Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Part 5

Now that we got to the half way point, a quick word from our sponsors. 

Apparently no body wants to sponsor. @$!#!!!!! Well we can start with a recap of the previous 4 episodes...

It all started with... Ah screw it. Read my previous 4 blogs for that stuff.

Part 5 begins with Last Angry Geek listening to one of Zod and Terl's ramblings in his X-Wing like vehicle. He argues with his little robot about the robot's girlfriend, WHICH WILL HAVE NO SIGNIFICANCE TO THE PLOT WHATSOEVER!!! Back on the USS Exit Strategy, Luke whines about the loss of his mentor (Cinema Snob), and Film Brain discusses it with him. At some undisclosed location, Snob is laying in bed when he meets Christopher Clod of the Motion Picture Association of American Artists (MPAAA), Just what this film needed, MORE POLITICAL PARODIES!!!! They discuss his past and his life as a critic. They have a discussion about SUOCKA, The MPAAA's Obsolete business model, and Brad's dream as a potential filmmaker. As general Ackbar said... well you know.

NCritic looks at the endless reaches of space with cicadas playing in the background... For some reason. FB and NCritic discuss the plot more. Lupa and Todd discuss why the torpedoes are offline an Shadow Todd goes to Linkara and NChick's room. Todd raids into the room and Turns into a robot. Lupa calls Critic to go see if there are traitors on board, and we learn Todd turned into Robocop, YET HE STILL DOESN'T BELIEVE THAT LINKARA, LINDSAY, AND TODD ARE ANY DOD DERNED DIFFERENT THAN USUAL!!!!!! Spoony is asleep with a Dream Amplifier on his head. JesuOtaku also Invents Power Enhancing Rocket Boots and uses them on Paw. SadPanda discusses what the device actually does.

Panda and CR starts the machine and Film Brain investigates Spoony's Perception, and we get Spoony's fellow producers Insulted. Mechakara insults Linkara but still nobody notices it. PB then investigates his Super Ego and we just had to get another random scene that's super disturbing especially towards the 20/30 something male movie geek this is trying to appeal to. IT'S SO DOD DERNED DISTURBING THAT THE ONLY 2 FEMALES WHO I ASSUME ARE IN THE ROOM (JESUOTAKU AND MARZGURL) DON'T EVEN REACT ON CAMERA!!!!!!!

Meanwhile in some other location in the house, JewWario and Obscurus Lupa try to access all the internet activity aboard the ship. In that same time Brad sees Clod watching some kind of obscure movie absolutely ******* NO ONE HAS HEARD OF!!!! The movie is Manos: The Hands of Fate. Clod and Snob discuss the movie they're watching and they discuss Change the conversation Uwe Boll (The Ed Wood of modern times). Linkara get's out of the trap he was set up into. Film Brain keeps searching for Spoony's subconsciousness in his brain. FB finally finds it and there's a vision of the plot hole. Ma-Ti introduces himself  again to Film Brain and the plot continues when Todd and Seven of Eleven lower the ship's shields ending part 5.

Man, oh man was that dissapointing, This part was boring and there's nothing to show from this part other than a few tired jokes. The series goes down from a 3.5 to a 3 out of 4.

Will this get any better, or is it disappointment and anger from here?

Read the next few blogs.

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