Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My quick thoughts on The Simpsons Guy...

Yeah... short version, This episode is not that good, in fact, it's pretty bad for the most part and downright terrible in a lot of parts. Honestly both The Simpsons and Family Guy have run their course, Heck Simpsons have gone on since 1989!!!!! Seriously though lets' get my thoughts on The Simpsons Guy (AKA WORST RATINGS TRAP SINCE LIFE OF BRIAN!!!!!)...

My big problem with this episode is that it's just so UNFUNNY!!!! The joke's are either too boring to be funny, too stupid to be funny, or too offensive to be funny, Only a handful of jokes made me at least smile, like a gag involving Maggie's pacifier. Another problem with this episode is that the plot seems all over the place. Seriously, there's 20 different subplots in this episode and they're all weak. Not even a cameo of Bob from Bob's Burgers could save this episode. I get that Family Guy is rude and crude, but this is overboard. The ending fight scene was pretty good, but that's not quite enough to save the episode from UTTER DEATH!!!!! From Unfunny Jokes, to Useless Cameos, to a Convoluted Plot, to the fact that every thing that could have gone wrong has indeed gone wrong, this get's a 1 Radioacive Peter Griffin out of 4, as well as the Anonymous Yoshi Seal of Crap!!!!!

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to watch Akibaranger to prep for Gokaiger Month!!!!

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