Sunday, May 1, 2016

Geek Grub #3: The DEWcision 2016 Flavors of Mountain Dew

This year's election year, and if you see me doing election coverage, Rock me, Sock me, Pick me up, and Drop me... Yeah this year's not the best election, but It's my First election, and It's very possible it'll be Hillary vs Trump. There's a much better election in the horizon and it's DEWmocracy Thr... I mean DEWcision 2016. The 2 Flavors are the Taco bell Favorite Baja Blast and Constantly returning and discontinued on and off flavor Pitch Black. Which Flavor is better? Which Flavor has a better chance of returning? Find out today...

I already made my thoughts on Baja Blast clear over a year ago, but in case you missed it...

<<<<<< DNIWER

Baja Blast is a Sea Lime flavored dew, and unlike the other Lime Flavored dew, You can actually tell it apart from regular Dew. Some say that it tastes like cough syrup, I think it's got as smooth subtle Lime taste to it. I recommend it to try it in cans or bottles rather than at Taco Bell because it's too sweet there. It's my third favorite flavor only behind Livewire (orange), and Throwback (real sugar), Go get it while the going is good... Thumbs up.

Now onto my thoughts on Pitch Black. HISTORY LESSON: It was released in 2004 for the Halloween season, then again as a more sour taste in 2005. and back to normal in 2011 for a limited time in the summer. It tastes like Grape soda. Sweet at first, then offering a taste like grape juice afterwards. It Tastes like candy, in a good way, because it's not as strong of a taste as Sangrita Blast. It's a powerful taste without being too powerful. If you like sweet dew, I recommend this over Baja, but whatever flavor you choose is up to personal preference... Thumbs up.

Which flavor do I recommend? It's a hard one, But I prefer Pitch Black. It's got more flavor to it, and is a strong flavor at that. But Who will win the Dewcision? Pitch Black... Why? Because Baja blast you can get anytime (Taco Bell, you'd better not get rid of this flavor after this competition whether it wins or not), but Pitch Black hasn't been available for years, so people've got a nostalgia itch going. Don't take my word for it, try both flavors for yourself. I've wanted a Dewmocracy 3 for along time, and This is kind of it... Right? Ah Screw it...

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