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MANLY DOGS!!!!!! Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Review


Out of all the manly/macho series out there, including Fist of the North Star, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Riki-Oh, Kinnikuman, Toriko, Kongou Bancho, and God Sider (which Hokuto no Gun Needs to translate), one series always doesn't come to mind, that is...


This is a truly underrated Shonen Jump series, that debuted in 1983, and went on until 1987. It's realy popular in Nordic countries, and even has a few sequels, but the sequels don't matter today. It's a very violent anime and has a feel similar to JoJo Part 3, or even Fist of the North Star. Lets take a look at the Dog vs EVIL MACHO BEAR ACTION!!!!!


Gin, an Akita Inu Dog is trained by Gohei Takeda, and Daisuke to be a hunting dog to fight the evil man eating Bear Akakabuto. Gin watches his father Riki get sent to the pits of the Ou mountains, and then trains and fights several minor bears until meeting up with a team up wild dogs. These were fellow domestic breeds until they found a shared hatred of Akakabuto. The anime version of this arc is very fillerish, but the Akakabuto arc is mostly fast paced with rare filler scenes, but at the cost of removing some scenes from the manga. Over he course of the Akakabuto arc, Other Dogs including Ninja Dogs, Fighting Dogs (because dogfighting is legal in this universe, though there has to be some regulation), Anti-Hero Dogs, and more. The anime may have crappy subtitles (more on that in the Presentation), but the emotion and scope of some of these scenes really help give this anime an epic feel. The series has talking dogs with Manly Friendship. This story has a sort of Fist of the North Star feel, with Gin being Kenshiro, and and Akakabuto being Raoh. It's a very manly series that you have to see for yourself, and support the official release when it comes out. There's also the Wolf Arc of the Manga, but that hasn't been animated in any form. I wish it was and make it a 6-8 episode OVA sequel to the anime to show a great story can be timeless...


Gin goes through a lot of character development, He goes from kid to man over the span of the anime, he goes even further in the Wolf Arc and serves as a mentor in many sequels like Densetsu Weed, Densetsu Weed: Orion, and Last Wars. Other Than him there's plenty of characters to go around, like The Anti Hero Doberman, Sniper, The Wise Great Dane, Ben, and the Manly English Mastiff, Moss. The humans pretty much become extras after the first arc. but the Bears are violent macho MUTHA F**KERS, Especially Akakabuto, He's a pure blooded killer. That's only just a few of the Characters, There's a lot of them to chose to be your favorite.


Even though the Manga is the Complete Story, The anime has it's benefits, including the music, the running scenes, the action, and the emotional scenes. The subtitles aren't really that good, filled with elementary spelling errors, inconsistencies, and sometimes out of sync. If I could go off on a tangent, Even though this does have a lot of Kid oriented merchandise, like shoes, board games, figures, puzzles, etc. This show is NOT Kid Friendly in the slightest, It's extremely violent, and really benefits from it. Even though the talking dog angle might detract some viewers, this series should not be missed.


This is one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time, you can read the manga as it updates if you google Ginga Scans. The anime can be viewed with a quick google search. This is a violent, epic anime/manga that you HAVE to see. This series gets 3.75 Tiger Striped Akita Inus out of 4.

I should do a top 15 or top 20 list of my favorite anime/manga series... #FORESHADOWING?

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