Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cool Crap You Should See Right Now, GO!!!!! #1: Fujiyama Ichiban

Welcome to my new segment of my blog where I'll discuss something on the internet like a fellow blogger, YouTube series, webcomic, artist, cosplayer, or whatever who I thought needed more promotion. These won't be terribly long, but they do get across the point. Today I'll be talking about the Internet Tokusatsu series, Fujiyama Ichiban!!!!!

This is a very different toku series in the tense that it's 1) Entirely in English, 2) It's a web series, and 3) Episodes are like 5-10 minutes long, much in the same way FamiKamen Rider would've been had January 23/25 not happened (ALSO IT'S STILL A THING, ONLY UNDER DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT, AND ALL I CAN SAY TO THEM IS GOOD LUCK KAYLYN AND JOSH). What's the story? Well, Sun Taiyo (who's our main hero of the series) Got his dad kidnapped by the organization Dark Matter 5 years ago, and they just so happen to be attacking earth again in present day. Sun is student of the sword and when he's in crisis he can transform into Fujiyama Ichiban. One thing I do like about the series is the costume design, It's got really great costumes for being a project from a bunch of kids. It's got a very Saturday morning feel, cheesy (I don't call the acting bad, just cheesy), exciting at points, and it feels kind of kid friendly with a small touch of adult humor. It's one of those web series you can watch with your kids. It also feels like a tribute/love letter to 70s and 80s tokusatsu like Kamen Rider, Kikaider, and Inazuman. The theme song is as catchy as hell. If I do have a problem with this series, 1) the effects feel real fake with that after effects kind of crap going on (Watch freddiew's videos to see how to do after effects well). In the team's defense, they were on a budget. The 2) problem is a problem that was stupidly easy to avoid. The problem is that it feels like it has volume problems at times. I don't know what was going on with production of this series but they could have fixed it. In closing... I give you their YouTube channel, and website.

Don't expect these to come out all the time, just when I find something that needs more attention. Next time on my blog, Gokaiger Month Continues.

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