Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Part 7

Yep, We're almost there, just bear with me for a few more days and I promise something different from that moment on. Also I might do another explanation blog to explain the future of this blog (again). With that said (and apologies for not making this intro as clever as the previous ones), LET'S GET TO IT MAN, AND AWAY WE GO!!!!

As always, read my previous 6 blogs first.

So Part 7 begins with Luke in one of Doug Walker's Guest rooms. I know, it's supposed to be some alien planet, but it doesn't look a thing like it. Last Angry Geek tells Luke to go find Master Oan, To learn the ways of the plot (Just go with it). LAG tells Luke he had to do it just because Film Brain wasn't available. On    Zod and Terl's Ship, They discuss with the executor their evil plans to finish the Death Bomb, Have parties, and Treat their screenwriters like CRAP!!!! Back on the "Alien Planet", Luke finds Oancitizen (Arthouse film reviewer, I don't care for him) and negotiates with him to be his mentor. Oan puts on his Yoda ears and decides to give Luke a long explanation of the ways of the plot. Considering Luke only has a few minutes, Oan gives him a Syringe that tells Luke the ways of the plot. We then get a montage of (possibly public domain) films with Oancitizen explaining the ways of the plot.

After that bit, the love triangle between Todd, Lupa, and NChick before MarzGurl explains the Crew's plan to Penetrate the Death Bomb, and to get the plot hole. Phelous explains the plan more, and each member of the crew save for NCritic contribute something to the plan. NCritic is to busy pondering about something. Near the Death Bomb, The enemy crew have a quote on quote "Party". Yep it's just them sitting there. The next thing they do is get into battle position.

Back on the Good Guy Ship, They execute their plans and Nostalgia Critic is out of position. He having a problem about what his meaning of life is. He talks about it with Film Brain and get's into his battle position. Film Brain worries about the critic and Luke Mochrie tries to get him to beam him to the Death Bomb (Which FB does). Film Brain and CR switches positions. Zod brings Apples to Apples for the "party" when his two friends from Krypton come. They seem to be the entertainment but they don't want to do Jack Didley Squat. But eventually the get ready to sing.

Back on the Death Ball, the Executor and Darth Snob also get into their battle positions, and have a discussion about Crystal Pepsi and why the Executor doesn't like it. Luke Mochrie Appears out of the middle of nowhere, and get ready to fight. Back on the enemy ship Music starts playing and Angry Joe as Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid) and MarzGurl as Major Kusanagi (from Ghost in the Shell) appear to have a ******* Shootout. NCritic goes to the plot hole in his Car (Just go with it). The two who went to penetrate the enemy ship go to the control room while shooting down more putties. Critic has a dogfight with Terl with his spaceship. Once the putty patrol get's to much for them to handle, both of the mercenaries go into stealth mode. Marzgurl owns some more Mooks. Once Marz and Joe access the control room, CR explains how to overwrite the ship's systems, more guards come in, and a grenade explodes on the foot soldier. The final showdown of Critic and Terl happens (Look for the hidden reference), but critic runs out of   ammo. It looks like Terl has one, but The Daft Punk reject comes to the critic's aide and BLAST TERL OUT OF SPACE!!! The two mercenaries retreat and the enemy ships aim for the critics house. The enemies destroy their own armada and Terl isn't dead. Film Brain and Spoony discuss the plot more and the Executor  Explains his plan more to Luke. After an arguement with the Executor and Luke about what a Bothan is, The  war continues while Phelous avoids dying 4 times and NCritic goes into the Plot hole, ending part 7.

WOW, WHAT A DAMNED GOOD EPISODE!!!! The action was great, the effects were great for a web video and it almost blows the 4th part out of the water. The series goes up from a 3 to a 3.5 out of 4.


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