Sunday, December 18, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Rumors, Lies, and Getting Attention on the internet by unethical means (in the video game fandom/industry)...

What does this mean, some loser kid From Japan made fake rumor about Zelda: BotW to get attention. And we should have serious discussion about where the line is crossed to get attention using unethical means...

What Happened?

Just a few days ago, A blogger who will be I will refer to as Koji made a blog saying that the Wii U version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be cancelled. However, just a day or 2 later it was confirmed to be fake from the Nintendo Subreddit. So the basic version is someone who has absolutely NO business making rumors because he's not affiliated with any news or gaming company, created a rumor exclusively to get attention to Intentionally Piss people off... It's not like NeoGAF where could make clickbait worthy non-stories because you could claim you work for Nintendo, due to several legit rumors were confirmed to be true on the site. This is a pure liar if I ever saw one. I do not hate rumors in the game industry, they make you think, but when you have someone who has no business making leaks or whatever and being Blatant about it, yeahhhhhhh... Here's some recommendations, go outside, get some fresh air, make some friends, maybe get a job, and get away from the internet for a while. Remember that 3D Printed NX controller leak a few months back, maybe that's a little unethical, but he wasn't trying to piss off people. There's no easy way to put it, if you're not a game journalist or somehow involved in the games industry (or claiming to be), just nothing more than gamer, or web producer if you produce content online.Don't be anything more than you are. Just remember, The internet is not run by 5 year olds, and this isn't a preschool playground, or a cafeteria. This is why I hate the direction that gaming and the gaming fandom has become. Imagine the reviewaverse fandom, only on a grander scale and I can't say any more thoughts, because I'm frustrated, and very, very tired. I do apologize for this blog being short, But all I can say at this point is Bah Humbug!!!!!

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