Saturday, April 30, 2016

My quick thoughts on Garo: Crimson Moon...

If there's one anime from the past 5 years that comes to mind when talking I didn't see talked about when it was new and still wasn't talked about during or after the show came out, That anime would be the first GARO Anime, Kind of a shame, because it wasn't that bad, just that nothing stood out about it. I gave that anime an unashamedly positive review when the anime was done, but how does it's successor Crimson Moon hold up?

It's essentially more of the same. It didn't really make any major improvements over the first GARO Anime, in fact it makes a few big steps back. The CG got worse and more stiff. which makes the best part of the first GARO Anime, the action, kind of null. It still has the confusing plot, which has Raikou as a Makai Knight in the Heian era of Japan, who has to to become more independent as a Makai Knight. In the meantime he finds a political conspiracy much like the FIRST FREAKING ANIME!!!!! There's also monster of the day elements, but it's a GARO Series, so expect a bunch of horrors. Raikou sets of a group containing the Makai priest Seimei, The young kid Kintoki, and the Super Macho Fujiwara/Zanga. Yeah the characters are pretty much the same as the LAST FREAKING SERIES!!!!!!! What's with these GARO Series with similar cookie cutter plots? I liked MAKAISENKI, but it was essentially more of the same with the First GARO Toku Series from 2005. it changes very little from series to series other than Maybe setting... Yeah, I wouldn't mind more of the same if it made more improvements. Yeah, I'm done. This series gets 2.25 Crimson Moons out of 4.

If they somehow do make the same series a few months later but with a different setting, do you think I should review it? Tell me below, until then, let's hope the spring anime season can produce some gems...

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