Monday, November 25, 2013

An in-depth Dissection of Pokemon Origins, Episode 2

Before you ask, No, I Haven't seen Hunger Games Movie 2, I've seen Day of the Doctor, but I want to examine it in better detail for making better points. Right now, all four parts of Pokemon origins have been released (AND I'VE ONLY SEEN HALF OF THEM), I 'm probably going to fall behind Kyoryuger and Gaim (again), I missed episodes of Agents of SHIELD, MY BIRTHDAY WISH DIDN'T COME TRUE (WELL THERE'S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS), AND I'M BEHIND OF GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS!!!!!!!! Let's forget all that and get to part two of my latest In-Depth Dissection series, Pokemon Origins.


So the episode begins with the logo and main menu. We get a recap of what happened between episode we learn that Red Got a Magikarp, fought trainers, got a fossil, recovered a TM stolen by Team Rocket, Beat The Cerulean City Gym, Evolved his Charmander to a Charmeleon, Got an Old Rod,  Received HM01 (Cut), Got a bike, Beat the Vermillion City Gym, and headed to Lavender Town. That's one problem I'll get to at the end, this could have worked better as a 26 episode series, because right now it just skims over important events.

Also this,

Really?, I don't know If that line was in games, but this is community theater Dialogue.

But anyway, when we get to Lavender Town, We're at a Pokemon center, we get characters discussing a ghost at Pokemon Tower, The lady scares Red with a joke. the Pokemon Center is done healing Red's Pokemon. That's another problem I have with this series, Healing takes longer than it does in the games, but if it was quick then We wouldn't have a reason to develop the plot. Red goes to the Pokemon House, a girl introduces the Pokemon House as way to shelter abandoned Pokemon. Reina introduces herself, Mr. Fuji, and a Cubone. In a flashback, Team Rocket is kidnapping Pokemon, When They tried to Kidnap the Cubone, They killed his mom, Marowack. We learn that Mr. Fuji is at the Pokemon Center, but has not returned. We also learn that Team Rocket used Pokemon Tower as their base, and chase away anyone who enters there. There really is a ghost in Pokemon Tower, and is capable of human dialogue. So It can't be a Pokemon, Right?

Reina wants to go into Pokemon tower, but none of the villagers give a damn. Red decides he wants to go into Pokemon Tower, He then shows the villagers his badges when they doubt him. Blue goes into the Pokemon Tower, and That night Red Goes into the Pokemon Tower. 2 minor nitpicks, 1) why can't Red use HM05 (Flash) in this dark place instead of a flashlight, 2) Why do the graves look like boxes instead of graves. Red Bumps into a lady to tell him about the ghost. Team Rocket brags about having the Silph Scope to Identify Ghost Pokemon. Blue Bumps into a ghost, and is scared about what he sees. Red is about to upstairs when he decides to face the ghost. Blue fights a Rocket Grunt with his Wartortle. Cubone escapes his pen and runs to Pokemon Tower.

Blue throws the Silph Scope to Red, and The ghost is Identified as a Marowack. Cubone reunites with his mother one last time. Red's Jolteon Fights a Rocket Grunt's Koffing. Koffing attacks so good, But Jolteons Agility, and a surprise attack from Cubone turns the fight to the other side. The heroes reunite with Mr. Fuji, Lavender Town returns to normal, and Fuji gives Red a Poke Flute and a couple stones which I think are mega stones. Red leaves Lavender Town, Red and Blue Fight, and the episode ends the same way the last one did, with the save menu.

This episode is kind of flawed, Not giving info on who team rocket is or why we should hate them, skimming over plot points, but this is an accurate representation of the Lavender Town portion of Pokemon Red/Blue/ Yellow/Green. But even with that this goes from a 3.5 Master Ball rating to a 3.25 Master Ball rating. Sorry.

Next time, Something, Tune in and find out what that is.

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