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An in-depth Dissection of Pokemon Origins, Episode 4 + Conclusion

So we made it, the last blog of the month, concluding something we started right after the Birthday Blog, and this went on for another 13 days. So about two weeks, quicker than my last in-depth dissection, but less consistent coming out. I've been real tired these past few weeks, and need a break from blogging soon, but every time I say I'm going to take a break like back in August 2012, and August of 2013, I don't really stick to it, but after things that happened this spring (THAT SHALL NEVER BE MENTIONED AGAIN!!!!), I end up taking more of a break than usual, partly because of Depression, but that thing that happened in May helped inspire certain gags in my blogs. Point is when ever I do want to take a break, I don't, but when I don't want a break, I end up not blogging for full weeks. But anyway let's continue and not rant myself out.


So the episode begins as usual, the recap starts, Victory Road, Lorelei and her Dewdong, Bruno and his Onix, Agatha and her Gengar, and Lance and his Dragonite. Red defeats the Elite Four and get's ready to face the Pokemon League Champion. He finally meets the Champion and It's....


He sends out his Pidgeot, and the actual fight is real curt, more on that later. But It just feels that the just went over the very beginning and the last round. Anyway, Blastoise uses Hydro Pump, an attack that should have knocked Charzard out. It get's more ridiculous from there, Charzard uses Fire Blast, but instead of not being very effective, It knocks out Blastoise, I know he wasn't at full health, but COME ON!!!!!! At least have some logic, Pokemon has very little logic regarding things, but most of the things that make sense really do. Red wins the Pokemon Championship. Blue get's all depressed, but Professor Oak comes in, and congratulates Red. Blue Didn't treat his Pokemon with trust and love, which is why he lost.

Red enters his Pokemon, and his name into the Pokemon hall of fame. The game saves, and the episode is over, Right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to get Red catching the rest of the Pokemon in the Pokedex, Since back then there were 151 Pokemon. He even Catches the legendaries. He goes to tell Professor Oak that he completed the Pokedex, But Oak is helping his grandson, Blue, Who's all bandaged and Damaged. They try to find the unknown mystery Pokemon but It's not in the Pokedex. Red Wants to got to Cerulean Cave, then he notices the Pokemon sounded familiar. Meanwhile, Mr. Fuji is feeding a Vulpix, And hears the news that the mystery Pokemon sounds familiar, when red goes to the  Pokemon Center, someone there ask why he has the stones he got earlier in the series. He tells Oak that he found the info at Pokemon Mansion earlier in the series, and knows the Pokemon as Mewtwo. Oak tells the info might be from Dr. Fuji. The same Mr. Fuji From earlier.

Red went to Cerulean Cave and faces Mewtwo, After his Pokemon are defeated, He sends out Charzard, We learn about the Kalos region, and Charzard and red go into the water. CHARZARD MEGA EVOLVE TO...



WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!!! Ending scene has mew fly by the window and Red seeks to find it ENDING THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!

So let's get to the pros and cons.


The Premise: This is great for Old Pokemon Veterans, and for Pokemon Newbies. It goes over the Main points of the original RBYG games, Sure it glances over points like gym battles, but at least they mention them to an extent.

The relationship Between Red and Blue: So these are like rivals since they were Babies. Blue's always one step ahead of Red, but they still care for each other like friends, This is probably one of the greatest rivalries in all of fiction. It's easy to see why.

The basic aspects of the series: Sure this leads to one of the problems of the series, but it goes over all the basic areas of Pokemon, battles, evolving, Gym Battles, Wild encounters, The only thing It's missing is trading, but This is Basic Pokemon 101.


The Curtness of the series: I said this several times, and I'll say it again, This series would've had more potential as a 26 episode anime series. It just glosses over parts of the games without going into detail, but then again, when you've seen Gym battles, You've kind of seen Gym battles. but this doesn't have to really extend to the future games.

The Lack of Logic for parts of the series: Minor thing here, but I'll be that guy, That fire Blast shouldn't have done that much damage, but It doesn't have to make all the sense in the world, since this is an anime based off a game, so it can make as much or as little sense at it wants to make.

FINAL VERDICT:3.25 MASTER BALLS OUT OF 4!!!!! It's worth watching.

This is perfect for all Pokemon fans, new fans, old fans, people who want to know what the series is about, ETC. Unlike the Pokemon anime, it has universal appeal for all Pokemon Fans, plus you don't have to sit through 12 or more episodes of filler to get to any progress. So this is a really good series.

See you next month.

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