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Talking a Bunch of Toku Part 2

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So I'm planning to do a pretty...


This episode is different, I Mean like it...


Next time, I talk about toku I've seen this past year, Including Liveman, Ultraman Ginga, Kyoryuger, and yes, even Kakuranger.

Much better.

OK, Some of these opinions May or May not be controversial, I mean expect people to be bitching at me for it. Anyhoo, What am I going to be talking about today? KYORYUGER, KAKURANGER, ULTRAMAN GINGA, LIVEMAN, AND GOYHGFYHJUGBVYUGYJGV...

Yoshiette 1: YOSHI!!!!! YOSHI!!!!!!

A. Yoshi: WHAT?

YE1: The tape seems to be skipping.

AY: Nothing a bit of duct tape and scissors can't fix.


I admit that I didn't like Kyoryuger when I was watching it, but The ending arc was pretty good, Won't spoil... Sorry, The heroes are really optimistic, something that most toku today don't do or don't do right. The heroes are also incredibly likable and badass at the same time, which is something you rarely see much today. My favorite part (as I emphasized) is the optimisim Go-Busters seemed to lack. It's a refreshing after a year of dark sentai to see a more light hearted and goofy sentai, but it's not my cup of tea, it just feels too goofy at times. However it's not a bad sentai by any means. Kyoryuger get's a 3 Zyudenchis out of 4.


I have no problem with a goofy sentai (which was most of the first half), but the second promised a more developed and compelling story. What we got was a dull, episodic (no problems with episodic series), kid of the day series for he second half of the series, When it did do epic storylines (like their version of the Blue Globbor arc of power rangers, the middle where they get the High Juushou, and the finale), it was great, but I wanted more than what I got. It's still an okay series, but watch some other Sentai first. I give this 2.75 shinobi scrolls out of 4.


It sucks. It has tons of years of Ultraman lore to cover, but it does very little with it, Part of it was the length of the series (only 11 episodes). I'm not a big Ultraman fan, but I did like some things about the series, like the spark dolls (a la Gokaiger or Kamen Rider Decade), and Ultraman Ginga's design is my favorite Ultraman design. It has no original ideas as far as characters, all the characters are stereotypes of other characters. Also for an 11 episode series, it has quite a bit of filler, but whatever, not all toku can be winners, I give this 1.5 Ginga sparks out of 4.


AWWWWW HEL YEAH!!!!! THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!!!!! This is probably almost as good as Dairanger!!!! It's more developed than other Sentai series, it has a dark storyline, and has a really great 9 episode long final arc. The effects feel dated by today's standards, but it adds to the charm. It was the last Super Sentai series of the showa era, and It went out with a bang. If I have one problem with it, it's that it is too dark for it's own good. Dairanger had some humor, but it does have Butchy, a comedic general. on that level, It's not quite as bad as Jetman, but it does have stuff like dealing with themes like death, religion, and having some F Bombs. I give this 4 ChoJyuKens out of 4,


This movie's a strange one, for one thing, Godzilla doesn't appear for 3/4 of his own movie, but for another thing it's interesting to say the least. It's not your usual Godzilla movie, it kind of concentrates on the new bug like monsters who's name escapes me. Another thing it concentrates on is people reacting to the monster, rather than people finding out more about Godzilla. It's not quite the movie Pacific Rim was, but I can recommend it if you have a Saturday to waste. I give this 2.5 Godzilla in a sports stadiums out of 4.

So, what did you think of these tokus? Do you want me to elaborate more on these? Let me know in the comments, just don't leave garbage comments.

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