Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #12: May Blockbuster Rest in Peace, Can the PC (and Steam) out rule consoles, Pokemon X Adventure Log Numero Uno

Another Random Rubbish Roundup not even a full week apart from the last one, Why not? So that's all the intro you're going to get this time around. Aside from today's topics, Blockbuster going out of business (for real this time), Why PC's and Steam are better alternatives to consoles, and my first of Hopefully many Pokemon X Adventure Logs. Push the button Frank.


We all know that the recession took it's toll on it's fair share of businesses (as well as people and families), but not all those businesses were big banks and motor companies. There's several reasons Blockbuster went bankrupt and it's not all internet services (Netflix and pira.... Puppies) and Redbox's fault. As I said a couple sentences ago, the recession (and the Government) is sending a future that's between 1984 future and Akira future. I don't do political stuff on my blog because we all know how well that turns out, But Blockbuster really suffered along with several other non internet businesses, when the recession hit. But My thoughts on the story are it makes me pretty damn sad to see elements that defined most people's lives for decades, HELL, My own childhood and early teen years,  go away like that, But even then it's just nostalgia, so if yoyu're feeling as nostalgic as me and want the video store to live as long as possible, if you have a Family Video or whatever in your area that's not going out of business any time soon, support it. It might be gone tomorrow.


So the steam machine was unveiled, this brought to me a good thought. PCs and Steam have much more creative strength than Consoles, They have the better ports of games like FPS games, RTS Games, RPG Games, Hell, even some indie games like Minecraft, among others. Steam can save you money with it's constant deals and sales. The internet for PC multiplayer is free. There's even some good exclusives. So Go PC and GO STEAM, Now I just need to get a better PC to play all this crap.


So I finallygot the new Pokemon games, and I'm enjoying them, so let's chronicle my adventures.

Day 1: Yoshiette 1: Got up and began her journey. Got a Chespin (now a Quilladin). Caught 5 new Pokemon (Pikachu, Caterpie (now a Butterfree)  Flabebe, Panpour, and Pidgey (now a Pidgeotto)), Got a Torchic (now a Blaziken) and a Squirtle (Now a Wartortle), beat the first gym (Bug). Finshed the day at Santalune city.
Day 2: 6 New Pokemon: Skido, Scraggy, Abra, Pancham, Honedge, Kecleon (WHICH TOOK ME HELL TO CATCH!!!!), No new gyms, just stopped my quest for the day at route 7.
Day 3: Got the HM cut. Caught a Snorlax plus a Tryrunt from a jaw fossil, and 6 new Pokemon, Smeargle, Axew (ALSO HELL TO CATCH!!!!), Onix, Mawile, Machop, and Cubone. Ended my quest for the day just before lower route 8.
Day 4: Went back to upper route 8 to train Axew, Caught a Bagon there. Got the HM Strength, Beat the second gym. ended my day on the beginning route 10. That is all.
Day 5: 6 new Pokemon (Eevee, Golett, Sigilyph, Level 70... I mean Female Nidoran, Mime Jr., and Roggenrola), No new gyms, But I did meet the gym leader, Finished my day at Shalour gym.

Expect more in the future.

See you later.

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