Thursday, November 28, 2013

An in-depth Dissection of Pokemon Origins, Episode 3

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!!!!!! I Already have a mix of emotions, MAD BECAUSE I HAVE TO BLOG IN A HOUSE FILLED WITH LITTLE KIDS (JUST TO GOON A TANGENT, If I Was a Spongebob character, I'd be a Squidward, Because I hate when people are annoying.), Sad because Toei Japan Channel only lasted a few months, Seriously Toei, relaese some of your tokusatsu on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, DVD, Whatever, just release it subtitled just so we don't have to use torrents to get shows like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Maybe some Obscure Ishinomori 70s and 80s series, But anyway, now we're doing Pokemon Origins episode T-H-R-E-E...


So it begins Like any Episode, With the main menu, and a recap, Celedon City Gym: Beat, Team Rocket's Secret HQ, Giovanni, Super Rod, Fuschisa City Gym: Beat, Charmeleon Evolved into Charzard, Now we're in Saffron City. A woman (who happens to be the secretary for Silph Co.) Is being Harassed (BECAUSE THAT'S SO FOR KIDS). We learn Team Rocket Wants the Master Ball, an dthey're using Real Pokemon in their experiments. Red wants Blue to take the Secretary to Celedon police Station , but at first refuses, then he decides to do it. Red Decides to storm Silph Co. Then when h edoes he releases all the Pokemon and scientists. He then Get's Lapras as a reward.

Red heads to the presidents room, He finds Giovanni Again, and fights him Ash sends out a Charzard, and Giovanni sends out a Nidoqueen that doesn't sound like a female. When Giovanni escapes, WHICH Didn't Happen in the GAMES, Red goes on his journey again, RECAP TIME, Saffron City Gym: BEAT, Fighting Dojo, Pokemon Mansion, Discovery of Mew, Cinnibar Gym: Beat, At Viridian City, The Gym Is back open. Blue already beat him, When Red Enters the Gym, Giovanni Enters.

They argue before fighting, Red Says Giovanni Is not a gym Leader, but he fights anyway. Giovanni get's out his Pokemon he got with Ultra Balls. Giovanni sends out Rhyhorn, Red Sends Out Victreebell. Red Loses round one. He then sends out a Kabutops. The Round Goes Better but, he still loses. Red Sends out Snorlax, but Rhyhorn beats it. Red Sends out Jolteon, Giovanni gets a feeling that he shouldn't be so smug to Red. It goes just as well as you expect. Red Sends out Hitmonlee, and the fight continues, Giovanni Get's strange feelings again. the round ends with a double KO!!!!!

Giovanni get's ready to send out his Rhydon (REALLY, In the same Family as Rhyhorn, REALLY!!!!!), And Red sends out his Charzard, then Giovanni Get's a nostalgic feeling from Red. After that, he sends out Rhydon. the attacks collide, twice, then Red sends out his final attack. Giovanni is shocked he lost. He tries to give the gym badge to Red, but he rejects it. THen he decides to give it to him as the Viridian City Gym Leader, not the boss of Team Rocket. Red heads on his way to the Pokemon league, and the episode ends with the same ending sequence as the last two episodes.

THIS WAS A GREAT EPISODE!!!!!! It had action, How you should treat your pokemon like friends, and not tools for battle. This moves on up from a 3.25 Master Balls out of 4, to a 3.5 Master Ball rating out of 4.

Now I pray the last episode is any good. Just saying.

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