Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Uh-Oh, Anonymous Yoshi made an oopsie, What now?


OK, This is me trying to address/apologize for a mistake I made in my last blog, In said blog I said The Ouya might sell more the Wii U. I. Was. Wrong. It was meant to be an over-exaggeration, You know, the ones you may or may not like and/or be familiar with in my blogs. The only reason I said that was because I didn't know how poorly the Ouya was doing, Only just this morning did I realize Ouya sales were poor, But I expected better from A promising young console. I'm sorry for that slightly off colored remark, but even with that ill choice of words, The rest of the blog was good, Right? Please, Stop Nitpicking, Shut Up, and Just Read the Damn Blog.

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