Saturday, April 16, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: A Live Action Pokemon Movie, WHYYYYYYYY?!?!


Awwwww hell, Do I really have to let you know what I think of this even being a theoretical thing? Oh what the hell, I guess I do...

So Nintendo and the Pokemon company are auctioning off the Live Action Film Rights to Pokemon. I admit when I first saw that headline, I thought it was an elaborate joke, but Nintendo ain't kidding, They want their first foray into the world of live action films since the Super Mario Bros Movie Flop to be a game that has to many surreal, quirky, and cartoony elements to actually work. I have to compliment them, there's far worse choices they could've gone with, but when the highest comment I can give this decision is that there's far worse decisions, that's not a good sign. So what's going on? Nintendo actually auctioned off the movie rights to Pokemon to 3 different studios; Legendary, Warner Bros, and Sony. I'm not going to judge who they picked since film studios are capable of a whole lot of types of Films, bud where I'll judge them is here: HAVE THEY EVEN PLAYED A POKEMON GAME?! I Know Warner Bros actually handled the international releases of the first 3 Pokemon Anime Movies, but may I ask Why? WHY WOULD THEY SELL THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL?! Just to make a quick buck off of Pokemon fans both young and old... I always said you can make a good movie out of anything. I've also said in the past that there's no such thing as bad Ideas for movie only bad executions of ideas for movies (yes I'm well aware Moviebob said both those things first, but I said it too), but a line has to be crossed somewhere, and this is it. Right now I'm seriously wondering what's going on in Nintendo's heads right now, because they must be all coked out, Maybe I could be wrong, and this film could kick all amounts of ass, but Right now, I doubt it. There's just a terrible Track record with these things, and Pokemon isn't really Live action movie material.

Pray this movie doesn't suck, and also pray we start seeing great video game movies within our lifetimes.


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