Monday, October 20, 2014

Sailor Moon Classic Report Card

Honestly this was going to wait until after Gokaiger Month, but this is my blog and my rules, so you don't get to naysay. Sailor Moon Classic just concluded on Hulu, and it's time to give my final thoughts on this season and get ready for the R season. So I'll be grading the presentation, the story, and the characters, as usual, and giving a level between A+ to Z-. So let's do it to it and away weeeeee go!!!!


This might be the first thing you notice about this anime. The opening's pretty good, both of them, and the ending's have this thing of silhouettes. The actual animation is ugly to say the least, even for early 90s mahou shoujo TV anime Standards. It simply looks ugly, and even people on a budget could do better. However, the animation improved as the years went on, but that's another story for another blog. It honestly looks like a bad 4-koma anime. Lacking detail, ugly character models at times. It's especially hard to look at for some people when they look at the manga or Crystal series. In their defense however, it does have a charm that made series like Dragon Ball compared to Dragon Ball Z, or Kinnikuman compared to Ultimate Muscle better. So I give this a C-, it's not especially great, but it's got things going for it.


The characters are basically tropes of characters, like Sailor Moon's The Crybaby Hero (which is different from the badass leader,  not in a good way, but I'll get to that), Sailor Mercury is the girl genius, Sailor Mars is the hot headed rival (like Gai from Jetman), Sailor Jupiter's the pure badass of the team, and Venus is the 5th ranger, joining late in the series. Tuxedo Mask is the love interest of the team, Luna's the mentor who gives the Sailor Senshi their powers. They develop through the series, like Sailor Moon becoming less of a crybaby, Which makes her into a more believable hero. I wish Sailor Mars would become a more nice character later, but her rivalry with Sailor Moon makes things interesting. Tuxedo Mask Briefly becomes evil as Endymion. Sailor Venus starts out as a 60s Batman/Green Hornet style hero known as Sailor V, which got her own manga before Sailor moon was released. Queen Beryl is basically Rita Repulsa, and her henchmen are basically interchangeable. Her monsters are like Heisei era Kamen Rider Monsters made to look like people. One thing that the hench men have going for them is that heir monsters are different, Jadeite creates copies of people. Nephirite possesses objects. Zoisite uses a crystal to possess people into monsters, and Kunzite possesses people to find out the identity of Sailor Moon. So the Characters's get a B-, decent, but get better as time goes on after this season.


Let's tell the basic story with some small spoilers. USAGI TSUKINO FINDS A CAT AND SAVES IT FROM SOME KIDS, SHE THEN IS ABLE TO TRANSFORM INTO SAILOR MOON! SHE HAS TO FIND THE REST OF THE SAILOR GUARDIANS TO AWAKEN THE MOON PRINCESS!!!!! IN HER WAY IS QUEEN BERYL, HER HENCHMEN, HER MONSTERS OF THE WEEK, AND HER LOVE TUXEDO MASK!!!!! BUT THERE'S A SURPRISE ABOUT THE MOON PRINCESS THAT I WON'T SPOIL FOR YOU, BUT YOU CAN PROBABLY GUESS WHAT IT IS!!!!! OK The story isn't anything to write home about, since it's another Destiny plot line, however it's made more interesting by the characters, the arsenal and powerset introduced as the series goes on, and that final battle scene is EPIC!!!!! This section get's a D+, cookie cutter story, but not terrible.


Rounding up averages, I give this season (Objectively), a solid C, It's an OK Start, but not exactly great yet. It's really flawed, but it only get's better from here, see you when I do my Sailor Moon R Review in several months.

Until then, watch my ScrewAttack blog and my actual blog for more fun geeky stuff.

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