Saturday, May 7, 2016

My quick thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

There's no way this can be as bad as Batman V. Superman, Right? After all Marvel's better at this stuff than DC is...

Short version, It's way better than Batman V. Superman, Which is kind of scary since Marvel apparently can't produce one single major dud in their films. What's the plot? The government is pissed at the avengers for all the destruction their causing, so the UN passes a law that controls them. The sides are split and a full out war starts. T'Chaka is killed at a meeting in Vienna, Which is believed to be Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, so his son becomes Black Panther, and a whole criminal conspiracy is unveiled involving Helmut Zemo. It does slog a little at parts, considering it's trying to do too much at once, which has been a problem in a lot of Superhero media lately. Batman V. Superman, Daredevil Season 2, Avengers 2, even Kamen Rider Amazons (we'll get to you someday). Even then the plot made me think and had a lot of intrigue (Both things that other vs movie wanted to have, but just couldn't pull off). The newcomers are interesting, including Black Panther (who will potentially get more interesting in his own movie), Spiderman (who is a bit to young for the part, but I do like seeing his suit on the big screen, and he'll again get interesting in his movie too). The villain is okay, but I could hardly tell what scenes he was in since he was so generic. The presentation is where this film really shines, with great action scenes, a riot of superhero battle royale, with one liners up the ass and Ant-Man becoming Ultraman. It's a damned good superhero movie that you have to see for yourself. I give this 3.5 Spidermen out of 4.

If you're wondering about the Power Rangers movie photos, don't even ask, in other words, they suck...

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