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BIO BOOST!!!!!! Guyver The Bioboosted Armor Review (AKA MY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!!)

Yoshiette 2: Good news... Yoshiette 1's coming back home. Now we can go on a cruise together.



Yoshiette 1: What? I'm just here to say hi and maybe go on the smash bro with you. I also brought back Waddle Dee and Psyduck.

The next day...

AY: WELCOME TO THE GREATEST WEEKEND OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!! What did you all get me for my birthday?

Peach: Can I borrow your Peach piranha plant power picture I did when I was a model?

AY: Sure.

One autograph later.

Link: Hiya.

Navi: Hey, Link got you a Hookshot.

Blue: I got you a Scyther, Just trade your Sylveon, so I can give it to my Girfriend.

AY: Bye Sylveon.

Kirby: I got you a crystal shard from Ribbon.

Ribbon: Give me that back.

AY: Join me right now for a special screening of my Review of the Guyver 2005 series.

So Happy Birthday to me. I'm now... Um.... Was I 18? No. 21? Not Even Close. 17? Not Exactly. 16? Too far. i'm at least 17, but slightly under 20, I guess I'm eighte.. I forget. Maybe it'll come to me soon. But anyway,I'm cooking a real treat for you guys this year, my review of...




So the Guyver a comic from Japan that's very much like Kamen Rider, With all the action and twice the violence. It's been going on since 1985, It spawned 2 OVAs, 2 live action Movies, and our subject of today's review. So what are you waiting for? Do it!!


This 26 episode anime follows the first 59 chapters of High School Dorkwad Sho Fukamatchi (Ok people who don't know Japanese, STOP LAUGHING, It's pronounced Foo-kuh-Mot-chee), who's very much like Peter Parker from Spider Man (I'll explain as we go along). Peter parker got bit by a radio active spider to become Spider Man, while Fukamatchi found a Guyver unit to become the Guyver, The bad guys of the show Chronos want Guyver dead, much like Oscorp and Spiderman. Agito Makishima is Sho's buddy (like Norman Osborne) and rival. Chronos sends out zoanoids, much like the way organizations like Shocker send out Kaijin. One of the Zoanoids kills the Guyver by ripping out his control metal from his head. But when all hope seems lost, the Guyver Regenerates and destroys another Guyver with his Mega Smasher (a cannon from his chest) and destroys the Chronos Japan building. The adventure doesn't end there, He goes all the way to Mount Minakami with his friends. Chronos sends out the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5, and when Sho's father turns into an upgraded version of the Zoanoid that he killed before, The Guyver Kills him, and for a few episodes, Guyver Can't transform, He has to fight Aptom who he retreated before. They go to Relic's Roint, The Mountain's about to collapse, and Guyot tries to get the Guyver unit to make him gain ultimate power. But ends up destroying Chronos Japan instead. Or so we thought. Chronos rules the world, Aptom is a rogue Zoanoid, when he get's defeated by ZX-Tole, the Guyver Gigantic comes in and defeats him, and the story ends here. Kind of a shame because there's places yet to go with this series, then again, I'm kind of glad it ended here, because it would of been stuck in a life of fillers, like other Shonen anime. Ah well, the Story is good, follows more story than the OVA. But there's to much story to end of right here. Come on, Guyver Season 2, make it  happen.


HOLY CRAP THERE'S A LOT OF THEM!!!!! Sho Fukamatchi/Guyver I is awesome as the Guyver, Power balls, laser beams, arm blades, supersonic waves, and the Mega Smasher, he can also go GIGANTIC AND DEFEAT BIGGER ZOANOIDS WITH GUYVER GIGANTIC!!!! But as Sho He's mixed, He can be an annoying crybaby, but He develops as the series goes on, Agito Makishima/Guyver III is the more interesting Character (with being a badass and all), and has a much more badass suit. To bad we didn't see Guyver Dark Gigantic. But my problem with him is that he lacks character development. Still Where's my Animated Guyver Dark Gigantic, This suits  just too badass to go to waste. Look...

Tetsuro Segawa's kind of a jerk, Not only did he start this whole thing, but he's kind of a jerk to his own friends and family, he bosses others around. To Mizuki, At best he's a little to over protective of his sister. Mizuki Segawa is more of a crybaby than Sho is, always wanting Sho to be safe. Masaki Murakami is kind of like Inazuman, A mutant henshin hero, He turns into Proto Zoalord, He's a badass, and we find out he was a tragic hero. And he get's ?????? (SPOILER). Aptom, Is a misfit zoanoid who can mix and match powers of other zoanoids to become even more powerful, He's given a great story, like how he turns bad to good. I really wanted to see more of it, like how he turns bad again, then good again. Archanfel, Who Get's introduced later in the series, doesn't get well used Because this only covers the first 10 Chapters. Hamilcur Barcus Is the evil genius who can control Zoanoids from far distances. The best villain by Far is Richard Guyot, He has the most backstory, He looks scary in his Zoalord form, but He get's screwed over close to the end.

That's not even all of them.


The CG they used in parts is Good, though it doesn't clash well with the traditional animated style most of the series uses. The Music fits the more story driven feel of this series (much like music suits the more action oriented feel of the OVA), Though the opening and ending theme doesn't sit well with me with it's pop feel. It's not as colorful, action oriented, or as violent as the OVA, but it stands well with it's own story oriented feel. To be fair the Manga started to be more story driven in the early 90s. The voices have more character than the OVA, but Guyot sounds like he's from the south,  and a few other voices sound better in the OVA dub.


Whether you like the series or not is going to depend on which you like better story, or action, Both series to individual thins right, but the TV Series is a more accurate representation of the Manga, But the OVA Did the first part of the story better than the TV Series, so the TV series get's a 3.75 Guyver Units out of 4, and the OVA is another story for another time.


Both Yoshiettes: Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, feliz coumpleonos a ti, However you say happy birthday in Japanese, Happy Birthday.

After a whole night of jet skis, Snorkling, Shuffleboarding, water skis, we got to do deep sea diving.

Kirby: I found this red gem at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

AY: Don't shine it into sunlight, we might... HOLY CRAP!!!!!

Bowser: Hmmmmm..... It seem that there's a shining force at the bemuda triangle.

Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Ridley, King Dedede.

All: Here.

Bowser: Wolf, King K. Rool, Black Shadow, Porky.

All: Here.

Bowser: Gruntilda, Panther King, Skedar King, Thorn.

All: Here.

All 13: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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