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Wizard's adventure in Harry Potter Land... Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land: The Movie review (My 300th Blog!)


Wow 300 blogs,...


*Ignoring* I didn't think I would get that many in the almost 5 years I've been doing this. Heck Long ago, I didn't think I would turn this into an obsession. I've got almost 32,000 views on the 300 blogs I've done. I don't know how much of you like my blogs, but if you actually read even just one of them, that means a lot to me. So let's talk today about unpopular opinions, we've all got at least one, my big one is me overrating Kamen Rider Wizard. It's not the best rider series, but it's one of my favorites, considering I've got a good selection of rider series to choose from. /s Yeah, wizard was the first Rider series I watched while it was airing. it got me into Kamen Rider like I did, It got me into currently running Tokusatsu, Heck it got me into tokusatsu costume designs. But what do I think of it's movie? find out today...


The Film begins as always with the Toei logo (WAVES AND ROCKS!!!!!), with the actual movie beginning with a cloud of colors flying through a city.Haruto races to the top of a building to save Koyomi. Koyomi is being held by a mysterious black and gold Kamen Rider. Haruto Henshins and the 2 riders fight. The evil Kamen Rider creates a world from Koyomi's body.


Koyomi and Haruto wake up when they see a weird tower because ever Kamen Rider Movie needs a headquarters for the villain. The title screen appears, and we get a world where magic is the norm and everyone's using it. They introduce themselves to the Earth-2 version of Wizard Regular Shunpei. The Group stops at the Traveling Transgender Donut Shop when a Phantom appears.


Haruto tries to transform, but AU Version of Wizard Regular Rinko Henshins into Kamen Rider Mage, and everyone in this world henshins into Kamen Rider Mage.

So this part's apparently a thing... HUH?

The Kamen Rider Mage Team beats the monster. Rinko Handcuffs the 2 visitors, and The Occult security council turn in Haruto and Koyomi. The king tries to execute Haruto, but Haruto defends himself. The AU allies bring our heroes to Earth-2 Kousuke after they tell about a weird and gold wizard, and he decides to join the group. after walking through the city, They bump into the antique shop, which is actually a magic ring shop in this universe. They try to convince the owner that they know him, but He's the AU version, so he doesn't know who they are. The owner introduces him to generic toku kid #483254823532, who's parents passed away, why does every tokusatsu movie need a meaningless kid, they don't add much to the plot and they're annoying. The 2 befriend him, and they now have to find him, but the phantom's found him first. The kid tries to fight them, while Haruto and Kousuke join forces, the fight with the kid who henshins and the phantoms goes as well as you'd expect. the 2 main riders henshin and fight the 3 regular Phantoms of the series, with Wizard pulling a Zelda four swords and Beast going hyper. The 2 riders enter the kid's underworld, and fight an escaping horror with it ending with them RIDER KICKING IT TO HELL!!!! The 2 riders shrink and ride their PlaMonsters to the Palace.

Funny thing is after I watched this movie, I caught up on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure where I watched an episode where the Stands Shrunk... Funny how this world works.

The 2 riders sneak through the Palace, and disguise themselves. They get to the a Door, when...

The Skittles Commercial from Super Bowl 50... Yeah...

They seduce the mosaic, and they find an evil contraption in the following room. they learn the truth about the Mana distribution system, it's being used to drain people's lives. the 2 Riders escape when the King finds them. Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast battle against Kamen Rider Sorcerer, The Black and Gold Rider from earlier. He seems to have Killed Beast, and The King turns the whole city against Haruto when he tells the People about he dangers of the Mana Distribution System. Five Kamen Rider Mages chase after Haruto. This is rather showy chase scene, just to show how far Kamen Rider Action Scenes have came. The Whole Town attacks Haruto. but not before his bike explodes. The Kid defends Haruto from a team of Kamen Rider Mages, and the the allies battle against the villain rider team. Kousuke appears, explains how he survived, and henshins to fight against the villain rider team. The King pulls the lever of his contraption, causing an explosion of Mana. The king explains his tragic past, and phantoms are being created. Sorcerer appears, Detransforms, teases us with his monster form., and exposits his evil plan. Koyomi uses a deus ex machina to stop Haruto's Phantom from Escaping. Haruto breaks the King's ring, both riders henshin and fight. Wizard style changes a few times before going Infinity.


The 2 riders kicks collide with Wizard's winning causing Sorcerer to explode. and the world to disappear. The 2 heroes wake up in their own reality, and various hijinx ensue as the credits roll ending the film.

This was a fun story, with interesting ideas, great drama, but it wasn't as strong of a story as The Wizard TV Series.


The Villains this time around are Orma, and Maya. They're the dictators of this Magic Land, Orma is actually Kamen Rider Sorcerer, who looks really cool with a Black and Gold look. He does have a phantom form, bu it's pretty much wasted here, only appearing for a few seconds, and it doesn't help that nothing really else stands out about the villains.


It has a more cinematic feel compared to the TV series, but it looks ugly, though it is low budget probably. You can tell that Toei planned a director's cut of the film (especially with Drake Phantom only being in a few seconds of the film), but for whatever reason didn't follow through. Also Gaim's not in this movie, further proving this movie was unfinished...


This Movie's unfinished, but not all that bad. as far as Kamen Rider Popcorn Entertainment, you could do far worse. I give this 2.75 Kamen Rider Mage Wizard Rings out of 4.


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