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My Top 10 Sentai Mechs

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Soldiers of five-colored mask!!!! BURN SUPER SENTAI SPIRITS!!!! These mechs have been the Pinnacle of Super Sentai. Whether it was due to their design, Great use in the series they've appeared in, or a combination of the two factors, these mechs have stood the test of time...

Honorable Mentions:

Build Dai-Oh (ToQGer):

Plezu-Oh (Kyoryuger):

SaiDaiOh (Gekiranger):

KillerOh (Abaranger):

Dekaranger Robo (Dekaranger):


With the Mark of a Ninja Star embedded all over this mech, the #10 mech shows that the power of the Ninja is Indeed Strong... It starts out as a helicopter, but transforms into a ninja that can use a bee spinner, or a grappling hook spider. This can combine with the other ranger's mechs to be used as a wind cannon. When it combines with the other 2 mechs, it creates a super mech that can blow an enemy straight to hell with a powerful hurricane.


Fly Now, This mech is #9, It comes from Machine Buffalo!!!!! Fly Now! Jump! Jump! Jump! It can Protect all life on earth, Fighter! Fighter! Fighter! It consists of Jet Falcon, Land Lion, and Aqua Dolphin! It uses it's Chojyuken to Protect the shining future! Hero! Hero! Hero! It resembles Senpuujin from Hurricanger, but is much less bulky! Combine!!This mech has a classic look and uses 3 primary colors! Jump! Dash! Live Robo!!! Has an Excellent Sword and Shield! Jump! Dash! Live Robo!!! Super Live Crash! It will be there today and tomorrow... In all Seriousness this mech is an oldie, but it's a definite classic.


Piercing through the milky way, Oh legendary blade, This mech is... #8!!!!! This Mech Starts out as 5 giant living animals, then into 5 robots, and into a bullhorned Mech. It has wings that can detach and turn into a crossbow, 2 beast heads on it's shoulders, and a legendary Blade. It can also get a V chest plate and a crown in super armour shine mode. The Blade can also turn enemies into stone and destroy them.


5 Bright Stars, Fly across space, to beat evil forces!!!! It has the same name as the Power Rangers Counterpart. This mech can breast fire (a la Mazinger Z), Fire a rocket head at the opponent, and also with Mega Wingers Wings. It can go go go Fly!!!! Take off to the earth, from the silver moon!!!! It was a classic 5 piece mech, but introduced after the Transforming Galaxy Mega. It's an explosion of color, and it's time for CHANGE!!!! One of the 5 individual mechs is actually a robot!!!! How much More awesome can you get? Well...


While this mech is superior to a similar mech which'll appear later on the list. I don't prefer this over that. It has a single color scheme for each of the three modes (yes this thing has 3 modes), It has full body use in it's cockpit with a sword navigation stick. It has a cool looking 3 bladed sword in Alpha mode. and the toy had little cockpits for mini figures of the rangers. Also Alpha Mode has a green chest thingy...


V R V, V R V, V! R! V! Fi-i-ight! Fi-i-ight! KEEP ON FIGHTING! The #5 Robo will bring Victory! IT WILL NOT LOSE! IT WILL NOT LOSE! The individual Robots have Humanoid Modes! This Robot will use it's 2 invincible cannons on you! V R V! OUR VICTORY IS ABSOLUTE! VRV ROBO! Go Read my Carranger Review To learn Why VRV Robo is so Awesome...


STIR UP ALL YOUR GUTS, HARDER AS IT GETS!!!!! THE #4 MECH WILL NEVER EVER GIVE IT UP, IT'S GONNA SAVE YOU!!!! It has a staff that can fire a rocket. It can use Victory Robo's sword. and It dual wields weapons and uses galaxy shine mode in the Gingaman Team up movie. It's Power Rangers equivelent toy even changed very little, if at all. It was one of the things added a sci-fi element to GoGoFive...


This is a classic mech that has a Voltron feel, It is very similar to Time Robo. But I prefer it to that due to it's color, ability to combine with Jet Garuda to make cooler combinations than with time shadow, and it's bird emblem on it's chest. It even has a great sword and shield with it. I'm pretty sure it (at least the toy), and fire it's fists. It has a very anime super robot feel. There's a reason I featured this Robo on my background of my blog...


It's the transforming white tiger mech of Kiba Ranger. It has a sword, it rarely used. It can fire elemental balls, though I only seen it with Fire, But it can combine with the other ch'i beasts, Sans ryuuseioh, but it makes up for it by giving it a ride in robot mode. It has a very technology aesthetic inside and out. Though we did get a living beasts transforming into mechs with Gingaman. As much as I hated Kou, His mech was pretty Awesome.


I admit I thought Kakuranger was an average series, but It wasn't all bad. It had the #1 Sentai Mech of all time. It resembled a japanese castle. had shapes representing the Kakurangers everywhere. It had gold and black everywhere. It resembled a samurai too. It had 5 individual humanoid robots combining. It had the Japanese kanji for Shinobi on it's chest. It had a gold sword that doubled as a fire sword. It could even give it's sword to the Kakurangers for them to use a powerful human sized attack. It's an absolute crime that the Shogun Megazord painted the white Shogunzord Pink and I WANT the Legacy version of this toy to paint it the right color.

So that was my Top 10 Sentai Mechs, What are yours? I enjoyed the conversation the last time i had a Toku related Top List. Maybe wee can make lightning strike twice? Right?

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