Thursday, June 11, 2015

Geek Grub #1: Mountain Dew Dewshine

I wasn't planning to make this a series, but I've got 2 geek food related post up this year and am out of ideas for other blogs (not to mention I've got a busy week ahead, so I don't know how closely I'll follow E3), so here's a filler post to keep me and you occupied...

Around a couple months ago, I said I never Dewshine before, but there was an individual bottle available at a gas station, so I decided to try it, and oh boy where do I even begin? First off, it's non-alcoholic, much in the same way root beer is, they have this label because it's based off moonshine, and they didn't want to make people who are under 21 or people who don't drink confuse this for actual moonshine... Onto looks, it's clear like crystal Pepsi from the 90s, making it the unofficial return of crystal Pepsi. How does it taste? Like 7up, or other wise really, really sweet. It's essentially colorless Mountain Dew throwback, but much more sweet and only in a glass bottle. I suppose if you want your Mountain Dew with less chemicals I suppose I COULD recommend it, other wise just stick to regular throwback. Thumb sideways.

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