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Stir up all your guts, harder as it gets, never ever give it up! we're gonna save you! Grand Cross, Chaos. Come What Weather. We shall overcome, The Wind is blowing for the Five! help a little life, Whoever Needs their living Safe. FIGHT FOR THE NEW FUTURE! FOR INFINITY!!!! RESCUE SOLDIERS, FASTER AND FASTER! (FASTER!) GO THROUGH THE FIRE, RUN THROUGH THE DANGER! (GoGoV!) RESCUE SOLDIERS, HIGHER AND HIGHER! (HIGHER!) BRIGHTEN THE HEART, UNDER THE SUN! SHINING ALL ABOVE ON YOU!!! SAVE THE EARTH!!!!! SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!! WE'RE THE KYUKYU SENTAI GoGo RESCUE FIVE!!!!!

So what is it about Rescue Squad GoGoFive? Is it the building destruction that would've got banned for years after 9/11. Is it that it's the Inspiration for the Tomica Hero Series. I'm still upset that we didn't get a Dedicated, Rescue Rider, instead we get chibi riders, Pac-man as a villain in one of the movies, and an eye hurty color scheme., But how do I feel about the Rescue heroes known as GoGoFive?


Five Siblings get ready to fight the Psyma Beasts, the catch, They're all in the rescue business. They get new suits, mechs, and weapons. As the series goes on, The monsters get more powerful, so they get toys like the V Lancers, Victory Mars, Liner Boy, among others. It's a mix of space and technology sci-fi, with elements of satanic horror fantasy. and no They Have to do this without a sixth Ranger. The series the finale arc goes like this: GoRed gets a Parasite in his body, It starts to absorb his life to Revive Zylpheeza, A villain who died midway into the series, he is revived, yet more powerful than before. Dinus protects her Sister from an incoming attack, but dies when she gets attacked by the GoGoFive, and uses the last of her energy to make Zylpheeza stronger, That episode ends with Grandiene evolves into her more powerful form. Cobolda Attacks the rangers in the Psyma dimension. Zylpheeza is controlled by Grandiene, and kills his brother. Zylpheeza is destroyed and uses the last of his energy to make The Rangers go out in flames. GoRed being the badass he is Fights the queen face to face. The other Rangers escape but Grandiene Grows and pretty much is easily defeated... Until her spirit controls Zylpheeza, and Salamandes (another villain killed but late in the series). some of the rangers battle the brainwashed Villains, the others ave some kids. The Villains grow, and are wiping through their mechs... The rangers seem hopeless until they see their long lost mother, and get a new mech, a repaint of Max Victory Robo, only this runs on mental energy. The repaint destroys the 2 beasts to the tune of the second verse opf the GoGoV Theme one last time (though I would've prefered using the engrish version of the song, ah well, I guess that's cool too), and Grandiene is sent to Oblivion. I won't spoil the ending, but it's a bittersweet one.

I like how this series doesn't focus on the individual disasters like the Tomica Hero Series does, but It has a good Magic Vs Technology plot, much like MMPR and Zeo had. The story is damned good and you need to see it for yourself..


I do like the five rangers are siblings, They may have disagreements, but they love each other, and are willing to rescue each other, however They're just another machismo fantasy like Ohranger, so there's no way to distinguish them, They're all the same, only with a different face and hair, or in GoPink's case just add Boobs (yes GoYellow was male in this series). There's also the villains. Grandiene is like a combination of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa (insert your own Once A Ranger Joke). Zylpheeza is like a more sadistic Goldar. Cobolda is boring, with nothing to distinguish him from other Similar Sentai villains. Dinus is sexy, but really she doesn't shine as much as other female Sentai Villains. Pierre Creates monsters,, makes them grow, and is Drop/Salamandes' Father Figure, Speaking Of... Salamandes is a badass, takes role of surrogate leader after Zylpheeza dies, and starts out as a infant, but grows up midway into the series, making him the most interesting villain of the series.


I do like all the mechs and weapons, from Victory Mars to the GoBlasters. The Villain/monster designs are amazing (McFarlaneWorthy in fact), Seriously, Where's my SIC Villains toyline Bandai... And the Music is Great, Special Mention goes to the Engrish version 0of the GoGoFive Theme. If you've seen Lightspeed Rescue, Everything should look quasi-familiar to you.

The Theme Song was performed by Shinichi Ishihara, whose works include songs for Kamen Rider Agito, The Guver OVA, and Juukou B-Fighter. I really love his work....


It's as damned good series. Don't think just because You've seen Lightspeed Rescue you've seen GoGoFive. You have to see this series, because It shows how much better Sentai Was in the 80s and 90s. I give this 3.25 MaxLiner's out of 4. jury's out on Which is Better, this or Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue...

Next Week, another Freaking Movie....

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