Saturday, September 15, 2012

An In-depth Dissection of To Boldly Flee: Conclusion

You know what the hardest part of of these blogs are? Time. Look, Unlike most bloggers who think of their ideas ahead of time, I do it as the blog goes on, which leads to inconsistencies, misspellings, and not using ideas I planned to use. Unlike most of my fellow reviewers who take notes as the movie goes along, I keep those notes in my head until they're used, Which makes me miss Critical stuff and coming up with stuff that's incorrect, Hence the reason my Hunger Games review was weak. I need to find time to make my blogs and do everything I wanted to do for that particular day. Let's face it. I'm Not Professional, I'm the definition of a Z-Grade Internet Nobody. I know my work can improve, I just don't know how. This is the reason my previous blog didn't have this part. With that said, Let's get to what you want to Hear.

Read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 first.

Let's get started with this, To Boldly Flee was a good movie, Not as good as say, The Avengers or even most above average movies, but it can be enjoyed it's own special way. Be honest, It started as a web video, so it doesn't look like other films with bigger budgets. If this was a theatrical release, Doug would be laughed out of the theater. That's why films like Birdemic and The Room got oh so bad reputations. All three films had similar budgets but one was better than the others. Am I saying you should buy the DVD? Hell no. Well the DVD is better than the Kickassia or Suburban Knights DVDs, just because it's the better overall film, but is it Good enough. It's essentially a commercial for TGWTG, much as The Transformers Movie (1986) and the Power Rangers movie was for their respective franchises. Be honest here, does Doug Walker Have his own TV show? Does he advertise his work outside of the internet, aside from interviews in business Magazines? No.

The story has a lot of problems, but part of  it is probably the Plot hole, But part of it is because Doug can be compared to Tommy Wiseau in a way. The main problem with his work is that I don't know if he wants his work to be So bad it's good, As good as an actual film, or both. It's confusing, but it works in it's own special way. Back to the story, It's essentially tributes to other films, while not being as interesting as the films  it's trying to parody. Internet parodies can be just as interesting as what it's trying it parody, but some how it's not as interesting, It's better than Freidberg and Seltzer though. Another problem i have with this is that the SUOCKA side plot WENT NOWHERE!!!! All it did was create 2 references that I didn't care for. it could have created interesting story possibilities. But that would have created to much plot. My last problem with it is that there's to much characters in this film, and they give little to no introduction to these characters. However the production values are great, and when the film is good, it's GREAT!!!!

This is a hard film to recommend for regular audiences, if you want some thing similar that's a million times better, go check out Apollo Z. Hack's A Reviewaverse Saga. It's not complete, but it works out. Speaking of, The whole TGWTG Universe, Reviewtopia Universe, Reviewaverse, real world, Atop The 4th Wall, etc.   Universe mixed together can create interesting posibilities for future reviews for reviewers. I Recommend this for Hardcore ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Enthusiasts. Since I am one (To an Extent), I give this 3.5 plot holes out of 4.

Next time... Kamen Ridenodlfsnjeuisdeufis...



Well, I found this out just last night. NCritic is going to cancel his regular run on his show. So it looks like we lost another relic of the Reviewaverse, But stand with me, The Reviewaverse Will Never Die.  Sure Doug Walker has pretty much Retired from Nostalgia Critic (Which I Have mixed feelings About), Spoony's Gone from TGWTG, D2Brigade's Gone, and AVGN got Involved with a deal with devil in a CheetahMen II Pyramid Scheme, But as long as there's crap to be riffed, The Government and Hollywood Doesn't Screw with Our Internet, and someone is watching, The Reviewaverse Will Never Die.

Next time... Kamen Rider Wizard. See you then.

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