *** **** shorter ******* Name, just call me P. K. Chu. Don't you touch my ******* 5 o'clock shadow.



To Be Continued...

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