Friday, April 29, 2016

My Top 10 Kamen Rider Final Forms


In 2000, Kamen Rider was Relaunched with one mission, To sell more Toys. After a dwindling Super Sentai franchise and the metal hero franchise being derailed, Toei and Bandai was in need for a new best seller. Their idea, relaunch Shotaro Ishinomori's baby, after the failure of Black RX, and a few movies in the 90s, Kamen Rider was relaunched with more toyetic items, like belts, weapons, New Forms, and later new Riders. The Final forms are where the big bucks are, so enough stalling, which Forms were the best? Find out today... One per series, no honorable mentions, so let's go...


With a spider web on his chest, 4 primary colors (red, black, blue, and gold), and unleashing his true form using a cell phone, Ixa has a transforming cellphone that can be used as gun, much like Faiz. He has a great design. Some people might like Kiva's Emperor Form more, but This form introduced a sci-fi element to this primarily Fantasy/Horror Series, His henshin sequence was something to behold, and that's about all I can say about him.


This form may have a simple design, but it works to it's advantage, because there's just too much features to list,, 3 modes to the Faiz Blaster, Check. Using it as a transforming device, Check. Ability to contact a satellite for more firepower, Check. The ability to use his Gun as a sword, Check, Check, and SUPER CHECK!!!!! This form lives up to it's name, with most of the features based off the Faiz Blaster...


Isn't he good? Isn't he good? Isn't he great? Isn't he good? Isn't he good? Isn't he great? With a large sword that transforms into a bow gun, armored to the teeth, and a badass cape, he can definitely CATCH THE WAVE!!!! Deneb the Imagin makes a large portion of the body, he has a Gurren Lagann style visor, he's a badass, but not the best IN MY MIND!!!!! He has one of the best secondary rider Final Forms, he's ready for a Time Trippin' Ride, Dat sword of his, and his black and green color scheme, CLIMAX!!!!! He'll be there today and tomorrow, so be on the look out for him, so it's time for a CLIMAX JUMP!!! Isn't he good? Isn't he good? Isn't he great? Isn't he good? Isn't he good? Isn't he great?


Don't say no, Just live more! Don't say no, Just live more! The #7 Rider form's got move, he has silver shogun armour motif, with a bunch of fruits on his chest. He has a cool looking cape, and he can use various Armoured Rider Weapons, and his lockseed can connect to to the Kachidoki lockseed, and separate his armour to make this form. I like his rainbow colored visor. Others may despise this form, but he's just got so much going for him to hate it.


When all 52 cards in blade's deck are collected, he gets this awesome King Form. He has a badass duels word that would be perfect for playing Yu-Gi-Oh (if Yu-Gi-Oh was even a thing in Kamen Rider). He has a spade with a Hercules beetle inside on his chest. His gold color scheme also helps make his design look really good. also did I mention his Gauntlet he can get cards from to use in his fights...


Big, Bad, BIG BAD BEETLE... BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS! BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS!!!! With a Gun That can Transform into a sword, and ability to contact the other Zecters. How could this not be on the list. His Final Form reminds me of Mega Blue Beet when it's in Clock Up Mode. This form upgrades Kabuto's look and his clock up form has wings, FREAKING WINGS!!!! It's all worth it for one hell of a final attack.


Kuuga was as basic as a heisei era series could get, but the penultimate episode had the OG Heisei Ultra power up. It sculpts in Muscles, gold accents everywhere, and his helmet looks cool. It may have a basic design compared to other Heisei Final Forms, and it doesn't have a weapon, but it doesn't need to be super elaborate to be cool, My oh my, how far we have come from Kuuga, It's amazing...


W-B-X, CRIME AND THE... S**t, Already did that joke. This form had a prism motif and a sword and shield (Like a lot of Sentai Mechs). His Prism center looks cool along with the Xtreme Memory on his belt. His Weapon could use up to 5 Gaia Memories including the Prism memory. It has X and Prism all over the suit. His finisher could destroy the enemy with a slash of Flowing colors. His gold mode was also pretty good, but it was only in the movies.


AM-A-ZO... Wait... This should be a favorite for all Shin and Amazon Fans. It has a feel similar to the Guyver Zoanoid from Guyver 2. He has living organism written all over him. He's got organs outside his body. He's got a couple whatever that thing is on his chest and head. Best of all, he's got blades all over his body. His henshin belt also gets an upgrade that's worth mentioning. He's a living weapon that can Whoop yo ass...


Was there any doubt? #1 is from my most Nostalgic Rider series. It's the first final form of any Kamen Rider I gushed about. Where do I even begin? A Diamond/Crystal Body for one thing, and silver for everything else on his body. He has the power of all the styles preceding this. His sword was also an axe. He was pure fantasy throughout. I everything about this rider form. And when the movie came around, He turned into Infinity DRAGON!!!! And the team up turned him gold, That's FREAKING AWESOME MAN, I LOVE IT!!! It's just a pure badass form that should be on any list, Dontcha Think?

That was my list, I'm just as curious to hear about your top 10 Rider Final forms. Now excuse me, I'm going to defend home base from people upset I chose some riders over others, especially Wizard's Infinity Form.

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