Friday, October 3, 2014

PAIN IS STRENGTH!!!!! Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Review

Toku Month 3 has just started, this month it'll be about series and movies that have things to do with Gokaiger. I'm more prepared than last year, Heck I can watch 8 episodes of toku a day and finish a short series in just a 2 or 3 days. The last couple of years was building up to a Garo Review and had a weird storyline, None of that THIS YEAR!!!! However this'll build up to a Gokaiger review, A series I've been aching to review since winter of 2012, HAD MEGAUPLOAD SURVIVED!!!! Between that and the moving situation, and other stuff, we've been putting it off until Halloween of this year. So our first review let's give a short intro but first, let me get into costume...

A. Yoshi: TA DA!!!! I'm Video Game Man, Jumping on little brown mushroom people and spitting out fire towards...



Yoshiette 2: Here, take my elf swordsman costume.

YE1: Thanks girlfriend.

YE2: And I'll be the greatest pocket monster tamer of all time.

YE1: You mean Red, the Greatest Pokemon Trainer of All...


DN: Check out my home made Kirby costume I made from boxes.

How am I supposed to move in this?


Get the hate mail ready, because I will have a controversial opinion... I don't like Akibaranger...

OK... Hear me out. Toei wanted to poke fun at themselves and attract people who loved Sentai as kids. They made a show called Akibaranger for adults to do what Gokaiger did for kids. That's all perfectly fine, but the way they executed it could use some work. Let me explain by going over the first part...


The story is that a sentai nerd and delivery boy named Nobou Akagi gets picked up by a Cafe and gets paired with a cosplay otaku named Yumeria Moegi, and an Anime Otaku named Mitsuki Aoyagi. They battle in the Akihabara delusions by Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B, or BEMFB led by Doctor Z and his delusional monsters and generals. They use their transforming MMZ-01 Guns that are based off of a Moe Girl and their transforming car that's named Machine Ishtar. That's all I'm telling you but why doesn't this work? The Story takes a back seat to the references and it makes it paper thin. I get that it only had 12 episodes, but they could have done more with a Sentai parody, made by Toei no less. There's more to parody than just references you know.


I do like the characters however... Nobou Akagi/Akiba Red is a goofier, stupider version of Peter Parker from Spider-Man (remind me to talk about Japanese Spider-Man when I can find some way to legally watch it). He's a goofy Sentai nerd who is the goofy leader of the team. Mitsuki Aoyagi/Akiba Blue is the badass female of the team, she can kick a monster's ass. Yumeria Moegi/Akiba Yellow is my leas favorite of the akibarangers, just because she feels like an overgrown child and isn't quite a good fighter like the other two. BEMFB is the parody of a Sentai villains who looks like they use anything as a corporate business. It makes fun of how Toei and Bandai use sentai much in the same way "The Krusty Sponge" did for Spongebob and Nickelodeon.


This is what this series wants to get across. "LOOK SENTAI REFERENCES!!!! LOOK SENTAI THEME SONGS!!!! LOOK SENTAI CHARACTERS AND ACTORS!!!!" I got tired of that crap before I was finished with the series. Don't get me wrong I like seeing this stuff, but when you rely solely on that stuff, then you have a problem. There is some adult content in this series, so don't show your kids. This series might as well be titled "Making of Sentai: The Sentai: The Series".


This series is just OK, I only recommend it to hardcore Sentai nuts who want to see all the references, but even then, I recommend Gokaiger more for that. I give this series 2.5 Moe Moe Z-Cune Guns out of 4.

How does season 2 fare? Find out next week.

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