Friday, October 10, 2014

(Little Known Spoiler) Akihabara Rangers Die in the End. Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2Tsuu review. Now with more Tsuu!!!!

I don't know about you, but I wasn't a big fan of Akibaranger. It wasn't that bad, but it was very lacking, Relying heavily on references, so how does Akibaranger Season 2Tsuu hold up. Well, It does have interesting ideas, but are they executed well? Is it stronger storywise? Did Toei make the same mistake twice? Find out all this and more in the second part of Gokaiger Month-Tsuu...


Malshiina returns with a new evil empire known as the Neo Dimensional Brain Reconstructive Underground True Empire of Baros lol (or NDBRUTEoBLOL), Which has no reason to have a long name as they do other than to reference villainous organizations in Sentai. It's lead by Tsuu Shogun (who's based on the Kar Shogun from Dynaman). It has monsters based on old monster species from sentai. It's up to the Akibarangers (with a new Akiba Blue) To fix the world altering powers of NDBRUTEoBLOL, Who have made Power Rangers an the original while making Super Sentai the adaptation, switch Dairanger's place as 17th Sentai series with Akibaranger, and other world altering things. Again this has interesting Ideas, and they're ideas people have thought of for years. The ideas are executed well and the series has got a better plot than it's predecessor, but that's not saying much, It still heavily relies heavily on Sentai references and tropes (even more so than the previous series), but they're relevant to the plot, and the story has mix of a weird and unique elements. So look for this if you're looking for excellent use of Sentai tropes and references, don't look for it if you're looking for an excellent story.

Also regarding the title of the blog, It's kind of a spoiler, but I won't tell you anymore of it, watch the series and you'll find out what I mean-Tsuu.


Nobou returns from season 1, and he's a more believable hero this time around, since he has more experience, He has the knowledge of Sentai we all want to have. I still don't like Yumeria, she hasn't learne anything from the last time around except Chun-Li has an awesome hairdo. Mitsuki left, in favor of Luna Iwashimizu, who I don't like as much, She isn't as interesting or as badass as her predecessor, though (at the risk of sounding like a lech) I do like her outfit for Akiba Blue a bit more.

Yoshiette 1: You do realize that she was only 15 when she did the role...

A. Yoshi: Well Frak, I'm going to jail...

Speaking of jail, The villainous orgainzation is NDBRUTEoBLOL, Lead by Tsuu Shogun, who makes for a more believable villain than the last big bad from Akibaranger, and is a parody of Kar Shogun, and a damn good parody if that. Since I didn't talk about her Last time, let's talk about Malshiina, she's a good source of T&A, but she isn't as interesting villain as say Maria from Jetman. She has very little backstory, she didn't do much fighting during the first season, but she's slightly better in those regards in this season. Overall, A slight upgrade and a slight downgrade from the last season-Tsuu.


As I said, It has more and better use of Sentai Tropes and refereces than the previous season, but other than that and new arsenal for both sides, not much has changed from the last time around. That's all I can say regarding this-Tsuu.


It's an improvement over the previous season, but not exactly wholeheartedly recommended for everyone. Still It wan't a wholly bad. I give this 2.75 Chou Akiba Red's out of 4Tsuu.

Next week... a Gokaiger movie, but now, surviving the Cops-Tsuu.

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