Friday, September 14, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Part 8

This. Is. It.

The big end. We reached this far, but will it be any good?

As always, Read the previous 7 parts before reading.

So the finale begins with the executor starting to fire his Death Ray. The laser is about to fire with most of the crew in shock. but when it's about to fire, it fails. Luke says that he and his crew put sugar in the laser banks. DOD DERN IT, DID THEY EVEN TEST THE LASER BEFORE USING IT!!!! What follows is the start of a tribute  to Star Wars Episode VI when Skywalker battles Vader, but as you'll find out later, it just isn't as exciting as the actual scene, but hey did I expect so? The space ships keep on fighting and the crew is in dire peril, Terl boasts about his vengeance, and Film Brain goes back to the dream amplifier. He talks to Ma-Ti, and the Critic ends up in our world, I'll get to more on that once we get closer to the end. It is here where NCritic opens up Doug Walker's Laptop and finds a script for a film known as To Boldly Flee.

Back on the Death Bomb, Luke and Darth Snob continue to fight and... OK, Why does the inside of the Death Bomb look like another house in some areas? Couldn't greenscreen it, Doug? To worried it would look too fake, Mr. Walker? Back on subject The fight continues for a bit, They argue a bit, they get back to fighting. The USS Exit Strategy is close to destruction, and it fires it's red shells. They aren't strong enough and JesuOtaku invents a blue shell. JO gets electrocuted and reverts back to normal from her Radical Edward outfit. She doesn't know anything anymore. CR, JO, and Paw go do surgery on a blue shell.

Back on the real world, NCritic meet who played and created him, Doug Walker. He explains what the hell is going on to his character and what To Boldly Flee is. Ma-Ti blasts Film Brain out of his way and get's PISSED!!!! Darth Snob explains to Luke about the dark side of the plot, and the battle continues. Luke slahes Snob's lightsaber out of his hands. Luke tries to kill Snob but he throws his lightsaber and talks with the Executor. The 3 working on the Blue shell continue as the ship crumbles. Mechakara Accesses the Enemy Ship. Doug explains more to Nostalgia Critic about what's REALLY outside. 

Ma-Ti explains more to FB about the Critic's fate. Sage goes into BEAST MODE and becomes Tetsuo (From Akira). He does battle with Ma-Ti. The Executor tries to destroy Luke but Snob saves the day and sends the Executor Flying and saves Luke. One nitpick i have with this scene is that Snob's face is unchanged, I mean COME ON, IT WAS SUGGESTED THAT SNOB'S FACE WAS CHANGED!!!! Mechakara OWNS ZOD by hitting his head on the couch. Just when the Good guy ship is about to explode, Linkara bring in his own ship and Fights the Bad guy ship. Terl fires his cannons and hits Linkara's ship. The USS Exit Strategy Fires a blue shell at the enemy and sends it to the Death Bomb. The enemy ship crashes on the Executor. Luke, Snob, and Linkara go back to the ship. Sad Panda activates the Grenade in Mechakara and destroys the death bomb along with everyone in it.

Doug Explains the Fate for Critic and at first he start to go to the outside world, but he goes and apologizes to Ma-Ti and tries to help him. Ma-Ti then disappears. The plot hole get's closer, closer, and more unstable to the USS Exit Strategy. It looks like the crew is screwed. The Daft Punk Reject (Sorry but the term Power  Ranger is reserved for Master Chief) is revealed to be James Rolfe. OK, if i can get a little of topic, I wonder what kind of Archfiend (Hopefully he doesn't block me for telling a Joke) or Cheetahmen II related schemes he was involved to while he was the Daft Punk Reject. James explains what to do with the plot hole. He contacts Nash of Radio Dead Air. NCritic explains how to make the plot hole bigger to stop it. They have to point out as many inconsistencies as possible. The Critic reminisce over their first review. and enter the plot hole.

James says good by to NCritic, and goes ahead and merges with the Plot Hole. The Critics end up back where they fought Malachite over a year ago. They come across Santa Christ (Just Go with it), and he brings  them Spoony. Is it just me or Does he sound different from usual, He sounds more like a Sexy man/Alec Baldwin type. There's a Group hug and Dr. Insano explains the final bits of the plot. The video ends with a party, and this is a scene that has to be seen to believed. The Critic, Last Angry Geek, and a picture of Anakin Skywalker appear as ghosts, and the Nostalgia Critic returns as a god ending the Film.

This blog was long enough as it is so the conclusion will be next blog.

Oh and stay until the end. Just Saying.

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