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Sentai Pitch: Mushiden Sentai Beetenger (Electrosect Task Force Beetenger)

Yep, the rest of the year's going to be the end of me, But that doesn't mean I'm out yet. So here's a pitch for a sentai since I was fascinated by the Space Bugs Rumor for Sentai that has been going on before Jyuoger has been announced...


A throwback to more darker, more powerful sentai from the 80s up until Mirai Sentai Timeranger. The toyline will be based off of keshigomu (or collectible erasers) that can be collected, traded, and have all the heroes and villains from the series, maybe even some legacy hero and villain keshi. The toys won't have any extensive zord armaments or have anything extensive and the series won't be based off of toyetic items like power ups.


Ryusei/Red Kabuto will be a hot headed delinquent who after being chased by police helicopters through shibuya's roofs and alleys when he got into a fist fight, instead of going to juvie, gets joined by his best friends from childhood onwards and fellow delinquents, Raiden and Rei in a secret millitary. He pilots the Kabutank and has has the kabusaber (a lightsaber that comes from a rhinoceros beetle like attachment to his arm)

Raiden/Blue Kuwaga is a bancho swordsman who wanted to be leader but gets more comfortable with Red Kabuto and later Pink Ageha. He trains with Ryusei and sees great things in him despite his arrogance. He pilots the KuwagaBuggy and uses the KuwagaGrappler (a claw that attaches to his arm gauntlet to grab and sometimes slashes his enemy).

Rei/Pink Ageha is a chinese-japanese martial artist who learned various martial artist from her father. In the middle of the series she learns that she's a better leader than Red or Blue and gains the Leader's Cape from a tribal alien race... She Pilots the AgehaGyro and uses the AgehaScoper (a scope that can generate force fields and lasers).

Gerry, the mentor for the series, provides the Beetengers with their mechs, weapons, and suits. He's later revealed to be the Gohma General Jocer (who's essentially the sixth ranger/Starscream of the villain team).

Ling/White Tentou is not a sixth ranger of the team, but rather the 11 year old sister to Rei who can grow into the adult sized Sailor Moon-esque ally White Tentou for 3 minutes to assist the real Beetengers in their fight.

Alex/Yellow Kihara is the Killer Wasp based hero who joins the Beetengers along with Green Yenma during the middle of the series. He's a American gaijin who's a fanboy of the beetengers and when he becomes one he asks strangers around tokyo if they want his autograph and he's kind of perverted. He pilots the BeeJetter and uses his trademark KiharaStinger (much like TheBee's Zector in Kamen Rider Kabuto).

Keiji/Green Yenma is the antihero of the team. He's played by Kenji Ohba and is revealed to be the alien father of Ryusei. He steals Beetenger Unit Green and Beetenger Unit Yellow, and has a giveaway for Yellow and decides to keep Green. He pilots DragonFire and uses the Yenma Crosser (a crossbow that looks like a dragonfly).

Space Mutant Empire Gohma is the Villain organization of the team. It consists of Mother Gohma (the disc one final boss who returns a couple of times after beating defeated), Armor Knight Kint (the clumsy brute of the team and leader of the armored army), Bug Knight Quinn (the Dark Chick and brother of Kint. Leader of the Kaijin Army), and Robo Knight Jan (the evil genius who later gets a liquid metal form later in the series. Leader of the Robo Army). They're later joined by Hakaida Acer (the Dragon who does a lot of the fighting), Extra Terestrial Knight Jocer (leader of the movie exclusive alien army, and gains a more grotesque form at the finale), Master Skullman (the Big Bad of the series and joins acer and jocer in the 3 vs 5 final battle in the finale), and Living Subspace Planet Morpheus (the true big bad who can destroy whole planets), they came from a Gashapon capsule and landed on the moon, They all have human forms. The mooks are spakes (armored soldiers with machine guns), and they grow their monsters with waspers (the team pets of the villain team)


All 5 of the beetenger's weapons can combine to form either the Beetle Blaster (for the main 3) The Predator Gun (for the 2 others) and the Mushi Launcher (for all 5), Each of the main 3 gets a Beet Gunstick (a gun that transforms to a sword). Each Beetenger gets a Beetle Visor and a beetle brace for transforming. There's also the beetle cycles (with one having a side car that transforms into a dune buggy), the jetcar (a custom Pontiac car that Kihara and Yenma drive and can also fly)... lastly there's the 3 main Beetenger's Battlizers (because we've got to sell toys somehow).


The 3 Main Beetengers can combine to form the Kabuteri-Oh with the phrase "Gattai, Beetle Dimension". It has a sword like other Sentai Mechs. A quarter of the way into the series. we meet LorryBoy (a Transforming Truck) Which can combine withe 2 other Beetenger's mechs to form GreatLorry. That can also Combine with Kabuteri-Oh to make Super Kabuteri-Oh. All the mechs are carried in Skybase (which can transform into a robot, and help the Beetengers fight).


In the not to distant future, Ryusei gets caught by cops and joins a secret Military. He's joined by his childhood friends. the first 5 episodes are an introductory arc, introducing the mechs, weapons, vehicles, and arsenal.

Several fillers later, Episode 12 has the debut of Hakaida Acer. He's more powerful than the beetengers. They go through rigorous training and verse a Gohma monster and Acer with Acer getting away.

In episode 17, a nerdy professor at a secret lab gets turned into a centipede, but after a hacker monster appears the secret military introduces Lorryboy.

Another few Fillers later, at episode 21, an alien visitor appears. The beetengers think it's gohma and get ready to defend. The alien visitor steals 2 new Beetenger units. He gives one of them away, and they start a 3 way brawl against them, the beetengers, and gohma. The 4 parter ends with the 5 unified beetengers fighting Mother Gohma on top of Tokyo Skytree. After Gohma Grows The Beetengers combine their mechs and form Super Kabuteri-Oh. Then Skullman arrives, and grades the 4 Gohma Knights on their performance... (This is also the arc that turns Pink Ageha into the leader, causing arguements that go on for pretty much the rest of the series)

Episode 25 has a Gohma Monster Cut Red Kabuto's mask apart. He gets depressed, but he fights the monster at sunset. The monster grows, and fights with Kabuteri-Oh and wins. The next episode has Blue Kuwaga practice his boxing for a gohma monster who teams up with the previous one, and they battle against the beetengers and they grow and lose to the mechs.

2 more fillers later, we get 2 robo army monsters finding a prophecy of the sun which predicts when the Planets are alined in such a way, Planet Morpheus arises from subspace. The next several episodes has Mother Gohma being revived, Gohma attacking a highschool, 3 rulers trying to take over Gohma. H. Meta tries to take over Gohma with the power of Heavy Metal. King Liquo, Who Turns Jan into Liquid Jan. Gaohm Jr. Who Tried to defeat the Beetengers and the B-Figters in a team up 2 parter. The Arc end with Gohma (revived again as Gohma the Great) defeat the Beetengers, Attack Tokyo, and get beat when Ling (who was part of the Armor Army) turns into White Tentou and Pilots Super Kabuteri-Oh and Skullman gets mad.

Episode 41's a clip show and episodes 42 and 43 are a tournament arc on Planet Fight to see who can be the Galaxy's true sentai team with Gohma hijacking it and losing. The Beetenger's prize was the team battlizer orb.

episode 44 was the christmas episode, and episode 45 is the start of the fianle arc with Gohma's 3 lower ranking generals getting Goldium Upgrades. Quinn creates a Bone Monster, and the battle rages on for a couple episdoes, and Quinn turns human one last time before dying. The next episode has Jan controlling a god statue and losing. he turns human before dying too. The next episode after that has the beetenger's heading to Planet Leo (Keiji's homeworld), and has Kabuto doing his final battle with Kint with Jocer joining in in his ultimate form revealing that he indeed was Gerry. After heading to Skullman's throne room in the next episode, Skullman reveals his godbeast. which he fixed up with some Goldium.  Acer Reveals his God Icarus Robo and Jocer Grows. The final episode finishes up the fight and they shrink back to normal size. Acer puts White Tentou into a coma, and the final battle ensues. The beetengers win, Kabuteri-Oh makes one last heroic sacrifice to defeat an emerging Planet Morpheus, decide to stay on Leo and the series ends.

Closing Thoughts:

What Did you think of this pitch? Would you change part of it? How would you write the fillers? How would you make the Monsters? Let me Know...

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