Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Quick Thoughts on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Congratulations, Green Lantern is no longer the worst movie based off a DC Comics movie, that honor goes to this thing, i know I probably influenced some o my opinions on other people, but I practically knew this flop was going suck over a year in advance, When I first saw what everyone looked like on Comic Con 2014 coverage, Let's get this out of the way, Zack Snyder is wrong for this material, his style's just to gritty for this abstract juvenile fare. This 90s extreme comic book style died out a long time ago, why is it making a comeback?

MANLY DOGS!!!!!! Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Review


Out of all the manly/macho series out there, including Fist of the North Star, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Riki-Oh, Kinnikuman, Toriko, Kongou Bancho, and God Sider (which Hokuto no Gun Needs to translate), one series always doesn't come to mind, that is...


This is a truly underrated Shonen Jump series, that debuted in 1983, and went on until 1987. It's realy popular in Nordic countries, and even has a few sequels, but the sequels don't matter today. It's a very violent anime and has a feel similar to JoJo Part 3, or even Fist of the North Star. Lets take a look at the Dog vs EVIL MACHO BEAR ACTION!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Random Post: He Talks, He Emails, he does other s**t you don't care about... It's BonziBuddy (aka the program that destroyed my computer in the mid 2000s)


Do you have nostalgia for something you absolutely hate for one reason or another? For me, nothing can match the Loathe I have for BonziBuddy. I destroyed my computer with this in 2004 (I Think?), not knowing it was spyware. His pitch was that he could Talk, Email, Browse, Laugh, Tell Facts, Schedule, Download (probably porn, toolbars, and other Nasty S#!t), Sing, and Search, but let's get revenge for him destroying my computer all those years ago...

Gaming Bits: A SuperNerd's Guide to Japanese Computers: Part 1: The NEC PC-8801/9801/9821 (56k Warning)

This Gaming Bits Segment is brought to you by the A. Yoshi Patreon...

If you look at how many Japanese Game Companies started out making computer games, the list is actually pretty astonishing. Square, Enix, Koei, HAL Laboratory, ASCII, T&E Soft, Compile, Hudson, Micro Cabin, Bothtec, Nihon Falcom, Game Arts, among others, some of who I'm going to have top dedicate a whole Gaming Bits Series on. Heck Nintendo Initially marketed the Famicom in Japan as a sort of Computer, even Sega Converted the SG-1000 as a Computer with accessories to boot. I already talked about the MSX (which I have to revisit someday), but this computer dominice wouldn't have been a thing without computers like the NEC PC Series.

My Top 10 Zelda Bosses

An epic game series needs epic bosses, Some of these Zelda bosses were satisfying to defeat, some were epic as frak, some had great mechanics you had to use for your advantage, but some had all 3. Here are the best Zelda bosses, what are the requirements of this list? Incorporate 1 or more of the factors above, and do it especially well. Here are my favorite Zelda Bosses starting with:

Friday, March 18, 2016

SHIFT. INTO. TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Review

Welp, My Carranger Review comes out in a couple weeks, At the time of this writing, I haven't started to write it, but rest assured, it should come out April Fools Day. It's going to be a serious review, not a joke review. Let's talk about Carranger's Power Rangers adaption, Turbo, It's underrated, it's not the best PR Season, but it's a lot better than a lot of other Ranger Seasons, heck I prefer it over Carranger. Little known fact, the series started out with a movie rather than a traditional season premiere. so Let's talk about said movie as we SHIFT, IN-TO, TUR-BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIGH-TY EN-GINE'S ROAR, TUR-BO-CHARGED FOR MORE, DRI-VOR ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!! GO, POWER RANGERS TURBO, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWER RANGERS TURBO, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWER RANGERS TURBO, GOOOOOO-OOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Gaming Bits: Chip's Challenge

There's many great games in the Windows Entertainment Pack. It had many solitaire variations like Golf, Tut's Tomb, Cruel, Freecell, TriPeaks, and other puzzle and card games, like Dr. Blackjack Taipei (a mahjong type of game), Jezzball, Maxwell's Maniac, Klotski (a sliding blocks game), Pipe Dream, Rodent's Revenge, Rattler Race, Stones, and more, but My favorites are SkiFree, Fuji Golf, and of course, Chip's Challenge. SkiFree should be it's own gaming bits someday, but here we're talking solely Chip's Challenge...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kinnikuman Retrospective: 2nd Era of Kaiju Fighting/Bibinba/Planet Rakka Arc

56k Beware and Spoilers Ahead

As 1980 was coming to an end, Kinnikuman was gaining some serious ground, Even going to be in the top 3 along with Shonen Jump's New Golden Boy Dr. Slump and other Shonen Jump titles several times throughout the 1980s, but a new year brought new big plans for Kinnikuman, Like reverting back to it's Ultraman roots. It went as well as you'd expect, did anyone in 1980 go "This story's good, but you know what'd be AWESOME? If it reverted back to it's goofy episodic nature..." Yeah, me neither, and I was -15 years old that year...

Friday, March 4, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Where IS The Fair Use? #WTFU (Share This)


I admit I addressed his weeks ago dismissively, Mainly because I've pretty much moved on from this whole TGWTG/CA/Marz/JO/NCritic Thing. However, it's not a matter of whether you're a former or current TGWTG Fan (like I was at one point) or a TGWTG Hater or don't care either way, this could be the most important Nostalgia Critic video + most important A. Yoshi Blog you read/watch all year. Basically here's he rundown.

Wizard's adventure in Harry Potter Land... Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land: The Movie review (My 300th Blog!)


Wow 300 blogs,...


*Ignoring* I didn't think I would get that many in the almost 5 years I've been doing this. Heck Long ago, I didn't think I would turn this into an obsession. I've got almost 32,000 views on the 300 blogs I've done. I don't know how much of you like my blogs, but if you actually read even just one of them, that means a lot to me. So let's talk today about unpopular opinions, we've all got at least one, my big one is me overrating Kamen Rider Wizard. It's not the best rider series, but it's one of my favorites, considering I've got a good selection of rider series to choose from. /s Yeah, wizard was the first Rider series I watched while it was airing. it got me into Kamen Rider like I did, It got me into currently running Tokusatsu, Heck it got me into tokusatsu costume designs. But what do I think of it's movie? find out today...