Friday, August 24, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Introduction and Part 1

Before we begin, I suppose we need an intro and an explanation, Yes I'm well aware that the miniseries is not finished, but it won't be until September 13. I figured I'm not going to keep you waiting that long so, I'm going to do a play by play analysis of the movie while commentating on it, This does get a little cynical and has spoilers. Think of this like a Nostalgia Critic episode, Complete with Jokes, Spoilers, and other random goodies. For those who want to know what the hell I'm talking about, NC has his own Wikipedia Page, and I'll explain things as we go. But read at your own risk.

The video starts with a flashback of the ending of Suburban Knights (Last year's ThatGuyWithTheGlasses special), and shots of Ma-Ti's (Yes, THAT Ma-Ti) Quacker Oats can he was buried in. Looking at the opening credits alone it appears that everyone wanted a part in this movie. But the story continues with Paw Dugan (Music movie reviewer, That is all) Meditating or some crap like that. when his eyes open he takes out his laptop and looks at Google Earth for Stephen Hawking and goes to his house to get to develop the plot more. We cut to Nostalgia Critic (The original Non games caustic critic internet reviewer) whining about Ma-Ti, calls Film Brain (Some Brit kid who is basically NC for more modern movies), plays some word game for a bit relating to Ma-Ti. Critic finds out he's under house arrest for being a public enemy to society or some bullcrap like that. Next is a bit featuring Terl from Battlefield Earth explaining why NC should be arrested. He really doesn't give good reasons why he should be extradited.
I suppose it's a Parody, so who am I to Judge. And we enter the SUOCKA (Stop the Unstopable Online Copyright Killers Act) Bill. PLOT POINT!!!! Get it because if you  remove the U, C, K, and add a P, you get.... Well you get the idea. We get to random ads in the middle of a speech, After that we end up with 2 politicians debating about crappy movies. After we end that discussion, we go back to Paw, and we get 3 new reviewers...

You know, it's like 12 minutes into the video and we only got introduced to like only a couple of reviewers. and after that we get the count up to 4. Yes one of them probably won't get used at all after this.

The three reviewers are CR (He reviews cartoon characters, as dumb as that sounds), That Sci-fi Guy (Hardly worth mentioning), and Angry Joe (Reviews games on XBOX and PC). They discuss Paw's findings. The Black hole seems to be from Jupiter. Back to Critic, he tries to escape, but get's shocked. He get's called by Terl. After a few death threats from Terl, Critic senses a disturbance frm down stairs. He thinks it's Ma-Ti, but It's really Spoony (Who is dead to me for being butthurt over leaving TGWTG, and Reviews Movies, Comics, and Video Games). Apparently Spoony's an alien.

Next is Linkara's (Reviews Comic Books, one of my personal favorites) first bit where he's calling Paw, when he get's called by Mechakara (His evil twin). Yep, he's Screwed. The 2 female doctors (whose only purpose in the video seems to make sex jokes) Get Spoony for examination (No wonder he wasn't edited out of the final product). Terl gets contacted by the executor. They talk for a minute about their plans, and get cut of by someone with a name similar to.... Do I really want to cause legal trouble and/or risk getting an R Rating... Nah. I'm calling him Lamer Smithers.

Later, NC dreams of a Daft Punk Reject saying it's calling, and we get introduced to Last Angry Geek (Another comic book reviewer). After Discussing Ma-Ti for a couple minutes, we go back to the space crew, Sci-Fi Guy's house gets destroyed. Farewell Sci-Fi, you were hardly worth mentioning. LAG Leaves Critic to stop the bad guys. The two doctors analyze Spoony, when Cinema Snob (Who reviews more mature films), Sage (Reviews Cheesy Anime and current gen games), and Luke Mochrie (Reviews Nobody cares). Spoony's thinking about Rebecca Black, and other stupid stuff. Nostalgia Chick (Reviews Girl Movies) comes to Critic's House. She calls Shadow Todd (Reviews bad Pop Songs) via Skype. NCritic and NChick Discuss Spoony, Ma-Ti, and other likely plot points.

We get a pointless cameo by Obscurus Lupa (Which I'll cover later). Critic talks to Ma-Ti, and the whole world's computers goes crazy to show worm hole theories up the @$$. SPOONY/MA-TI GOES CRAZY!!! Ending Part 1.

Well that sure as hell wasn't the best intro for a miniseries from TGWTG, Let's put it this way, sure it showed us the objective but Most of the characters were not shown it great detail. For a 40 minute video, It sure has a lot of padding. To have this much padding in a 40 minute anything is never a good. But it did have a Good explanation of the main plot and the production values are great!!!! The series so far get's a 2.5 ??? (Revealed at the end) out of four.

Get ready, this gets hardcore!!!!

Congratulations, You completed the first par of this series. Read parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and the conclusion now.

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