Friday, November 23, 2012

The Good About Modern Video Gaming

Before we begin let's take a look at the past year in blogs...

I should post People who (All things considered) My personal life was bothering Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash (two characters in a cartoon originally made for LITTLE GIRLSThe more interesting tl;dr (The more interesting points) plot can be found on "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "The Saga Begins". The story might seem like something new and exotic if you haven't watched the rest of the Reviewaverse Saga mini series, We got Casshern, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Not by FUNi), Hetalia, Rideback, Tales (Again, Not from FUNi), Yozakura (Non-FUNi), Black Butler, Garei, Regios, Initial D, Rosario + Vampire, and Toradora (Non-FUNi), But No Sailor Moon. Transformers 3 is slightly better, but only because it's so derned BORING!!!!! First problem: They used democracy rather than DEWMOCRACY!!! Oh my god, Their review of Skyward Sword was terrible. They complained about the controls being awkward. The reason that's so scary is not because she's worse than Ray William Johnson, because she isn't. At least he doesn't stalk Katniss like certain other characters in fiction, must I even name names, Korra is just some experienced student in comparison (because she pretty much is). Make it feel like Toonami. Make it more than adult swim with a Toonami shell, NO, IMDB DOESN'T KNOW ******* @#$! UPCOMING FILMS AFTER THE YEAR 2012!!!! If #SummerOfToonami Were to trend, then Adult Swim would of listened and thought about it. No seriously I wanted to buy a Gundam model but the particular one i wanted was ONE HUNDRED BUCKS!!!!!! As I said the film has a little bit of everything for everyone, To the news media, WHERE DOES THE SPACE SHUTTLE BELONG? While Deadman is Dark and Gritty. Think of the Wii as a 1up. Seriously?! BATMAN ARKHAM CITY: SUPER GIMMICKY EDITION!!!!! WII FIT U!!!!! SING!!!!!!!!! ALL THE DOD DERNED NEW SUPER MARIO BROS GAMES!!!!!!!!!!! NINTENDO LAND!!!! If I wanted a good caustic critic game review, I'd watch AVGN or AllieRX87. It had something with Happy ________ ___ 2000 (It was either Happy New Year 2000, or Happy Valentines Day 2000), All Fanboys are jerks, But Halo's fans are some of the worst, My good YouTube friend CDiFan237 came in and said "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!!". The CGI was terrible, it looked like an episode of ReBoot, because it's going to be yet another anime no one gives two craps about other than Sailor Moon or one of ADV's, Geneon's, or Bandai's former properties. The characters except for the two female rangers are all really well written and really add to the Jetman experience. Third and final thing I wanted to get off my chest is that I wanted to let you know, the blogs are going even more slowly, First column is if I completed the series (Y means Yes, N means No). LAG Leaves Critic to stop the bad guys. The two doctors analyze Spoony, when Cinema Snob (Who reviews more mature films), Sage (Reviews Cheesy Anime and current gen games), Paw, Angry Joe, MarzGurl (Animation reviewer, I  LOVE HER, I'M FOREVER ALONE BECAUSE OF THAT, AM I?!), Phelous, and Panda go to Europa and find Spoony. USING VARIOUS TECHNIQUES INVOLVING WINDTIMEGRAVITYILLUSION, AND FIREand The bad guy's flee away, Ending Part 4. Film Brain keeps searching for Spoony's subconsciousness in his brain. FB finally finds it and there's a vision of the plot hole. FINISH HER!!!!! Reveals Face. Everyone get's up, Seven of Eleven Falls, Mechakara falls and burns. ROBOTODD WINS!! Flawless Victory FATALITY!!!!! After an arguement with the Executor and Luke about what a Bothan is, The Critic, Last Angry Geek, and a picture of Anakin Skywalker appear as ghosts, and the Nostalgia Critic returns as a god ending the Film. Well, I found this out just last night. NCritic is going to cancel his regular run on his show. Kamen Rider Wizard has a cool trenchcoat with him, adding a more Sci-Fi feel to the series. Started in 1954, Gojira was the original tokusatsu, spawning other monsters like Rodan, Mothra, and Gamera. This toku is like Bioman, OH DEAR... It's Just above Dreamcast graphics. The monster grows giant and the rangers mech combines with Gavan's Robot Dragon to Deliver a REAL FINAL FINISHING BLOW TO THE MONSTER!!!! It looks like a Children's toy since it's so BLAND!!!! Kouga/GARO is the Badass, and he's silent most of the time, there's TOO MUCH DOD DERNED PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!! OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!!!! GANGNAM STYLE!!!! OPP OPP OPP OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE!!! I know, this is new to you, When it comes to dating, Appearance is probably the first thing a guy will notice on you, I give this 2 ET cartridges out of 4. Well this blog wasn't as short as I thought, Next time...


Here we go 6 reasons why modern gaming isn't that bad.


Back in the 80s and most of the 90s, the Community was limited to Young White Boys, then small time games journalists, and later models that claimed to be gamers. Now we have Gamers of all races (two of the most well known non white gamers is Shofu and N'gai Croal), Female Gamers (Like MarzGurl and Dodger (From Press Heart 2 Continue)) Reviewers (like AVGN and AllieRX87), Let's Players (Like Chuggaaconroy and Lucahjin), Vloggers (Too many to name), Fans who make video game food (Like Rosanna "Ro" Pansino), Cosplayers, Fanartists, Gaming Analysts (Michael Pachter), Retro Gamers, and pleanty more. If you wanted me to explain who all these people are, I don't have five hours to explain who they are.


Well Online gaming can be stupid at times, But it can also be good, Like it helps you meet various people from around the world, keeps you in contact with friends who might not be in the same couch as you, and there's whole tournaments dedicated to online gaming. Sure most of the games with online I don't care for (World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Halo, Madden) But the ones that I do help the experience a LOT!!!!!


Sure It can go Overboard, but when it doesn't, Games like Crysis show just how good graphics can get, Systems like the PS3, 360, and now The WII U are showing how much consoles have improved since the days of Atari. People even upgrade their PC's just to make their games look the best they can be. God knows how much graphics will improve in the future, Even if the games will look brown and dark green.


Say what you will about Casual Games, at least they're one step closer to making games MORE MAINSTREAM as an Art Form. We need this accessibility to help the community and protect us from guys like Jack Thompson and Joe Liberman. Sure these guys can't do much harm to us anymore thanks to that ruling a couple summers ago, but back on topic, Have you ever wanted to get your girlfriend into gaming, Now's a good time as any.


Back in the day, the only place you'd find advertisement video games is Catalogs, Commercials on Kids TV, Gaming Publications, and places you'd usually find video games. NOW YOU CAN FIND THEM IN ALMOST ANY PUBLICATION, COMMERCIALS ON DAMN NEAR ANY TV STATION, DEPARTMENT STORES, INDEPENDENT GAME STORES, TOY STORES, ELECTRONIC STORES, BIG BOX STORES, AND YOU'LL MAYBE FIND THEM AT CLOTHES STORES OR WHOLE FOODS MARKETS SOMEDAY!!!!!!!


Modern Gaming isn't the evil monster I've made some people believe a year back, So Happy First year of existence blog, and Here's to another year.

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