Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NEW PROJECT: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger VS Juukou B-Fighter

 This requires a bit of explaination. Last night, I started a Fanfic Known as Chouriki Sentai Ohranger VS Juukou B-Fighter. Here's a basic summary of what's happening so far...
It's been a full year since the Ohrangers beat the Machine Empire Baranoia, but Goro (Oh Red) keeps having dreams about Baranoia returning, When the Day comes that the OhRangers are Needed again, they come across a monster known as Bara Mushi (who has the ability to shrink and beat his opponents so fast that any normal human can't get him before they get him. The next day the female Ohrangers go to a pizza parlor, and find out about Copy King (the last son of the Jamahl). Copy king tells a now adult Buldont Jr. and Bara Mushi about the B-fighters and the Jamahl, Commander Miura tells the Ohrangers about the B-Fighters as well. Copy King creates copies of the male Ohrangers in addition to the copies of the females he made earlier. They fought, until KingRanger joined the fun, he damages Copy King, and 3 lasers are fired and it's Juukou B-Fighter ending Chapter 1.
I need your help, Any constructive Criticism? Did you like it? Is the concept good? Please review. A new installment should come in every week.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toonami, 1 year later...

So this blog might earn me more than a few enemies, but let's provide some introduction. If you grew up any time between 1997 and 2008, you probably remember Toonami in it's first incarnation. For those who don't know the history of it, let me explain, Toonami started out as a simple action block on Cartoon Network, but  evolved into more than just a few bumpers on a standard 4-6 timeslot, It had anime, new cartoons, old cartoons, story arcs, events, contests, and all that went away when someone who will now and forever be named TOM 0 and his abuse of Naruto fillers got the block removed. Was that the main cause of the low ratings in 2007-2008? Maybe, but Let's get real here, Toonami was brought back in April Fool's Day 2012, #BringBackToonami Started, it went on for a couple months, and in May 26th of last year, Toonami returned, but was it worth it? Find out today...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Well that sucks...

Before we begin, let me begin with...


Now onto the blog, OK first off I want to say I over exaggerated the last blog, kind of. I said Nintendo was taking videos down when , they're just content IDing them. Is this still bad for the LP and reviewer community? YES. 1) it cuts their funds for doing free advertising for their games. 2) too many copyright claims and their channel can be pulled.I personally the people who are going to be affected addressed better than I could, so just youtube search Nintendo copyright claims.

Second, rescheduling time. So the next couple of months of blogs is going to have the First part of the E3 blog and my thoughts on the 3 new consoles put together, Kakuranger act 1 is going to be a bigger all of Kakuranger review when GrownUpsInSpandex finishes subbing it, No "5 more producers I like" blog since I couldn't think of good reasons for why I liked the five choices I picked, Iron Man 3 blog's coming eventually (I REALLY WANT TO GET TO IT), Toonami's next, E3 blog will come soon after E3, The "problems with modern anime" blog should come soon (hopefully), and as for the TGWTG year 5 blog, I'm trying to for get about the site at the time.

And that's about it, until next time stay gold.

Friday, May 17, 2013

R3: BONUS ROUND #1: Nintendo Actually DMCAing Videos?

Welcome to RANDOM RUBBISH ROUNDUP BONUS ROUND!!!!!! This is where we do 1 topic not ready for a full blog and do it minni review style, but with possibly less jokes. This week we deal with the biggest WHAT THE **** Story to come out of Nintendo this past week, They're actually taking down channels for posting let's plays of their games!!!! NOW TIME FOR HYPER MODE!!!! BREATHE IN.... HOOOWWWBBB.....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #4: Rangers returning for Super Megaforce, The moon has been delayed, Pokemon X & Y are still looking meh as usual

I hate drama, especially when when it involves me and web producers I like, which is kind of why my Iron Man 3 review missed the scheduled date, but let's try to forget about all this TGWTG whatever crap, and get to three topics that aren't exactly great for full sized blogs, so let's go go go man.