Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Rubbish Roundup #1: Ray William Johnson turning into Phillip Defranco, #BringBackToonami Update, New Mountain Dew Flavor

Today I'm goin' to try something different. This isn't really my usual blog style, just wanted to try something new to see how people would react, and see if they want more. Today on R.Cubed We update 3 subjects I touched on not worth of full blogs. So Let's do it:

R.Cubed STORY #1:

So by now you now how much I despise RWJ, He's a UNTALENTED, UNFUNNY HACK OF A HUMAN BEING!!!!! The worst part about it is that he STEALS VIRAL VIDEOS (not even good ones), Often without the permission of the original owner, But they take it and run with it. In one of his latest videos (Problem Solving), He put a thumbnail with a Woman in Lingerie. Guess what? That Woman's nowhere to be seen in the entire video. This is the second time that happened in the past couple of months (the first being Flying Like A Bird). Is there a possibility that he might become SxePhil? Shane Dawson? ShayCarl? I can't believe i'm sayin' this, But I hope this Happens. So he can lose Subscribers, Followers on Twitter, and Fans. Also i want to expose him as the HACK he really is.

R.Cubed STORY #2:
#BringBackToonami UPDATE:

So yeah, Adult Swim addressed the hash tags #BringBackToonami and #Toonami again last night. Good work Williams Street. Here's what me and several others decided to do yesterday. Make the Hashtag #SummerOfToonami Trend. It failed. We were so close, Then Failed :(. If #SummerOfToonami Were to trend, then Adult Swim would of listened and thought about it. But now we have #Toonami for Weekdays, and #BringBackToonami for weekends.

R.Cubed STORY #3:

So just a little while ago, PepsiCo announced that they would release a new flavor Mountain Dew. It would be in conjunction with a marketing Partner. This time it's The Dark Night Rises by Warner Bros. and DC Comics. The new flavor would be called Mountain Dew Dark Berry. It would be a Mixed Berry Flavor and available for 12 weeks in summer. Personally I'm excited for this flavor because IT'S A NEW FLAVOR OF MOUNTAIN DEW THAT ISN'T DIET!!!! It may not be another Dewmocracy, But I'm still excited for it.

Also an apology for the people who thought I was going to post my surprise blog right after my ACEN blog. Nope that's My Avengers Review Blog. My surprise blog might be a lil' more tragic than my others (just because it relates to something nerds have related to since '81, and some of you even lifetimes).

So that does it for today. Next Time...


See you then.

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