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BIIDORO BOODORO!!!!! Gosei Sentai Dairanger review REMASTERED!!!!

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Originally on ScrewAttack 12/21/2015

This is an updated version of the Dairanger Review I did a few years back, complete with reflections, spellcheck, and up to date pictures and translations from the Shout! Factory release, also support the Dairanger DVD Release if this review peaked your interest. Also be weary of spoilers. Anyhoo here's my Christmas present from me to my G1s on screwattack (and now on my main blog thanks to Dairanger being officially streamable on ShoutFactory's website)...

"The Sinister Gorma wields the fearsome Yo Power. The Only thing that can stop it is Ch'i Power. You have the power inside of you."
"Ch'i Power Transform!!!!"
"Ryuu Ranger, Heavenly Fire Star, Ryo!!!!!"
"Shishi Ranger, Heavenly Phantom Star, Daigo!!!!!"
"Tenma Ranger, Heavenly Gravity Star, Shoji!!!!!"
"Qilin Ranger, Heavenly Time Star, Kazu!!!!!"
"Houou Ranger, Heavenly Wind Star, Rin!!!!!"
"Mythical Summon, Mythical Ch'i Beasts!"
"Warrior Change!!!"
"LETS FIGHT, Mythical Ch'i Beast RyuuSeiOh!!!!!"
"The mythical Chinese secret power is yours. Shine in the heavens, Five Stars! GOSEI SENTAI DAIRANGER!!!!!!"
Did you understand any of that? No? Good. TIME TO WATCH A REVIEW ALMOST A YEAR IN THE MAKING!!!!!

Author's Note: This review started production in 2012 and teh original version was released in June of 2013


The story begins with a little boy, just like every other toku that isn't GARO. Some guy is on a bicycle doing deliveries or whatever. This is our leader Ryo of Heavenly Fire Star. He's followed by a mystery man, who I'll explain later. He's cleaning up a mess he made when...

Ummm..... No Comment

This as you might figure out is a monster. It takes a girl into the ground. The tentacle tries to take Ryo when a dragon comes in and sets the monster back away.

It grabs him and takes him to an underground area. Everything's out to get him when he finds 3 other young men near Tokyo station. They go back to the underground and find Master Kaku, who's our Zordon figure of the series. he tells the team about Ch'i Power and Yo Power. He shows of some of his Ch'i Power.

The three men reveal themselves to be Daigo of The Heavenly Illusion Star, Shoji of Heavenly Gravity Star, and Kazu of Heavenly Time Star. Kaku tells the four young men about the Dairangers. The first 3 main villains (who are Gara, Shadam, and Zydos) meet at a cargo ship. A mystery girl (Who's Rin of the Heavenly Wind Star) is walking at the harbor when she sees an bunch of bikers, they chase after her, she uses some Ch'i to defend herself, and she meets the four current heroes and then...

Tour De Gorma

These are our footsoldiers, Cotpotros they chase the Dairangers some more, more people become them and then they find the kid again who turns into...

An Illuminati Monster... Yeah.

You know... This reminds me of what I did to Yoshiette just the other day.

Anonymous Yoshi: RARRRRRR..... I'M THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!

Yoshiette: HELP!!!!!! *Faints*

Oh good times. But anyway... This is Baron String one of many Gorma monsters, He ties the five people up and when he's about to defeat them, Ryo does a CO CO CO CO COMBO BREAKER!!!!!! They henshin and do their roll call.

The Dairangers Ladies and Gentlemen.

They show of their martial arts and some Ch'i techniques like this...

This is an attack where Ryuu Ranger attacks with Lightning and Fire. He frees the kids but It's not over because he's got an enlarging bomb, and...

The monster grows and beats the Rangers up. Master Kaku's levitating In front of a Red Dragon in an alternate dimension on green screen. When Ryuu Ranger summons RyuuSeiOh, The sky turns dark, and he rides on the dragon.

The next episode the RyuuSeiOh goes into warrior mode and fights Baron String.

RyuuSeiOh VS Baron String.

It defeats Baron String with the Great windmill slash. After that fight's over Zydos releases Purse Priest out of a bag. A kid sees other people playing basketball, he comes across one of the players who kidnaps him. Shoji Chases after him (Who's actually Purse Priest). He henshins, and tries to fight him but fails. Kaku tells the Dairangers about a Gorma Ceremony called Biidoro Boodoro. He tells the Dairangers (save for Shoji who will b training) to Go find The Gorma Hideout. While they search Rin Gets abducted. Shoji Gets into the Hideout Metal Gear Solid Style and Gorma sets up the execution Ceremony.


When the Executioner almost cuts off Rin's head (yeah I Know, Violent), Shoji Distracts him, and cuts off Rin's Mask. They fight some cotpotros and free the kids. The other Dairangers join. They fight footsoldiers using more Ch'i techniques. When Purse Priest Is about to use his enlarging bomb he gets trapped and then...

Yeah... That happened. The very next episode, we see yet another Child abuser (for lack of a better term, and spoiler alert that's not the last one in the show) stealing children's souls and putting them into puppets. This is our next monster of the day Key Jester. One of the kids he manages to steal his soul his kid of the day for this episode, and later takes his sister. Daigo tries to take on the monster but fails. The next episode after that, the puppets are attacking the city by doing dangerous pranks to the people. Master Kaku sends the five to ancient China to learn more about the Gorma and the Legendary Ch'i Beasts. They fight the puppets again with daigo being sent to a different dimension. After fighting Key Jester in his human form and some cotpotros they get into a fight scene where they show off their weapons like multi-sectioned staffs, Nunchucks, Twin Swords, spears, staffs, and Ch'i attacks.

I wonder if this door leads to a Graveyard.

After a that and a Ch'i Power Bomber, the kids are free and that leads us to next episode. Lipstick Songstress gets striked in the face with Houou Ranger's DaiRen Rod. She grows, and It's Mecha time. RyuuSeiOh loses and they have to find their Legendary Ch'i Beasts. Before that they fight Lipstick Songstress again only to get their asses handed to them again. Rin gets transported to ancient china leading into next episode. The four Male Dairangers go to china with her and Rin fights the monster again. Rin Finds the Tenpou RaiRai Jewels and RyuSeiOh is awakened after being beat by the monster. When the Dairangers Henshin, RyuuSeiOh goes into warrior mode, But Lipstick Songstress does her deadly song, making the Dairangers' job more difficult. Rin uses her wind powers to get the rocks away from the jewels so the DaiRangers can get them. The Dairangers use More powerful versions of their Ch'ii attacks with their Legendary Ch'i Beasts, and to finish the fight, The four other Legendary Ch'i Beasts combine and form the Heavenly Ch'i Palace.

Finish Her!!!

And after the girls she controlled turn to normal that ends the episode. The story continues in the next episode where a bishop introduces to Gorma Iron Mask ChouRyou (Who's Ryo's Father). The Chinese black knight like man proves to be too much for the Dairangers. He can use Ch'i Power and Yo Power. He kidnaps 3 of the Dairangers, and Kaku tells Ryou and Shoji about the original Dairangers. Kaku battles a ChouRyou Mono y Mono. When Kaku's defeated, Ryou Battles the enemy. When ChouRyou is about to defeat him... Cliffhanger...

The Priest reveals himself to be Archbishop Saw. He sends the rangers to another Dimension and hands their asses to them. ChouRyou fights the High Priest, but Dies trying.

One of the most Tragic scenes in Dairanger. :'(

Before he dies He tells the Dairangers that they can use their Legendary Ch'i Beasts to combine into the DaiRen'Oh. The monster grows giant, The DaiRen'Oh is formed, fights at the setting sun, and uses it's finisher like an old fashioned samurai movie.

DaiRen'Oh wins, Flawless victory, FATALITY!!!!

At the end of the next episode, Daigo sees a Peacock he keeps seeing turn into a human named Kujaku, which leads to a storyline that takes up some episodes. She's one of the Ch'i Power/Yo Power users the Dairangers will see to overcome trials which we'll show in the characters section. So a few Fillers later, we get a two parter which is more or less trying to sell toys kids can ask their parents to buy, the DaiRinKens, which are wheel's they can fire at their opponents, still this introduces Rin's Grandfather (who puts a sword in a stone), and Gorma Triumvirate's metal forms. The episode after that introduces The Three Gorma Stooges (Company President Tombstone, Teacher Telephone, Boss KamiKaze), who serve as Shoji's rivals/what Kujaku is to Daigo (and Again we'll discuss that when we get to the Characters).

After another Kujaku Episode, The story continues with Kaku discussing with Rin's Grandfather about Kiba Ranger's upcoming birth. So as you might of guessed, This is the Episode that shows our Sixth Ranger. The Heavenly White Tiger Sword calls upon a young boy named Kou of the Howling New Star. He's kind of a troublemaker, but he's a DOD DERNED KID!!!!! He meets Rin and...



YE: Help?

Author's Note: That Joke was relevant at the time, though not many people got it I don't think, Though It's probably for the best...

At a temple, Shoji grab's Rin's bag that Kou Stole. When they try to find Kou they bump into 3 monsters. Ring Priestess, Necklace Priestess, and Earring Priestess. They fight and Akomaru and Denpou Shogun (Kid and his Guardian) arrive. The other Dairangers appear. Akomaru fires an arrow at the sky and sends everyone back to the regular dimension. The 3 Priestesses turn human and transport away. Kou and Akomaru stare and Akomaru and Denpou Shogun Leave. The Dairangers tell their Master about Kou. Akomaru, Denpou Shogun, the 3 Priestesses, and The Gorma Triumvirate have a meeting. Kou is in Rin's apartment, steals Rin's keys and goe on to find the Heavenly White Tiger Sword. But Necklace Priestess is watching. When the 3 Priestesses get to the shrine, Kou's already there. Rin Fights them but It ends up as well as most round ones in monster fights. When the other Dairangers Join, The sky turns dark. Kou pulls the sword from the stone and becomes...


The sky turns back normal, He tries his powers out, and scares away the villains, Ending the first part of this story arc. The second part begins with Kiba Ranger pranking others. The five main rangers are talking about who Kiba Ranger is. Kou moves in with Rin to her shock. Gorma discusses their plans to find Kiba Ranger, Kou goes to find his mom at Tokyo Station, the Priestesses are messing with boys to find Kou. Kou yells at Rin, and gets caught by Earring Priestess. We learn more about Why Kou has a tiger mark on his arm. The Dairangers fight the Three Priestesses. Kou later joins the battle. Kiba ranger goes Mono y Mono with Earring Priestess. He beats her with Ch'i, and she later dies, ending part 2. Onto part 3, Kou meets a new girl in class, Hiiragi Kasumi. Akomaru came with his cronies to expose Kiba Ranger, But Qilin Ranger and Tenma Ranger hid him. Kou fights Gorma, but goes to meet the girl he met. He has fun at the carnival. Kasumi tries to introduce Kou to her "mom" but she abuses her. The Next day Kou goes on a walk with Kasumi, but Lady Necklace Priestess steals her and A fight scene happens with this when Ring Priestess appears. Kou chases after her sister, but comes across Kasumi's "mom". The battle goes on and is won for now. Next in Part four...

It's true, Gorma is the Illuminati.

That's Gorma's Palace. We get Introduced to Gorma XV. They talk about the 6th Legendary Ch'i Beast. Kou later goes to a warehouse to save his girlfriend. He finds out her mom is leaving her and revealed to be part of Gorma. Kasumi is revealed to be Akomaru. Kiba Ranger Fights Ring Priestess and the Dairangers fight Necklace Priestess. The Necklace monster grows and fights the DaiRen'Oh. She gets destroyed. Part 5 has Kou looking up to the stars, Wishing his mom was with him. Akomaru and Shadam are plotting, Kiba Ranger Runs away from the Dairangers, but later gets joined by them. They henshin and Ring Priestess reveals she can make copies of her sisters. Shadam takes Ryo, and Kaku explains to the other Dairangers the plan. Kou and Rin are finding Ryo, and Akomaru gives a call to them. When the two find Ryo He's being executed. The other Dairangers arrive and they fight when there's an earthquake. In the final part of this story arc, They're still fighting, Ryo's freed and Akomaru's planning to stop the new Legendary Ch'i Beast from being born. Meanwhile Raita from Jetman, I mean.... Kameo Is putting turtles in the water when he sees a shooting star. When The Dairangers do their ceremony Won Tiger is Born. Kiba Ranger is Fighting with his new Legendary Ch'i Beast and it transforms into warrior mode. It fights Ring Priestess some more and gets owned at the end. Akomaru shows Kou his mom and kidnaps her. RyuuSeiOh is riding Won Tiger and jousting with it.

Kiba Ranger gets back into the Legendary Ch'i Beast and...


It defeats the 3 Sisters ending the Story arc. A few More Fillers Later, here's a two parter that's like an R-Rated Bruce Lee Flick, Complete with F-bombs and Bloody martial arts (AUTHOR'S NOTE: There apparently aren't any F-Bombs, ONORE TV-NIHON!!!!!). To sum it up, This guy flips a coin and then kills his opponents with martial arts. He's a Master of disguise and he's Jin. His henshined outfit reminds me of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. There's a monster in this 2 parter, but he's not important in comparison to him. He's so powerful Ryo needs training to defeat him. But anyway onto the next part of the story...

Gorma XV calls up the Gorma Triumvirate to tell them they're being replaced by the Gorma Four Deva Kings. Meanwhile, Kameo sees Kazu at a Ramen cart. Kameo tries to help Kazu out but Gorma appears. The Gorma Four Deva Kings are gathering people for their ceremony. Among these People are Akomaru, Kujaku, the 3 Gorma Stooges, and Jin. Kameo has a Gem that has awesome power. The Dairangers enter an alternate dimension and fight the Gorma Four Deva Kings. They prove to be to powerful for the Dairangers, When they do eventually beat them They fuse and grow. When the Dairangers do summon their mechs, They have defeated them for now. The Gorma Four Deva Kings are Revived and Kameo turns into a turtle. In The Next Part. 3 of the Dairangers find the Fast Talking Wanderer. They fight some foot soldiers, The other Dairangers join, and the Fast Talking Wanderer turns into a monster. He throws bombs that explode unless the wielder repeats a tongue twister. Kiba Ranger tries to take on one of his Tongue twisters, but Kou's Mother appears. He chases after her and unmorphs when a bomb explodes. Everyone figures out Kou's Kiba Ranger. Kou's Mom tells everyone why Kou's identity as Kiba Ranger was Secret, apparently He's Supposed to turn into a Gorma. Kou along with a bunch of other kids are mining for a great power, meanwhile Rin's Grandfather introduces a new weapon, the Ch'i Power Bazooka. kazu tries to find the Turtle Jewel, while the other Dairangers are fighting the monster. Kazu Later Joins them, but the monster takes their weapons with his fishing rod. Kameo turns into a turtle again, and The Gorma finds the great power, ending the second part. The Dairangers continue to fight the Fast Talking Wanderer, they win for now. But the team checks up on the status of the Ch'i Power Bazooka, Kazu Searches for Kameo, but to no avail, and the kids are still mining. Gorma finds Hell's ReiRyoku and uses it to be stronger. The Dairangers arrive to the undisclosed area where Gorma's keeping the kids. Shadam grows. It should come to no surprise that the Dairangers are underpowered compared to the Gorma. RyuuSeiOh plugs the hole that gave Gorma that power, The Dairangers go and fight the monster and they get their weapons back. The Ch'i Power Bazooka has came...

It destroys the Monster. Kameo turns back to human, but Gorma XV is fishing something from the ReiRyoku hole. In the Final part of this story arc, Shadam puts a mask on Qilin Ranger. Gorma XV gets Akomaru out of the hole. Kameo is apparently a Super Legendary Ch'i Beast. Kazu is going mad. Ryo Takes Kazu's Tenpou RaiRai Jewel to make the Super Ch'i Power Bazooka with the other Jewels and the Turtle Gem. The cannon is first used to take the mask of Kazu. The Bazooka is later used to Destroy the Gorma Four Deva Kings when they combine. But they grow and Mecha fight starts. They're more Powerful than before, until DaiMugen is born. The fight continues, DaiMugen goes into Warrior mode. RyuuSeiOh enters the robot and recharges. The Heavy Armour Ch'i Palace is formed and Smashes the Gorma Four Deva Kings.

In a seemingly Filler, we Learn about Kujaku and Gara's grudge, which we'll touch on when we get to the characters. In the Next two Parter we get Introduced to a dragon that flies near the moon (known as Daijinryuu). Kou turns on the Dairangers while a monster is destroying the city. The Daijinryuu is flying over the city, and Ryuu Ranger goes and investigates it. It goes into Warrior Mode. It's trying to Destroy earth, because of the Battle against the Humans and Gorma, hell, It destroys the monster attacking the city. Kaku makes a Ceasefire agreement with Gorma. While he's in the process of that Daijinryuu is beating up the mechs. When the Ceasefire Agreement is made, Daijinryuu leaves. Kou is wandering, and we learn Kaku has a secret we'll learn more about. The next 3 episodes are the last full appearances by Jin, Three Gorma Stooges, and Kujaku respectively. Nothing to see here for now.

Akomaru Summons Ikazuchi, an Insect Monster, to protect where he's keeping Kou's mom. Some kids are playing soccer when they see what they think is a dinosaur footprint. They find the place Kou's mom is hidden, then the monster attacks. They tell Rin when the Monster attacks her, She Henshins, and fights him. The other Dairangers Join. Houou Ranger goes and gets Kou's mom, Ikazuchi Grows. RyuuSeiOh arrives. When a Lot of Ch'i Power and Yo Power is used at the same time, Daijinryuu Returns. All hell breaks loose when Won Tiger is fighting for the other side. Rin is given a ring, the sky turns dark, and Daijinryuu is causing destruction. Master Kaku investigates the problem. Later, The Dairangers use the Tenpou RaiRai Jewels to activate the ring. We find out Kou's father is Shadam and his brother is Akomaru. The Dairangers arrive to the scene of the crime, but a fight scene starts, Obviously. Ikazuchi grows and the robot scene is back, but Daijinryuu is back. The fighting continues in Part 2, But before the Dairangers can defeat the enemy, they retreat with Shadam taking the Heavenly White Tiger Sword. Daijinryuu controls the humans so they can try to kill themselves. Kou's birthday is December 24th, as you might now this is the Christmas Episode. Akomaru is exiled from Gorma, after a failure to keep Kou's mother Hostage. Kaku finds the Heavenly White Tiger Sword and gives it to the Dairangers.The Dairangers, Kameo, and Kou's mom run to Kou To save him from transformation. Akomaru combines with Ikazuchi, and fights the Dairangers. Kiba Ranger fights the Dairangers with the monster in the next episode. The fight quickly elevates to a Mecha Fight. Daijinryuu is sending people to their doom. Akomaru is about to destroy the Dairangers when his mom convinces him otherwise. Kou's back on the good side, and Shadam is killing Akomaru. Kou's mom is reviving her son, after that happens, she's being squashed by rocks. Akomaru unites with his mother one last time before both of them die. The Heavy Armour Ch'i Palace Smashes the monster and Daijinryuu leaves leaving people to return to normal. What follows is the one of the most touching scenes in the whole series.

After that scene, Kaku makes a deal to Shadam to disband the Dairangers, and there's some Christmas stuff ending the episode.

Still... A better Love Story than Twilight.

So the story starts to come to a close in the 45th episode. The entrance to the Dairanger HQ is missing, Kaku is looking at the setting sun, and remembering moments throughout the series. Shiryuu comes and tells Kaku to return to the Gorma tribe. Shiryuu is looking for a good place to put the Yo Power rod when the Dairangers fight him. It goes just as well as every other first round of each fight in the series, when they try to destroy the Yo Power rod...

A mystery red figure deflects the blast, It turns out to be Master Kaku, now Chief of Staff Kaku. He tells the Dairangers to Disband. The Dairangers aren't too happy about it, but Kaku sends Shiryuu to eliminate them. The Dairangers are still trying to Find the entrance, in which they do, but the place is deserted. Shiryuu is placing a Ch'i Power rod somewhere. He keeps attacking civilians pissing off Shoji, forcing them to henshin. Kaku asks Kou and Kameo, to give him their Tenpou RaiRai jewels. The fight continues in episode 46. Even turning into a Mecha fight. DaiRen'Oh kills Shiryuu. Kaku is actually a Gorma. He gives the Dairangers time to think about disbanding. They confront Kaku but he's just too powerful, wiping the floor with the Dairangers even when transformed, None of their attacks seem to work on him. When they try the Super Ch'i Power Bazooka, it works, but Kaku has a more powerful attack. He takes the Dairangers Jewels and changers, ending this episode. The Dairangers are leading normal lives in the next episode. Rin's ring glows, Kameo turns into a turtle, The Three Stooges are cheering Shoji on, and Jin bumps into Ryo. Zydos is sent to destroy the Ch'i Power and Yo power Antennas that Kaku set up. At the YouRyoku antenna Daigo talks to Kujaku. The Dairangers reunite, and Zydos attacks. They charge at Zydos, but he's stronger. Kaku will be versing against Shadam to decide the next Gorma Emperor. They do a roll call untransformed, to protect the Antennas. Zydos is too powerful for them, and both contenders get ready for the fight ending the episode. Shadam Kills Denpou Shogun. The fight is about to begin. The Dairangers are still protecting the Yo Antenna. The fight for Gorma XVI still goes on, when Kaku seems to have won, DOD DERN IT, MORE PROTECTING THE YO POWER TOWER!!!!! But this time all hope seems lost until, the allies of the series give the Dairangers their powers back. All the Dairangers henshin, but Zydos Grows, so the rangers call their mechs. Gara destroys the both Antennas, weakening Kaku. Zydos evolves into his more volcanic form, but DaiMugen joins the fun. The Heavy Armor Ch'i Palace shrinks Zydos, and he turns to mud. Shadam kills Kaku and the Dairangers come and investigate. Kaku dies ending the episode. In the penultimate episode, the Dairangers go to Gorma palace. Shadam declares his rule and the Dairangers are attacking the imperial guards. Gara goes on to fight Daigo and Rin on her own. Shadam tries to get the Daichi Douten jewel from Gorma XV, but he sees Shadam as inferior. Shishi Ranger and Houou Ranger are still fighting Gara, and Gorma XV Turns to mud. Ryuu Ranger, Tenma Ranger, and Qilin Ranger Destroy the metal replicas of Kaku and Shiryuu. Gara is about to kill her opponent when the Dairangers use Ch'i to defeat her. The real Gara Makes the fake Gara turn to mud before going back to heaven. Shadam Uses his Jewel to turn into the real Final Boss of the series...

Gorma Emperor XVI

It looks like he's wearing clothes too big for him, but he proves to be a big threat for the Dairangers, wiping the floor with them. Then Daijinryuu is destroying the Gorma Palace, but that doesn't stop Shadam. So the Final Episode has come. 3 of the Dairangers go in and save the other 3. They Use their Jewels to combat the Gorma emperor. Kaku tells the Dairangers to stop fighting, but the Gorma palace crashes to the ground. All the Jewels are gone but the fight continues. Shadam tries to kill Ryo with a Knife, but Ryo does a reversal, and Shadam turns to mud. Everyone gets away from the big explosion, Daijinryuu Leaves, and the heroes leave off to the sunset. The Dairangers disband for real this time. I could talk about the rest, but I won't be a total jerk by spoiling it. but here's a taste...

That was such a good story, a true successor to the Greatness that was Jetman, If you've not seen it do. It has humor, action, drama, all the works.



Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star/Ryuu Ranger is the Bold headed leader, He's always willing to charge into the problem when it gets bad, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's the best on the team. He has a tough time whenever he sees Jin, but that's his most powerful opponent. Ryo is Based on the Dragon. Daigo of the Heavenly Illusion Star/Shishi Ranger is the second in command and and the second strongest team member. He's kind of cocky at times. His love interest is Kujaku, basically she has to find something that'll keep her alive after she started dying. She used to be Gara's best friend, but Gara trapped Kujaku in a mirror. She looked for the peacock tears, but when she does find them, she uses them on Gara and dies. Daigo is based on the Lion. Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star/Tenma Ranger's the comedy relief, he wants to be a boxer, doing everything in his power to do so. He really wants to compete with others, Which causes him to meet the 3 Gorma Stooges, Gorma that also serve as comedy relief. He competes with them in games to try to be equal competition. Shoji is based on the Pegasus. Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star/Qilin Ranger is the sexy sharp dresser, probably the blandest character out of the five. He just doesn't have any reason to be other than to be eyecandy for the female audience, Give him a freaking love interest and he might be a more compelling character. Kazu's best friend is Kameo, who really other than kind of being Ninjor meets Titanus, was really Just there. Kazu is base on the Mythical creature known as the Qilin (Google it). FUN FACT: DID YOU KNOW THAT THE ACTOR THAT PLAYS KAZU IS ALSO BLACK BEET FROM JUUKOU B-FIGHTER, AND HIS TWIN'S BLUE BEET? Rin of the Heavenly Wind Star/Houou Ranger Is the girl. She's not one of the best female senshi, but she's not bad by any means, What matters is that she can act like a big sister to Kou who's the most annoying SON OF A BITCH SENSHI I'VE EVER SEEN IN SENTAI!!!!!!! Rin is based the Phoenix. Kou of the Howling New Star/Kiba Ranger Is The Kid, who has a huge crush on Rin, You know this relationship reminds me of a young kid who's name was ***** who had a crush on ********, then they started a secretive friendship and was obsessed with her until he ruined it for himself. *hides in corner in Feedle Position*

Author's Note: Keep in mind that I was pretty upset at Kaylyn/MarzGurl at the time of writing this, so of course I had to vent about it here...

5 Minutes Later

Master Kaku's the badass mentor, He can defend himself at probably an old age. When we find out he's a traitor, He's even more badass, he can combine Ch'i Power and Yo Power to make powerful attacks.

Shadam is my favorite character in the series. He's just so badass, and has a lot of story to go around, from being Kou's father, to his fight with Kaku. Come to think of it, There's a lot of Star Wars references in this show, from one of the tracks, to Shadam being like Darth Vader. Gara also has a interesting story, see the part where I talk about Kujaku. Zydos, well is the Muscle, not much beyond that, He's kind of the Kazu of the Villains.

The real interesting part about the characters is seeing them interact together, seeing all the different relationships between them, making it the show's main strength.


One of the tracks sounds like the imperial march, which might be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. The DaiRen'Oh is like the DaiZyuJin/MegaZord in design. It has elements of Shonen anime Like Dragon Ball, YuYu Hakusho, and Fist of the North Star, Martial arts movies, and Chinese Mythology, I'm a big fan of Shonen Fighting anime... THAT'S NOT BLEACH OR NARUTO! So I like the elements they're throwing in.


If you're into Shonen anime (like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or YuYu Hakusho), Martial Arts movies, or looking for a good sentai to start with, look into this one, I give this 3 and three quarters Gorma third eyes out of 4.

Author's Note: Yeah, naive me, I gave this series only 3.75 out of 4, when really it's my favorite sentai of all time, but in my defense, It was a rash reaction with Kou being annoying and all.

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