Thursday, April 21, 2016

Goodbye Ninninger, Hello Zyuohger

In honor of Zyuohger existing, Here are my top 5 jokes I can make about the series...

Zyuohger! Zyuohger! The Legendary Warriors! Zyuohger! Zyuohger! A Hope that runs through Dimesions! DOBUTSU SENTAI ZYUOHGER!!!!

Dobutsu Sentai Legohger!

Eagle, Shark, Lion! Eagle, Shark, Lion! Our spirits are blazing too! Follow the sun! (Sun! Sun!) Catch the Sun! (Sun! Sun!) TAIYOU SENTAI... SUNOHGER!!!!

Press A, Then A+Quarter Circle Down-right to do KING SWORD ZYUOH GIRI!!!!!

It's been half a year since the trademark was filed, and I still want a bug themed Sentai. #IMSOENTITLED *Trollface.jpg*

Now that Ninninger's done what did I think of it? I liked it... It's not quite as good as Jetman, Dairanger, or even Gokaiger, but It's not seasonal rot era worthy either. Some say it's better than ToQGer, but I'd go as far and say It's a lot better than Kyoryuger. It has the perfect balance of Comedy and Drama. Yes it's not quite to classic Sentai levels yet, but even then I doubt Sentai will ever get to the classic level sentai series. The Closest it came to said level was Gokaiger Enough rambling, Let's elaborate. It reuses the ninja motif of Kakuranger, and Hurricanger, but it has fun with he concept, putting in Tokusatsu alumni like Ninja Red, Shurikenger, and Jiraiya from Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya. The only thing it's missing is Henshin Ninja Arashi much in the same way Kamen Rider Drive is missing Robot Detective, but whatevs, gotta show the new toys, right? This is a Sentai other Sentai need to learn from, The Perfect balance of Dark and Light hearted Elements. Even the sixth ranger was goofy at times, a cowboy, unique, and a real American!!!!! Some of the villains were deep and thought provoking. Overall Ninninger was a damn good series from start to finish and better than what it's detractors say...

Zyuohger on the other hand was... Interesting. It has both dark and goofy elements, but they seem to clash together. I do like most of the costume designs, except for the actual rangers ranger forms, but their Zyuman forms are really good. The villains are really cold hearted Killers, and have great designs and a violent motif, he Monsters are better than most Sentai Monster designs. The Mechs are goofy looking, Looking like a Lego creation, especially ZyuohKing (who's name translates to Beast King King), but I like how Wild ZyuohKing Looks, To an extent, but it looks real detailed. Zyuoh Gorilla looks ridiculous with those fake muscles, Remember Mystic Muscle, well old habits die hard. I'm looking forward to Zyuoh TheWorld, even if he doesn't look aesthetically presentable...Who else wants to see Tousai Zyuoh? the themes for both series (both beginning and ending) are really catchy, but honestly these themes seem to blur together, which is why I don't really mention anymore... It may not be a great season, but Zyuohger has potential, the only thing it needs is call backs to older Sentai.

Those were my thoughts, but I'll be doing this same dance a year from now, and this December for Kamen Rider...

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