Sunday, May 1, 2016

Open Letter to Nintendo...

ATATATATA!!!!!! 3-HIT COMBO!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Nintendo...

I'm done... I'm just done, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! We keep praying to Arceus, Din, Nayru, Fayore, and whoever the deity (or deities) of the Mario world is, we've been more than patient, but you've shown time and time again that you don't want to grow up. You pretty much have no presence at E3 this year, which could be the only time to show shareholders and fans that NX won't be a fluke, but nope it's just Zelda, That's it, THAT'S F**KING IT!!!!! No NX, No other games, NOT EVEN DEMOS, you really have lost touch of your fans. You learned nothing from the blunder of last year's E3 Nintendo presence. Oh yeah NX is also releasing in spring, you know there's a reason Spring is referred to as a dead zone for consoles, and it's especially compounded by the fact that Tax season's close to March. You also built up Zelda Wii U for 5 years only to say "Oh It's also coming to NX..."Are you that sick of having customers? Say what you will about Sega Saturn's launch, at least it had an E3 Presence before it's rushed launch. You know, The N64 (which was your first big miss as far as 3rd parties and gamers) released in July of 1996, The Famicom came out in July of 1983. So this seasonal rot era has been going on for 20 years (OUT OF 33). To paraphrase MrEnter, I know this is hard to hear for some, including you, The Big N, but YOU'RE not on life support anymore, YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'VE PROBABLY BEEN DEAD SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WII U DROUGHTS!!!!! You have a choice on how you want to spend their afterlife, you could be like Sega, living as a zombie, not breathing and put together by Duct Tape and Glue, or you could be like Konami and continuing to do desperate things just to make a profit, sinking to lower and lower depths, but knowing you're recent decisions, Including a live action Pokemon Movie, and Copyright takedowns, you're probably going with the ladder. Look I love Nintendo, and I don't want to see them go like my other favorite games company Sega has, because once Nintendo goes, a huge part of my gaming fandom goes with it, But it's becoming more and more likely that we're getting a second Wii U, for reason's we can only assume. I hope I'm wrong, but Nintendo's following sort of a narrative, and it isn't a very good one.

  Someone who's words mean jack all...

PS: F**k Everything. That is all.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it..." - George Santayana

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