Thursday, August 30, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Part 3

Before we begin, Let's talk about the post I submitted to TGWTG Secrets on Tumblr. It's pretty much an exact word from word carbon copy of my Jesuotaku Free Car Rant, and some actually reblogged that post with interesting things to say. One said that JO missed the call for Suburban Knights, but refer to this line:

"Maybe it was from Last year, She did say she didn't check her mail that often. "Yeah only once a year or less." But still, What the HELL!!!!!"

Another couple said thought it was funny but humor is Subjective and I don't want to treat some opinion like fact. One of those 2 or 3 said that the reviewers intelligence levels are messed with. I suppose that's valid, Doug doesn't know all the reviewers that well, but they must of all watched the anniversaries. With that said, let's get to the review.

Be sure to READ PARTS 1 AND 2 FIRST!!!!

The video begins with the Daft Punk reject saying "See the dream, Build the dream" while the pattern from the Tron movies is flashing. It turns out to be a dream from CR, and he starts drawing the blueprints from the dream when Jesuotaku comes. Which leads to another word game, Running Gag much? They combine their drawings to form blueprints. We cut to Paw filming a Vlog IN SPACE!!!! NCritic's ankle braclet is removed. Phelous still wants to cut his arm off. Jewwario reads a book called Tao of Takei. Snob is teaching  Luke to review Z-grade Movies. Mechakara comes and still no one notices, But hey this movies filled with plot holes, it's a running theme.

Next shot is JO and CR building what they saw in their dream. Jesuotaku gets ELECTROCUTED and becomes Ed from Cowboy Bebop. She becomes ******* INSANE!!!!! JO modifies CR's visor to make him more like Jordi from Star Trek. Back to Zod and Terl, they lose track of the Critic's and decide to turn the spaceship into a house. They get a traitor to join their side. Zod makes fun of Terl's full name and we learn he's an immature bastard. Back on the ship, NCritic is messing around with the oxygen settings half-asleep. We get a long and drawn out scene that sets up the love triangle between Todd, Lupa, and Nostalgia  Chick. Snob and Luke are discussing the plot, friendship, and other related bullcrap.

The next moring, NChick is eating coffee beans while uploading a 3GB review. JesuOtaku tells NChick that Mechakara is hogging the bandwidth and she goes upstairs to tell him that he's using too much bandwidth. Mechakara is contacting the villains of the miniseries. Nostalgia Chick FINALLY notices something weird about Mechakara, but it's too late. You know, it's kind of a shame that Chick couldn't have used here feminine fighting moves to beat Mechakara, but for plot convenience, that's what you get. NChick get's MUTILATED in that fight. Film Brain tries to explain what's going on but that's interrupted by Lindsay turning into a Seven of Nine (from Star Trek: Voyager) look-alike known as Seven of Eleven.

Jesuotaku plays catch with Sage with a thermo-detonator. Lupa tries to explain the plan to Seven of Eleven when she leaves with Mechakara to do unexplained crap. Meanwhile Zod and Terl have a slightly amusing bit where they argue for a bit before heading to Europa. The critics reach Jupiter, and Marzgurl explains where Europa really is. 8-Bit Mickey Explain where in Europa Spoony possibly is. Sage argues with Nostalgia Critic for a bit about if he should go on the moon of Jupiter. SadPanda joins with Sage to go on Europa. Phelous wants to be captain of that extrusion and has a little arguement with NCritic to go with them. Damn, Phelous is ARROGANT!!!!

Sage, Phelous, and Panda go to Europa and find Spoony. Sage wakes up Spoony from the shipping and handling sickness he got from being in that box he was in. Spoony finally realizes he had Ma-Ti's character in him. The croitics are ambushed by Zod and his bigger house. That ends part 3.

While not as good as part 2 it's definitely miles better than part 1. Most of the episode is conversation but it helps move the plot. Plot holes are a running theme here so that can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. The series stays at a 3 out of 4.

It just get's crazier from there...

Read the rest of my series next.

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