Friday, April 15, 2016

My Top 10 Sentai Sixth Rangers

When 5 rangers aren't enough, there always a sixth one. They have their own personal sword, gun, or sword that's also gun, their own Mechs, and Multi colored suits. Heck ZyuOh The World has 3 major colors so He's 3 rangers for the price of one. And you all know this joke is coming...

Who are the best characters of this long running franchise in this category, Find out today... I'm not looking into Power Rangers Counterparts to judge their Characters.









He is Ninja of Ninja, The Green light bullet, Sky Ninja Shurikenger Arrives at number 10! Starting off this list is the Ninja with a rotating Visor, A Samurai sword that doubles as a microphone, and a shield that when removed offers a speedier and more powerful mode that can destroy monsters with the power of fire. He also gets points for not revealing his identity and staying in morphed or disguised mode for the entire duration of the show, also his morpher is a ball with a coin in side...


He starts out as a frog... Damn, Already used my one media clip, Insert Adam MMPR Movie I'm A frog clip here. Then gets a saint form and a Human form. He also has his ranger form with a cool looking design. He also gets a Genie Lamp where he can use a gun and fire a Genie in a bottle ba...

Yoshiette 1: Don't even start!

His mech is a train that can fire a giant flame at the enemy and send the monster straight to freaking HELL!!!!


Stealing the MegaSilver Powers from INET, He has a gun that transforms into a sword, and could transform using a cellphone. He started out only being able to transform for 2.5 minutes, but he fixes that, gets his own mech, and even disguised himself as a Nejiranger, He's a pure badass. He has gold accents throughout his body, and computer chips on his chest. He was so badass, he outperformed the Megarangers in his first few appearances. He also served as a second mentor for the Megarangers in the last few episodes of the series.


1, EMERGENCY! 2, DEKABREAK! 3, ACTION! 4, PERFECT! 5, GET ON! Number 7 is a badass in every single meaning of the word. His morpher with a motor bike handle is the weapon. He can Go ATATATA! He has a motorcycle with one wheel. and his mech is a motorcycle. I really like these white and silver 6th rangers. They just have an interesting aesthetic to them. He's not the last one we'll see on this list... #SPOILERS!!!!


He's an arrogant badass who reluctantly joins the team to stop the Ashu Tribe. He has a really good design, with blue chrome, orange accents, sirens on his head, Silver and black all over his body, and he has 3 rescue machines as his personal Mech. His main weapon's a staff, a metal detector, and a gun at the same time. He finds Sentai rangers throughout history to join his alliance in the VS Super Sentai Movie. He also has an interesting backstory.


KAMEN RIDER GOSEI KNIGHT, TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT THE FIGHT, KAMEN RIDER GOSEI KNIGHT, TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT THE FIGHT, SO LET'S RIDE!!!!!! He's a mysterious warrior who pops out of nowhere, and is actually a mech. He actually has a transforming sword/gun, he also has a Cellphone and vulcan header. They can all combine to destroy a monster with a powerful attack. He also has a mech mode where he can have 2 other mechs to form one super mech. He's a stoic badass...


He became evil by choice, and stayed that way until late in the series. He's a badass, has a red visor, a DragonRanger Esque shield, a badass abare mode, and gold accents. His main weapon was was a quill that could transform into a sword. He can also steal mechs and use them in his own mech. Spoiler: He dies, and his spirit helps out the rangers when needed. Back then Sentai had guts, DINO GUTS!!!!!! No Fake Deaths or any other BS like that.


If this was solely design, he'd be #1, but there's 2 more sixth rangers that are better than him. He has a sword that transforms into a gun, armour everywhere, and a tragic backstory. He can also grow big and combine with his starbeast. even when the title was passed, He could hold his sword like He-Man and transform, and he also got an axe that was powerful enough to stop Balban. He even leaves Gingaman to beat Balban on his own.


ZyuRanger may've been an average season, but DragonRanger made it all worth it. He has a dagger which was also a flute, The trademark shield, and his time on earth was limited, making it even more worthwhile to tune into Zyuranger each week, and even more after he died to see if he returned. There's a reason I like older sentai more than newer sentai. Burai was a badass, he even controlled a mech without piloting it. I miss older Sentai...


He's an arrogant hotheaded badass. He always wants to do things by himself. He had a gun That transformed into a sword, a mech he controlled remotely. The way he defeats his enemies is oh so smooth. He reminds me a lot of Gai Yuuki. His mech was unique for the series usual focus on time traveling spacecraft with it being a transforming dinosaur He has an all red and black design, and his Time Emblem was unique for the Timerangers. and to put in gift wrap, he dies at the finale. DAMN, POWER RANGERS NEVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!! He's everything I could possibly want in a sixth ranger, which is why he makes the number 1 spot in my countdown of sixth rangers.

That was my list. I'd like to hear your opinion, This was no easy top 10 to make, several rangers didn't make the cut. Next week. It's secondary Kamen Riders...

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