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An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Part 4

Previously on: To Boldly Flee...

The Spaceship...

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So part 4 begins with Terl trying to access the spaceship and the three who have Spoony trying to get out when the "putty patrol" catch them. Back to the house we get Zod, Terl, and their "Putty Patrol" transmiting to access and destroy their enemies house. They say their getting sugar but we all know what their real plan is. The critics have to lower their shields to give them the sugar, Which Seven of Eleven does. LUPA FINALLY REALIZES SOMETHING FISHY ABOUT MECHAKARA!!!! It took 4 DAMNED PARTS TO FINALLY GET 2 DOD DERNED REVIEWERS TO NOTICE MECHAKARA!!!!!!

Terl raises his shields and beats up The critics house with lasers. They get out using a barrel roll but most of the ship's destroyed. Zod and Terl talk to the critic to surrender, and the 4 who are on Europa are revealed to be captured. Terl gets one of the "putty patrol" members to try to kill Phelous, but he appears to be immortal. He dies but comes back to life back on the ship and explains why. Terl makes a speech but it's muted. NCritic informs his crew that he's going to Europa. Jesuotaku invents power enhancing energy gloves. She gives them to Critic.

Angry Joe transports to the bad guy's ship, and kills the tactical weapons officer. NCritic appears in his Judge Dread outfit and SHOOTS THE GOONS WHO ARE KEEPING THE HOSTAGES IN EUROPA!!!! CR transports the hostages back to the ship. MarzGurl takes in command of the ship and tells to get the weapons back online. NCritic is taking out rest of the goons. Is it just me or does NCritic's helmet not fit right. Critic tries to teleport but the beam isn't working properly. It eventually does, Terl get's a new tactical officer and Zod tries to read the manual for some macguffin ship part.

The Nostalgia Critic ends up in a field. and has to fight the "Putty Patrol" (You'll understand why I call them that when you watch the video). Terl and Zod try to read the manual but it's too difficult so they open up the french speaking video tutorial. Critic gets saved by the daft punk reject. He puts on his power gloves and starts attacking those mooks. Put some Power Rangers fight music on and see how well it fits (No seriously, it does (Or even this The batter runs out for the gloves and the Critic is back to good old ASS KICKING!!!!

Zod gets the video tutorial translated by Benzaie (another French oddity, Reviews obscure games). JO gets huge ass gun that shoots 9000 volts of power, and CR sends it to NCritic. The gun drops on the ground, and   Critic Races to get the gun before the foot soldier get's it. In that time, they fight to see who get's it, a slightly disturbing scene which I will not explain the exact details of happens, and we get another bit in the ship configuring stuff. Critic get's the gun and starts disintegrating the foot soldiers. We get MarzGurl getting people to configure settings on the ship and the gun overheats. The gun lands in the wrong hands and it starts disintegrating more foot soldiers. The Critic finally transports elsewhere and Terl is on Europa. You know, that Europa look nothing like Europa on the surface, Did they blow the budget on effects and didn't have enough money to make Europa look more realistic. COME ON, GIVE ME 300 BUCKS AND I CAN MAKE A MORE CONVINCING SET!!!! NCritic ends up on the enemy ship and has to transport back. IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!! We FINALLY get Critic back at home base, and So does Terl but he gets the welcome wagon and he returns to his home base. Cinema Snob get's kidnapped and The bad guy's flee away, Ending Part 4.

Well, This. Was. GREAT!!!! It had great tokusatsu style action, Higher production values, and the Stakes were HIGHER!!!! The series goes up from a 3 to a 3.5 out of 4.

It sure is going to get even crazier from here.

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