Friday, April 22, 2016

My Top 10 Secondary/Extra Kamen Riders...

Shocker comes marching on, an emissary from hell, The dark shadow comes after us, Protect the peace of the world! Go, go, LET'S GO, THE SHINING MACHINE!!!!! Rider... PUNCH!!!! Rider... KICK!!!! Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider. RIDER! RIDER!!!! when one rider isn't enough, there's always another rider or two, or five, or 12. This is my top 10 Kamen Riders of all time. All of them are from the Heisei era, because that's when secondary riders got interesting. one per series as usual, and I couldn't think of any honorable mentions, so Let's get on with the list.


With a cycloptic scuba eye, a great green, white, and black design, a wrist henshin device, and fluids running through his body, Yes, sir, #10 is Necrom. Sure he's more of a Chase ripoff than Specter was, but he's interesting thanks to his relationship with his brother. and his damashii changes are really cool looking. His standard eyecon is really cool looking and unique as well. His main motif was eye drops. He's low on the list because his journey in Ghost is far from over, so who knows where he'll go from here...


What kind of rider looks good in purple? The #9 Rider. Starting out as an infected monster with amnesia, this ultra fabulous rider can be a roidmude or his less infected looking rider form. He kind of looks like a nejire version of Double (those who watched Megaranger will get what I mean). He's a badass with a badass Crosswalk light axe and a badass Signal bike. I can't wait for the Chaser V-Cinema when it gets released by TV-Nihon...


L-I-O-N! LION! My #8 Rider's from...

Joe Tokugawa: OH MY GOD! Why do you talk Wizard every time you talk Kamen Rider?

Yeah, I'm a fanboy for wizard, It's not High Art, but none of these series really are, It's just Wizard is a love it or hate it series. Beast initially debuts as real goofy, but he does get more serious when he sets up an alliance with Wizard, he has as word that can fire up to 6 Chameleons, Dolphins, Eagles, or Buffalo with a dice wheel, a cool looking gold and black color scheme, a belt that opens and looks like a championship title when it does, and a cool looking Final Form. His rings are also cool looking. I really love Wizard.


The Joker of Hears debuts at #7: He has a cool looking visor, a mantis motif, and a cool looking final mode. He has a great twist to him that makes you question who you can exactly trust. SCREW YOU MA-TI, HEART CAN BE AWESOME!!!! Blade has 4 riders to chose from, 7 if you include the movie, but my favorite is Chalice, He's all heart.

And my one obligitory bad joke for this top 10 is complete.


Yes, I'm aware Decade isn't the highest of rider series, But It sure had one hell of a secondary rider. His body looked like a Vent, He had a gun for a henshin device, and an iPad for his super henshin device. He was a badass. In the Shinkenger Crossover special, he merged with a monster and became McFarlane-Worthy, and for newcomers to my blog, McFarlane-worthy means it can make an awesome action figure.


I love it when riders look metallic like this, his Masked form has a honeycomb scheme on it. He had a great design to him. He Had 4 different users growing stronger with each passing one. The last one actually had a secret to him I'd dare not spoil. His weapon and henshin device was a stinger he attaches to his wrist. It's also a robot bee. This is one bee who you do not want to sting you, because if he does, you'll know it...


2 Yellow Riders Back to Back? Why not. He has multiple users, but has one main user unlike TheBee. His henshin device is a cellphone, for better or for worse. This Guy's armed to the teeth, binoculars that can be used in a Rider Kick, a Knuckle weapon, a transforming Bike Mech, a lightsaber that's also a gun, and a accel form that's never used in the series, though I wish it was. Besides, how many tokusatsu heroes do you know that have their own holiday? His is on 9/13.


This rider gets bonus point just by being a Transformer. His belt is a motorcycle handle. He's an all red rider with blue eyes. His weapons a sword that you can insert a flash drive in and use to make a more powerful attack. His second form also resembles the Guyver. That mode can go super fast. Not to mention he's one of the first secondary riders to get his own FREAKING V-Cinema release, before Gaim or Drive riders.


I love the Gashapon nature of this rider, he can open one in his henshin belt, and even use his henshin belt like a gashapon machine. his weapons all amounts of cool, Since it's a Bazooka that fires coins in rapid succession. He can use various armaments to fly, grab more coins, and various other uses. Oh, did I mention that he looks like iron man inside the helmet. complete with computer stuff inside the helmet.


A green suit, a card reading gun, a minotaur mech, and a Robocop feel, the #1 rider is badass, macho, and his civilian form is a lawyer. He has one of the best designs in all of Kamen Rider, can be sort of a D*ck at times, and is the ultimate definition of an antihero rider. He does become more of a good guy when the series comes to a close, but that's not important. Also did I mention he has cancer. It make you want to win the Rider War to help him get the money to help him get out of the crappy situation he is in now. All the riders have their reasons for being in the rider war, and some of them have their reasons are real deep, but Zolda may be one of the deepest, This along his various cool attacks and cool design gives him the #1 Choice.

Those were my favorite secondary Kamen Riders, Do You Agree with Me? Probably not, but debate and discussion are always welcome, and get that rider feeling ready, because Next week, I talk Final Forms of Kamen Riders.

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