Sunday, November 17, 2013

An in-depth Dissection of Pokemon Origins, Episode 1


So I haven't done an In-depth  dissection in a while, last time was on To Boldly Flee, but this time it's on a four part series known as Pokemon Origins, It's aid o be the most accurate representation of the RBYG games to date. I  admit, as ironically good as the original anime was for it's first few seasons, it just had to much filler everything to be as good as the games, but is this newest representation of the Pokemon games any good. Find out today.

So the episode begins with a logo, then the new game options box you see at the beginning of Pokemon red, blue, yellow, or green. Professor Oak gives an opening explanation of Pokemon, and HOLY CRAP HE SOUNDS DIFFERENT!!!!!!!! HE DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME VOICE AS HE DOES IN THE ANIME!!!!!!!! Then we see a Nidorino and a Gengar fighting, so far so accurate. Red's mom tells Red that he should head to Oak's lab. He Runs down the stairs, and runs to the lab, but Gar.... I mean Blue gets there first. They fight to see who get's their first Pokemon first. Oak gives both the boys a pokedex, and then they get their first Pokemon, Charmander (fire type Pokemon) for Red, and Squirtle (water type Pokemon) for Blue. But not before we get introduced to the 3 Pokemon he has available. Oak explains they can give their Pokemon Nicknames, and Blue suggests a battle, But Red Rejects it. Blue is a rather arrogant character, wanting to be the best. Red tries to catch a Pidgey but fails, but then he catches a Rattata, Spearow, Caterpie, and a Pidgey, Red Goes off against a youngster who has a female Nidoran. Red trys to catch his Nidoran like in Pokemon Colosseum, and the youngster calls him out for it.

Red wants to catch a Nidoran, but Blue finds him and wants to battle. Red and Blue battle, One attack Charamnder Get's covered in.... If you see this episode, You'll know why I don't want to talk about this. THEN A SCENE WHICH SO MANY PEOPLE MADE FUN OF FOR BEING SO MISINTERPRETED THAT I DON"T WANT TO TALK ABOUT FOR BOTH REASONS!!!!!!!!! Red is thinking about giving up when he sees Brock giving him some advice. Brock sounds older in this series. He tells Red that his Pokemon aren't in sync. Red heads to the Pokemon center. Red heals his Pokemon, and then heads to Pewter City. and goes into the The City Museum. He then heads to the city Gym to do battle with Brock, but the two trainers guarding the gym think that Red's crazy, but they eventually let him in.

The Gym here is a pretty accurate representation of the game. But Onto the fight, Brock sends out Geodude, and Red sends out Charmander. Geodude's just to defensive for Charmander to fight him. We get an explaination on Pokemon Types. Male Nidoran uses Double Kick. Brock's Onix uses bide. Red tries sending out Pokemon but only manages to slow him down with Metapod's string shot. Charmander and Onix are almost out of HP, they both attack, but Charmander won. Red gets his Boulder Badge, and then gets TM 34 containing Bide. Red goes on his continuing Pokemon Trainer. Oak goes on Why he thinks Red is a better trainer than his grandson blue. Red goes on to Mount Moon, we get the would you like to save your adventure box we see when we're done with our Pokemon adventure for the day, ending this episode.

All I can say is so far so good, It's an accurate representation of the games, and doesn't have the filler that the anime has. But the voices are different, and this series would have the most potential as a 13 or 26 episode series, but the series so far get's a 3.5 Master Balls out of 4.

Now back to the storylines.

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